The Best Canned Kitten Foods

Which Wet Food Is the Best for Your Kitten?

When it comes to feeding weaned kittens you'll want to invest in food that's specially designed for young cats. Mother cats normally begin to wean their kittens when they're around four weeks old. While you might be tempted to feed your kittens the same food as their parents you'll want to reconsider. For the first year or so kittens are doing a lot of growing and like human babies need food that will help them grow. Kittens need a premium canned food for the source of all the...MORE necessary nutrients needed to promote the development of strong bones and muscles, promote healthy teeth and gums, and to provide a source of protein and energy needed for the intense period of growth which occurs during the all-important first year. These foods were chosen with these qualities in mind. The nutritional value percentages have been converted to "dry matter" basis for uniformity. 

Why Do Kittens Need Meat?

No matter what food you choose to go with keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores, this means you want the first ingredient to be meat. Unlike other carnivores who can go without meat if required cat's need meat in order to live. Cat's require a mostly meat diet because they can no longer make certain amino acids and vitamins on their own. They must consume meat in order to get these necessary amino acids. About 30% of your kitten's diet should be meat protein.  

Kitten Feeding Schedule

Older cats generally do well being fed twice a day but growing kittens need nutrients far more often. Vets suggest a "free feed" method with kittens which means having food available to them at all times. While this may seem like the short route to a fat cat it usually prevents digestive issues that come when kittens eat too fast. Of course, if you do have an obese kitten you will want to speak to your vet about the best feeding schedule to keep your kitten healthy. 

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    Normally, I would not include an "all life stages" food in a listing for kittens, especially as the first choice. However, Felidae matches Evolve Kitten in the growth and energy nutrients, at 50% protein and 32% fat, and is a palatable food most cats like, at a comparatively low price. The top ingredients are chicken, turkey, and chicken broth. Your kitten is sure to love this food and you can keep feeding it to them throughout their life if they truly love it. 

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    Evolve makes a fine line of mid-priced premium cat foods for both adult cats and kittens, and is a favorite among my test cats. It ranks at the top of kittens' requirements for protein and fat, with 50% and 32% (dry matter value). First listed ingredients are turkey, turkey broth, turkey liver, chicken, ocean fish, brown rice. If your kitten likes it, you can't go wrong with Evolve. This is a great brand for transitioning from milk to solid food.


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    I have not personally tested this food, but it ranks high as an "all stages" food based on ingredients and guaranteed analysis. The first listed ingredients are chicken meal, ground brown rice, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and Ascorbate Palmitate). Especially with growing kittens, it's important that they get a lot of meat protein. 

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    Avoderm Cat food weighs in at a respectable 45% and 32% for protein and fat. Named ingredients are chicken, chicken broth, ocean fish, turkey, kidney, chicken liver, oat bran, rice flour, and avocado oil.