Top 10 Red Paint Colors

It is so easy to fall for red paint. Whether you're looking for a warm and rustic red, or a rich and regal red, you can find inspiration on this list of the top red paint colors. Choosing the right red for your space is easy once you know what type of red you're looking for.  Are you a fan of warm colors and natural woods? Then a warm and rustic red is a great choice. If you love decorating with cool grays, sleek black and white, then a cool red may work perfectly.  

Red paint is perfect...MORE for accent walls, powder rooms, and the on-trend painted furniture indoors and out. 

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    Red Paint Color in Living Room
    Top 10 Red Paint Colors. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Don't be afraid to decorate with red in your home. There are so many different shades of red can work with most decorating styles. The secret is finding a red paint color that has the right undertones for your space. You'll also want to try out cool and warm red colors to find the right one for your color palette. 

    If you're looking for a vibrant red, Sherwin-Williams Show Stopper lives up to its name. This pure red is a bold choice for any room. Show Stopper has the presence to...MORE handle heavy wood or stone architectural details, or as an accent wall for a room that needs some drama.

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    Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle
    Top 10 Red Paint Colors. ©Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle is a chocolatey warm red that is a natural choice for a front door or foyer. This welcoming color is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular red paint colors, and it's easy to see why.

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    Sherwin-Williams Coral Bells
    Top 10 Red Paint Colors. ©Sherwin-Williams

    A slight move toward orange on the color wheel gives red more versatility as a rich coral. Sherwin-Williams Coral Bells is a deep red-coral that could easily take the place of a warm red in your home.

    Coral Bells is a fun red that can add a pop of color to the front door, foyer, or painted furniture. Your Beach-inspired decor could also work well with this natural coral.

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    Behr Awning Red
    Top 10 Paint Colors. ©Behr

    Behr Awning Red is a refreshing and versatile red paint color. Beautifully muted and balanced, Awning Red can accent a cool or warm color palette. This is a comfortable hue that still offers the excitement and warmth of a classic red.

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    Benjamin Moore Hot Tamale
    Top 10 Red Paint Colors. ©Benjamin Moore

    If you like your red paint to be red-hot, Benjamin Moore's Hot Tamale is a wonderful choice. This energetic red has the heat of warm undertones, making it a great choice as a pop of color accent in your home. Hot Tamale pairs best with warm colors and crisp neutrals.

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    Valspar Classic Red
    Top 10 Red Paint Colors. ©Valspar

    When only a traditional red will do, Valspar Classic Red is just perfect. This is the red that you imagine when you think of a welcoming front door. Classic Red is a wonderful addition to traditional decor, inside and out.

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    Behr Bolero
    Top 10 Red Paint Colors. ©Behr

    Behr's Bolero is a muted and cool red that can look fabulous with teal, green, and turquoise. The undertones of his rich color make it more compatible with cool colors than a warm red. Bolero could also work well as an accent wall or in a formal dining room. The elegance of Bolero pairs well with gold metallic accents and creamy white paint trim.

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    Olympic Paints - Red Red Wine
    Top Red Paint Colors. ©Olympic Paints

    Olympic Paints Red Red Wine is a pretty red with deep violet undertones. Though it doesn't seem possible, red is not always red-hot. Red Red Wine is a rich and cool red that works well in a space that needs dramatic color, but not the warmth of most red paints.

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    Benjamin Moore Dinner Party
    Top Red Paint Colors. ©Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Dinner Party is true to its name as an inspiring paint color for dining areas and kitchens. This is a sophisticated red, perfect with contemporary or transitional decor. Dinner Party would pair well with dark wood, black and white photo art, and crisp white paint trim.

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    Valspar Terra Cotta Red
    Top Red Paint Colors. ©Valspar

    Valspar Terra Cotta Red is a muted and warm red. The natural undertones make Terra Cotta Red a color to consider for outdoor decor as painted furniture or exterior accents. This relaxed red would be an excellent addition to a lodge or cabin color scheme.

Secrets of Choosing the Right Red

Now that you've found the perfect red paint, learn the secrets of decorating with it. Get the Do's and Don'ts of decorating with cool and red-hot reds.