Top 10 Shark Party Activities

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Throwing a shark-themed party? Try some of these activities to keep your guests swimming in fun!

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    Jaws of the Shark

    Remove the top and bottom flaps from a cardboard box that is large enough for kids to crawl through. Lay the box on the floor so that it forms a tunnel with the open sides as the entrance and exit. Draw or tape and image of a shark on each side of the tunnel. Have kids line up behind the shark and begin crawling through, as music plays. Kids continue to crawl through the shark until the music stops. When the music ends, the player caught in the mouth of the shark is out of the game. Play continues like this until only one player “survives” the jaws of the shark.

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    Sharks vs. Dolphins

    Divide players into two teams: the sharks and the dolphins. Have the dolphins stand in the play space while the sharks sit on the floor. Blow up several balloons (these are the fish). The job of the dolphins is to keep the fish in the air, away from the hungry sharks. As the dolphins toss and bat the fish around (they can’t hold them), the sharks may circle and hunt by crawling around the floor. The sharks must try to catch the balloons (without standing up), and sit on them to pop (devour) them. For every balloon the sharks pop, score one point. After a set amount of time, have the dolphins and sharks switch places and play again for the same length of time. The team of sharks who popped the most balloons wins.

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    Shark Party Hats

    Guests of a shark-themed birthday party can make these party hats to wear during the celebration, and then take home as a souvenir. A variety of colored paper and embellishments may encourage kids to get creative about decorating their shark hats.

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    Shark Jaw Photos

    Cut a hole out of the center of a large paper plate. Cut the shape of shark teeth around the inside edge of the plate’s remaining circle. Mount the paper plate shark jaws on sticks so kids can hold them up to their faces like masks, or attach the shark jaw to a large shark cut out that kids can stand behind and push their heads through the jaws. Take photos of them with their faces in the jaws of a shark, and print them so guests may take them home after the party.

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    Shark Volley

    Fun for a pool party, this game is played like traditional volleyball, but the score is kept in reverse. Use a waterproof marker to draw a shark’s face on the volleyball. Players must keep the shark in the air and out of the water by volleying it over the net. When the ball falls and hits the water, the team that let it drop is the one to score a point, which is called a shark bite. The first team to score five shark bites loses the game.

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    Shark Bite

    This game is played like freeze tag, but the player who is “it” is called “the shark” instead. When the shark “bites” (tags) a player, that player must freeze in place to wait for help. Another player has to tag the frozen player to cure the shark bite. Play continues until any one player has been bitten three times. Upon the third shark bite, that player becomes the shark.

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    Feed the Shark

    Cut the shape of a shark out of poster board. Cut a large hole where the mouth would be (cut a zig-zag pattern around the edges of the hole to resemble the shark’s teeth). Prop the shark up and have kids stand a couple of feet away to try and toss a small, plush fish into the mouth of the shark.

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    Shark Attack

    Use an inflatable shark to play this game. Have kids gather in a circle (sitting or standing). Start playing some music and have players toss the shark randomly around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the shark is the attack victim and is out of the game. Continue until only one player remains.

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    Shark Watching

    Gather kids around for a viewing of one of these kid-friendly shark movie or television shows.

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    Pin the Fin

    Played like the classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but this game uses a large shark image and a fin instead of a donkey and a tail.