Top Potty Training Seats

Adult-size toilet seats are a bit much for toddlers, so a potty training seat can help speed the potty training process by making the toilet seat toddler-size. Your toddler can step up to these toilet seat inserts after you've started potty training with a toddler-size potty, or you can just begin potty training this way, on the regular toilet, if you'd like to save a bit of money. Some toddler potties come with a potty seat adapter for the adult toilet, too. These toilet seat inserts...MORE are perfect for potty training your toddler and come in a range of styles and prices.

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    Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer
    2015, Baby Bjorn

    The curved shape of the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer makes it easy for toddlers to use this potty training seat. The best feature, though, is the dial that adjusts the toiler trainer to any type of toilet seat. This makes it fit securely, so it doesn't slide around, which can be a problem with cheaper potty training seats. Of all features on a potty training seat, stability is the one I'd pay extra for - a toddler whose potty seat has just slid into the toilet is not likely to want to use...MORE the potty again very soon! The Baby Bjorn toilet trainer also has a hook so you can hang it up for storage when it's not in use. I like that the splash guard is built in, so it won't be knocked off and lost quickly.

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    Kalencom Potette 2-in-1 Potty
    Copyright 2008, Kalencom Corp. Used with permission.

    The Potette Plus is actually a travel potty, but the other half of the "2-in-1" is a potty training seat. Keep in mind that it's designed for stashing in a bag for travel, so it's small, but it does make a great potty training seat because the legs fold outward to create a wide area for stability on top of the toilet seat. The compact size and ability to put it in its travel bag and hit the road is also ideal if your toddler requires a consistent approach and you know you'll...MORE need to use potentially scary public restrooms while you're away from home. Plus, for a few dollars more than a cheap potty seat, you're also getting a travel potty that works surprisingly well.

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    Primo Ducka Potty Training Seat
    Copyright 2008, Primo. Used with permission.

    This cute potty training seat has a little duck face on the front to entertain your child during potty training. The outside edge is rubbery to give the seat traction, so it won't slip against the toilet. This seat has a splashguard built in, but I don't think it's as good as some others. I do prefer the ones that are built in as opposed to ones that snap on and off, though, having retrieved splash guards from the toilet a few too many times. Primo Ducka is pretty basic for a potty...MORE training seat - the hanging hook and the non-slip edge are really what sets it apart from the cheapest styles. The stability is probably worth the extra cost - a toddler who falls in the toilet may not want to try using the potty again soon.

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    This is a basic potty training seat, but it works for most toilets and can be found in lots of discount or department stores. Toddlers love this seat because of the familiar cartoon characters - Dora, Diego, SpongeBob and the Backyardigans, just to name a few. The plastic toilet seat adapter is covered in padding and flexible plastic. The plastic can tear if you're not careful, and it can have rough edges that are uncomfortable to sit on when that happens. Some versions have handles, and I...MORE suggest looking for those if you can find them. It does help a toddler have some stability in climbing up and down. Some parents report that this potty seat can slip a bit on elongated toilet seats, but we used one for years without any trouble.