Top Scooters for Boys and Girls

There are so many good ride-on toys and bicycles for kids, so meet the top scooters for boys and girls. Maybe your child has a specific idea of the exact scooter that they want. As a parent or gift giver it can be hard to choose.  Being outside in good weather and exercising is so important for a child's health and well being. It is important for children to be safe. Riding a scooter is very different then riding a bike. Aside from wearing a helmet, there are different safety options parents...MORE will want to consider when children are riding a scooter.

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    YFlikr Scooter
    Y-Volution / Amazon

    The Y-Volution YFlikr is a very innovative scooter that does not require kicking. Kids stand with their feet on the boards, then wiggle their hips from side to side to move. They can steer by moving the handlebars, just like they would on their bicycle. The scooter is fast and thrilling, and even has the ability to spin in 360 circles, which kids love. The YFlikr also folds down for storage in the garage or to put in a car when heading to a family outing at the beach or the park. Different sizes...MORE of the bike can accommodate children of different ages and weight limits, up to 175 lbs. 

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    Razor Electric Scooter
    Razor / Amazon

    There are so many electric scooters to choose from. These scooters are not propelled by children, they use batteries and often need to be charged over night, for about 40 minutes of run time. Many of these scooters can ride up to 12 miles per hour. Parents need to know their children and consider safety before purchasing a scooter like this for their child. A helmet must be worn. Depending upon the style and options, these scooters range in price from $115-$300.

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    Y-Volution Y-Glider 3 Wheeled Scooter

    The Y Glider 3 Wheel Scooter is sturdy and great to help young children build their coordination. Instead of more advanced scooters where children maneuver them like a bike, pushing their hands forward and backward to steer, this scooter turns by moving hands side-to-side. This scooter is recommended for children ages 4 and up. A telescoping handle also adjusts correctly the the child's height.

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    Radio Flyer 3 Wheel Scooter
    Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer 3 Wheel Scooter

    A 3 wheeled scooter includes a larger base for children to stand on when riding a scooter, especially for the first time. It is designed for young riders, ages 3-5, and children who are learning to develop their balance.

    The Radio Flyer scooter can be bought in stores, but should you buy online there is even an option to custom design the entire scooter based on a child's preferences for color and accessories. The scooter can be accessories with light up wheels, a zippered carrying case and...MORE even personalized with the child's name.  

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    Razor Kick Scooter
    Razor / Amazon

    Kick scooters are the original 2 wheeled scooters designed for older elementary school age children with good balance and coordination. Kids place one foot on the deck, then use their other foot to push off the ground to propel them forward. These scooters do require a child to know how to balance and steer at the same time. Many also include a handbrake to slow down from high speeds. Some children use kick scooters to perform stunts and other maneuvers at skate parks. The handlebars can adjust...MORE and also fold-down for storage. 

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    Space Scooter
    Space Scooter


     The Space Scooter is a 2 wheeled scooter that does not rely on kicking a foot to propel. Instead, riders place their foot on the back of the scooter and push-down, like a teeter-totter. There is also a handbrake to stop. A little bit of effort propels this scooter far. It is a great alternative for kids who want to ride long distances but do not want to worry about losing their charge on an electric scooter.

    Article edited by Keriann Wilmot, Toys Expert at The Spruce.