Pregnancy Books for Children

There are many available pregnancy books for children. When it comes to adding a new baby in your life, books are a great way to introduce the concept to the new brother or sister. My kids loved to read books about pregnancy and birth.  Here are my favorite pregnancy books for children.

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    What Makes a Baby
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    A neat book that colorfully shows how babies are made and born - with a twist! There are enough details to get kids to understand, but enough space that you can fill in your own story about how the baby came to be and joined your family. This is meant to be an inclusive book and is geared towards kids ages 3-8.
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    Happy Birth Day!
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    This sweet book talks about the birth of a baby. It shows illustrations of the mom giving birth (not graphic at all) and holding her baby. It even shows the umbilical stump. This story is about all of the people awaiting the baby and how happy they are to be there when it's a Birth Day! Appropriate for all ages.

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    Baby on the Way
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    This book shows how mom's pregnancy effects the whole family from needing more rest and growing larger to feelings of being left out when the new baby gets here. Nice illustrations, with text called out for older children and suggestions for parents. Appropriate for all ages.

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    Julius, the Baby of the World
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    When Julius arrives his big sister is very disappointed that he can't talk, play or do anything but cry and take up her parents time and attention. That is until someone else says something about her new brother... Appropriate for all ages.

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    What Baby Needs (Sears Children Library)
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    The companion book to Baby on the Way, this book talks about taking care of a new baby, emphasizing the benefits of being older. The discuss sleeping, crying, changing diapers, feeding and other facts of life with a new baby. They do show slings and discuss breastfeeding. Appropriate for all ages.

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    How Was I Born
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    With the lovely Lennart Nilsson photos, you see a baby grow from a few cells to their first birthday. Though this time it's following the story of two children who are expecting a baby. It talks about how a baby is born without going into a lot of detail and discusses life with the new baby. Appropriate for all ages.

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    Arthur's New Baby
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    If your child is an Arthur fan, this cute book is perfect! It show Arthur and D.W. preparing for the new baby and awaiting it's arrival. It includes discussion of grandmother staying with them while their mother is off having baby Kate. Appropriate for ages 8 and under.

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    Our New Baby
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    A nice book that was used in a sibling preparation class we attended. Shows pictures of babies of all ages and discusses topics like crying, feeding rivalry, getting older. Shows discreet breastfeeding. Appropriate for 8 and under.

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    Welcome with Love
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    This is a sweet tale of a four year old boy as he attends the birth of his new brother. He is accompanied by his older sisters, and aunt at the homebirth of his new baby. A very sweet tale, includes breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Appropriate for all ages.

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    We're Having a Homebirth!
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    A really cute and sweet homebirth book for little kids from 3-8. The photos are engaging with few exceptions. It makes it easy to explain what a homebirth will look like and sound like.

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    Children at Birth
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    Includes stories from children who have attended births, consumerism, and preparing your children for birth. Geared for parents.

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