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Plus Reviews of Other Tree Pruning Tools for Tall Plants

It can be hazardous for the do-it-yourselfer to be standing on a ladder to cut high branches with a saw. Instead, keep your two feet planted firmly on the ground, and use one of the tree pruning tools listed below. Also discussed is a hedger built "on a pole," meant for trimming tall hedges. The tree pruning tools, proper, that are covered below are diverse in nature. One link is for rope-less pole pruners, specifically, while another points to a more generic treatment of pole pruners...MORE (namely, a variety of fiberglass, telescoping models). A third link concerns pole chainsaws, useful for cutting medium-sized limbs. Note that there are other pole pruners on the market that sport a small hand saw at the top, so that you can manually saw through a limb.

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    Electric Pole Trimmers: Hedge Trimmers on Poles

    Woman trimming tree branches with the Remington Axcess Trimmer.
    The Remington Axcess Trimmer is essentially a hedge trimmer on a pole. David Beaulieu

    These hedgers are something of a cross between pole pruners and conventional hedge trimmers. That is, they have the type of blade with which you are familiar on hedge trimmers, but this blade is mounted on a pole a la a pole pruner. The telescoping capability of this product gives you access to 10 extra inches, should you need it. A drawback is that it is relatively heavy, thereby putting strain on your muscles.

    This model has a cute name that suggests its function. Called the "Remington...MORE Axcess Trimmer," it is meant to give you "access" to the tops of tall shrubs, so you can "give them the ax."

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    Rope-Less Pole Tree Pruners

    Closeup of cutting mechanism on the Hook-N-Pull pole pruner.
    Closeup of the cutting mechanism on the Hook-N-Pull pole pruner. David Beaulieu

    "Hook-N-Pull" ropeless pole pruners is a nicely descriptive product name. It describes the precise way in which one uses this trimmer:


    1. Raise the "hook" end up into the canopy of the tree to be pruned.
    2. Let the hook nestle right over the branch to be trimmed.
    3. One of your hands will be responsible for keeping the tool stable (the left hand, if it is not your dominant hand).
    4. With the other hand (the right hand if you are right-handed), pull the bottom of the handle, which engages a...MORE cable/sliding mechanism, which, in turn, causes the blade to cut. 
    5. Then just release your tight grip on the bottom of the handle, enabling disengagement.


    The reviewer found this light-weight trimmer "best in breed" for situations where the thickest branches that you will need to cut are not much more than 1 inch in diameter.

    Buy Hook-N-Pull from the manufacturer's website.

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    Person trimming trees with a pole pruner.
    It's a jungle out there. Make sure you have the right tool to deal with it. Santi Visalli/Getty Images

    Fiskars is a brand of cutting tools with which you are probably familiar. This Fiskars pole tree pruner "maximizes leverage," giving you more power.

    But there are many other choices, as well. Some pole pruners give you the reach you need for trimming through a telescoping action; simply reverse it to make storage easier. This review looks at such a telescoping pole tree pruner (the Corona brand). Here are some additional thoughts on fiberglass pole pruners to consult before you make a...MORE buying decision.

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    Woman holding Black & Decker pole chainsaw.
    The Black & Decker pole chainsaw is just what it sounds like: a chainsaw situated at the end of a pole. David Beaulieu

    Pole chainsaws function as specialized tools for tree pruning work. Consider the following scenario:


    1. You need to cut a branch of a bigger diameter than the 1 inch diameter that the Hook-N-Pull (above) can handle.
    2. But -- whether for reasons of safety or of convenience -- you do not want to get up on a ladder with a chainsaw to make the cut.


    Enter the Black & Decker model used as an example in this review. It cuts through bare wood (up to about half a foot) just fine. The drawback is that, if...MORE you do not do a lot of tree trimming, this product may not receive enough use to justify your buying it. But if you live on a wooded property, for instance, the need for pole chainsaws might be greater. If that describes you, then you might well fall in love with this product.

    There is a Remington product, too, that is similar to the Black & Decker model.