12 Best Red Paint Colors

Natural light filling red painted room with two windows

The Spruce / Francesca Maiolino

Painting your room red is a power move that can add instant style and atmosphere anywhere in the home. It's a stimulating, passionate, high-spirited hue that isn't for the faint of heart. But a red living room, dining room, library, home office, den, powder room, or bedroom in the perfect shade might just make you fall in love.

And if a whole red room feels a bit too much, a little splash of red will make a big impact—on a front door, on the inside of a closet, or as an accent wall in a neutral room that needs a little oomph.

Here are 12 of the best red paint colors for your home.

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    Best Dark Red: Eating Room Red by Farrow & Ball

    Farrow & Ball Eating Room Red

    The Spruce

    Named after the red damask wallpaper that often adorned the walls of elegant mid 19th-century dining rooms, Eating Room Red from Farrow & Ball is a deeply pigmented burgundy that like a fine wine can read a bit on the purplish side. It has a rich, old world feel that works especially well in period homes, with moldings and woodwork painted in a fresh cream or white to create contrast.

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    Best Red-Orange: Persimmon Orange by The Spruce Best Home

    Spruce Paint color swatch in Persimmon

    The Spruce

    Persimmon Orange SPR-01 from The Spruce Best Home by KILZ is a deep rustic red-orange that straddles the line between those close cousins on the color wheel and creates a fresh, modern look that works like a charm in a bedroom or kitchen. The feel-good, red-orange hybrid will change with the light, looking more orange at high noon and skewing toward red by candlelight.

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    Best Crimson: Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball

    Farrow & Ball Incarnadine swatch

    The Spruce 

    As classic as a red manicure, Incarnadine from Farrow & Ball is a glamorous crimson that can be used in a formal living room. But it works just as well as part of a classic red, white and blue color scheme in a kid's room. Or it can be used to create a contemporary feel, paired with modern art and chrome or glass furniture and decorative objects.

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    Best Clay Red: Morocco Red by Behr

    Morocco Red by Behr swatch

    The Spruce

    Morocco Red PPU2-17 from Behr is a soft, livable clay colored shade that evokes the earthy warm colors found in the stunning landscapes and architecture of its namesake country. In addition to working well in a living room or library, it's also a popular choice for those who love the welcoming embrace of a red front door.

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    Best Deep Red: Big Apple by Clare

    Swatch of Big Apple by Clare

    The Spruce

    Big Apple by Clare is a deep delicious apple red love letter to New York City that adds personality and style to a bedroom or entryway. Or use it to paint an accent wall anywhere you want to lift the room's mood.

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    Best Subdued Red: Sundried Tomato by Benjamin Moore

    Swatch in Sundried Tomato by Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Sundried Tomato by Benjamin Moore is a dark red that looks like it was baked to perfection in the sun. It pairs well with pewter and beige for a subdued look or can be accented by touches of gold for a more dramatic effect.

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    Best Pink-Infused Red: Berrylicious by Valspar

    Valspar Berrylicious swatch

    The Spruce

    Berrylicious by Valspar is a luminous raspberry dream of a red that would work well as an accent wall, in a small powder room or kids' room. It's a fun base for a room in shades of red and pink that will create a cocoon from the outside world.

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    Best Rust Red: Brick Facade by Valspar

    Brick Facade by Valspar swatch

    The Spruce

    Brick Facade by Valspar is a rusty brick red that would work well in a Tuscan-inspired room to set off warm woods, cognac colored leather, wrought iron and earthenware accents. Keep the ceiling a bright shade of white to keep the color from from overwhelming.

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    Best True Red: Atomic Red by Little Greene

    Swatch of Atomic Red by Little Greene

    The Spruce

    Atomic Red by Little Greene is a powerhouse of a primary red that adds a bit of attitude to a room and pairs well with light to medium blue-toned grays.

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    Best Berry Red: PANTONE 4975 C

    Pantone 4975 swatch

    The Spruce

    A dark chocolatey red, Pantone 4975 is a sophisticated color that creates a moody vibe in a media room or library.

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    Best Dusty Red: Cherokee Red by PPG

    Swatch of PPG Cherokee

    The Spruce

    Cherokee Red PPG13-02 is dark spicy color that is easy on the eyes and would work well in a bedroom or dining room.

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    Best Light Red: Le Corbusier Crush by Dunn-Edwards

    Dunn Edwards Le Corbusier Crush swatch

    The Spruce 

    Le Corbusier Crush by Dunn-Edwards is a cheerful red shade named after the mid-century master architect, who developed his own signature theory of how colors work together.