Top 10 Romantic Comedies

If you are looking for a reason to snuggle close together on the sofa, watch one of these romantic comedies. They can get you both in the romantic mood. Of course, there are lots more romantic movies about marriage, but these are among our favorites.
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    "I Was a Male War Bride"

    Male War Bride
    Captain Henri Rochard (Cary Grant) of the French army, and Lieutenant Catherine Gates (Ann Sheridan), of the American forces, fall in love while on an assignment. They discover that the only way they can stay together after their several marriages to one another is to utilize the War Bride's act. This classic romantic comedy is sure to make you smile and laugh.
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    "Woman of the Year" (1942)

    Woman of Year
    Don't miss Sam (Spencer Tracy) and Tess (Katharine Hepburn) in this before its time look at how opposites attract and the challenge of balancing marriage and a career. Although a bit dated, it is still relevant for today's dual-career couples.
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    "Crazy From the Heart"

    If love is real, it has no ethnic, economic or social boundaries. This is a great movie about learning to live in the moment, letting go of what other people think, and letting yourself be who you are. Charlotte (Christine Lahti) finds the true meaning of love through her spontaneous marriage to Ernesto (Ruben Blades).
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    "Forget Paris" (1995)

    Although it's love at first sight for Ellen (Debra Winger) and Mickey (Billy Crystal), their inability to compromise about real life issues such as careers, relatives, friends and babies puts their love to the test. This story about when a relationship hits a brick wall, and getting priorities in order, has a message with some chuckles that can help couples achieve long lasting marriages.
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    "The Thin Man Movies"

    If you haven't watched these six movies with Myrna Loy and William Powell playing Nick and Nora Charles, you've missed some great fun.
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    "No Man of Her Own" (1933)

    This classic 1930's romantic comedy pairs real life lovers Clark Gable and Carole Lombard as a couple dealing with marital complications after their spontaneous wedding.
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    "Adam's Rib" (1949)

    This movie features another pairing of the Spencer/Hepburn team. This time they are attorneys facing one another in court. Their legal views begin to take a toll on their once perfect marriage. Don't miss this great, sparkling romantic film.
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    "The Egg and I" (1947)

    Learning on her wedding night of her husband's plans for living on a chicken farm, Betty (Claudette Colbert) has her doubts. Bob (Fred MacMurray) is enthusiastic and oblivious to Betty's difficulties in adjusting to their new rural life together. There are some very hilarious moments as Betty copes with chickens, stoves, dogs and neighbors.
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    "Good Neighbor Sam"

    Sam Bissell (Jack Lemmon) is everybody's good neighbor. He gets caught up in a get rich scheme that takes over his life, his job and his marriage. The car scene driving through San Francisco is a classic. Dorothy Provine has the role of his frustrated wife, Minerva.
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    Georges Faure (Gerard Depardieu) needs a green card. Bronte Parrish (Andie MacDowell) wants to rent an apartment with a greenhouse. They need one another to accomplish their individual goals, so they enter a marriage of convenience. Then they fall in love. This is a charming and funny movie.