Top 9 Websites to Buy Quality Meats

Favorite Butcher Shops and Meat Purveyors

Looking for that perfectly marbled rib-eye steak but can't find at your local store? Mail order steak may be in your future. How about a juicy, tasty prime rib? Pork ribs, chops, country ham, decent hamburger meat, or roast? Trying to buy good meat can be a frustrating experience. Butcher shops are almost nonexistent anymore and you may be stuck with limited choices at your local supermarket. The only time you may see the butcher is when he comes out of the back to restock the cooler. If you...MORE know of a good butcher in your city, make him your friend. There are few things more delicious than a great steak. A good butcher will hold the best cuts for you or might even cut them to order.

If you can't find a real butcher locally, check these online shops for incredible meats and respectable service. 

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    Snake River Farms.

     Beautiful beef from the Pacific Northwest. From here you will get well-marbled prime beef steaks -- ribeyes, t-bones, porterhouse steaks, filet mignon and New York strips. Try the Cowboy Chop, a 2-pound bone-in ribeye (made for 2 people) french cut for a spectacular presentation on the plate.

    Snake River Farms also has a wonderful variety of American Kobe Beef cuts (Wagyu beef). Their steak cuts are rated Gold (above Prime) with excellent marbling, hand cut, and aged 28 days. Wagyu is a very...MORE expensive beef but SRF pricing is quite reasonable.

    Snake River Farms also has a great selection of Kurobuta Pork.

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    Steak and Game (a California company) has a great selection of grass-fed beef and Wagyu beef steaks cut to order -- ribeyes, tomahawks, flank steak, skirt, tenderloin, New York strip. 

    Sign up for their Grill Club for coupons and special deals.

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    Online Meat Shops

    iGourmet, a favorite specialty food store, has a fantastic meat department. Beef, lamb, pork, veal, ostrich, elk, venison, wild boar, bison, and rabbit are just some of the varieties they carry. You can find some very nice organic meats here, Berkshire pork, Kobe-style beef, artisan cured sausages, farmhouse bacon and more. iGourmet also has some fantastic samplers and gift baskets that would make any carnivore happy!

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    Online Meat Shops
    Chicago Steak Company.

    Chicago Steak has an incredible selection of very fine beef products in every cut imaginable including wet aged and dry aged. You will also find great Prime Beef items as well as Kobe-style beef. These are really fantastic quality of meats at decent prices with good shipping and great customer service. Definitely give them a try. They also have some very nice seafood selections, pork, chicken, turkey, and many other delicious foods.

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    American West Beef Company.

    American West Beef has a large selection of steak cuts, many you won't see anywhere else, from Boulder County, Colorado Their steak cuts generally run larger than many butcher shops -- 16-ounce ribeyes up to their 32-ounce porterhouse steak. Try the Pinwheel Steak -- apple and herb bread stuffing hand rolled inside of a beefy sirloin steak that has been soaked in a spicy marinade. 

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    Started in 1985, D'Artagnan has become a leading purveyor of foie gras, pâtés, sausages, smoked delicacies, organic game and poultry in the nation. They have a brilliant selection of very fine gourmet meats -- Kobe-style Wagyu beef, domestic grass-fed beef, Berkshire pork, Australian grass-fed lamb, buffalo, and a very nice choice of game meats.

    “Everyone in the food world knows how influential D’Artagnan has been in almost single-handedly bringing great game and foie gras to chefs in...MORE America.” - Danny Meyer (owner of Union Square Café, Gramercy Tavern and other top New York restaurants).

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    Border Springs Farm.

    Border Springs Farm is located in Virginia and has some of the most incredible lamb meat you will find anywhere in the world. It's available for purchase by mail either by the whole lamb or half lamb. Border Springs is an exceptional example of the high quality of American lamb today.

    A whole lamb constitutes approximately 40 lbs. of vacuum packed meat: chops cut to 1 1/2" thick, two whole legs, 4 shanks, shoulder steaks cut to 1" thick, ground meat and stew meat.

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    Heritage Foods USA.

    Heritage Foods is the sales department of Slow Food USA, dedicated to reviving the great variety of livestock that once existed for our forefathers. They have meat from rare breed pigs and cattle, heritage turkeys, sheep, bison, and Native American foods. All are raised under strict protocols and labeled with detailed info on the production and processing. There is, however, a somewhat limited choice of cuts.

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    Wild Game Meats
    Fossil Farms.

     Although ostrich was the original focus of Fossil Farms, the company has expanded to include farm-raised game and all natural meats such as alligator, antelope, buffalo, duck, elk, rabbit, guinea hens, Poussin, squab, venison, wild boar, Piedmontese beef, quail, pheasant and caribou. Fossil Farms also carries Wagyu (Kobe) beef and Berkshire pork.