Top 25 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

25 Celebrity Marriages Which Barely Lasted Longer Than the Weddings

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

Hollywood relationships are notoriously rocky – the stories of long-lasting love are few and far between. Here are the top 20 shortest celebrity marriages on record – Before you reach the end, can you guess who had the shortest celebrity marriage?

1. 8 Months - Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Wed October 2001, split July 2002.

(see also Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa wed February 1997, split March 1998. 13 months, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, wed in June 2004, split July 2011.


2. 8 Months - Elizabeth Taylor and Nicky Hilton

May 1950, split January 1951.

Famed bride Elizabeth Taylor got a jump on her string of weddings with her first marriage to hotelier (and grandfather to sisters Nicky and Paris Hilton) Nicky Hilton. 19 year-old Elizabeth reportedly said about the wedding, "I have a woman's body and a child's emotions."


3. 7 Months - Courtney Thorne-Smith and Andrew Conrad

Wed June 2000, split January 2001.

The Melrose Place actors couldn't even make it to when their wedding pictures were infamously published by Instyle Magazine in February/March 2001.


4. 5 Months - Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton

Wed September 1993, split February 1994.

(See also Shannen Doherty and Rick Salomon wed February 2002, split November 2002. 9 months. Yes, this is the same Rick Salomon of the Paris Hilton sex tape fame, who appears further down on this list in his marriage to Pamela Anderson.)


5. 5 Months - Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman



Wed November 1998, split March 1999.

These two were wed in a quickie Vegas wedding. Rodman initially tried to get an annulment after nine days of wedded bliss, but the two managed to stick it out another four and a half months.


6. 4 Months, 24 Days - Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele

Wed September 1995, split February 1996.


7. 4 Months - Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito

The acting pair got quietly married in late December 2006. Just four months later, the actress filed for divorce, saying that it just wasn't right. You would have thought they could have figured that out before the wedding.

8. 3 Months, 23 Days - Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Married July 2006, split November 2006

9. 3 Months, 15 Days - Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage

Wed August 2002, split November 2002.

(See also Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson Wed May 1994, split December 1995. 20 months.)

10. 85 Days -Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister Apparently the heiress didn't learn any lessons from her namesake grandfather. In another Vegas wedding gone wrong, she married NYC businessman Meister after just three months of dating. But the couple didn't quite make it to their three month marriage anniversary before they got an annulment.

11. 72 Days - Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Most celebrity weddings and divorces end up costing them a lot of money, but this was an incredible money maker for the reality star.

They sold the TV and photo rights for an incredible $17.9 million dollars, meaning that they earned about $250k for each day they were married. A supposedly air-tight prenup means that now all the Kardashians have to worry about are her disappointed fans.

12. 60 Days - Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

Wed October 2007, split December 2007

The Baywatch star married the star of the Paris Hilton sex tape in an impulsive Las Vegas ceremony, which took place in the break between her 7pm and 10pm performances in a magic show. She filed for divorce less than ten weeks later, citing irreconcilable differences.

13. 53 Days - Chris Kattan and Sunshine TuttThe Saturday Night Live alum and his model bride seemed to have it all – humor, beauty, success. But one thing they didn't have was an air-tight prenup. Though she was entitled to just a few thousand dollars, her lawyers renegotiated for a six-figure sum. Was there some scandal worth covering up, or did he just really want to be rid of her?

14. 41 Days - Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada

The Miami Dolphins football star was so excited about marrying his love, a star of the reality show Basketball Wives, that he live tweeted his wedding. He told fans about the butterflies in his stomach, his eager anticipation, and his bride's many outfit changes. (The event was already being well documented by the couple's reality show, Ev and Ocho.) But just 41 days later, the relationship was over when he was arrested for domestic violence and she was sent to the hospital with a laceration. The event also caused the Miami Dolphins to terminate his contract and VH1 to cancel the reality show.

15. 32 Days - Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman

Wed June 1964, split July 1964.

16. 30 Days - Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas

wed March 1994, split April 1994.

(see also Drew Barrymore and Tom Green wed July 2001, split December 2001. Five months.) Before her wacky marriage to Tom Green, Barrymore had an even shorter and even wackier marriage to bar owner Jeremy Thomas. Just 19 at the time, Barrymore found a clairvoyant minister to marry them at 5am at the groom's bar. With such a strong beginning, it's so surprising the marriage didn't last! ;)

17. 26 Days - Axl Rose and Erin Everly

Wed April 28 1990, split May 24th, 1990

He's the legendary lead singer of Guns N' Roses, she's famously the inspiration for his song, "Sweet Child o' Mine." But there was nothing particularly sweet about their wedding or their marriage. He supposedly proposed at 4 am by saying, "Marry me or I'll kill myself." They went to Vegas for the ceremony, but just a few weeks later the rocker filed for divorce. The couple did eventually reunite, but less than a year later the marriage was annulled and shocking accusations of domestic violence followed.

18. 18 Days - Sinead O'Connor and Barry Herridge

After just three months of dating, the unlikely couple tied the knot in a drive-through Las Vegas wedding. 18 days later, she ended the marriage saying that Herridge was "too nice to do so."

19. 2 Weeks - Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Wed April 24, 2004, split May 8, 2004.

This time the bachelor party was to blame. When she discovered compromising pics of him with another woman, she filed for annulment. He came clean a few years later, admitting that he had cheated just days before the wedding during a bachelor party trip to Mexico.

20. 2 Weeks - Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds

The pair wed in a romantic destination wedding in French Polynesia, but spent the rest of their honeymoon fighting. Fortunately it wasn't a legal marriage, so instead of getting divorced, they just canceled their plans for a US wedding.

21. 9 Days - Cher and Gregg Allman

Wed July 1975, split July 1975.

Kids, another example of why you've got to watch out for those Vegas weddings. Just three days after divorcing Sonny Bono, Cher and musician Gregg Allman spontaneously flew to Vegas in his Lear Jet to wed. However, she reportedly soon discovered that his drug and alcohol problems were too much for her, and filed for divorce after only nine days.

22. 8 Days - Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips

Wed October 1970, split November 1970.

23. 55 Hours - Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Wed January 3, 2004, annulled January 5, 2004 The childhood friends got married on a whim at 5:30 in the morning in Vegas. The bride wore white – a white trucker hat that is, paired with cut off jean shorts. But as soon as the courts were open, they were granted an annulment. Read More About Britney and Jason's Wedding

24. Less Than 24 Hours - Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe DeAlba

wed April 13, 1983 annulled April 14, 1983

Zsa Zsa has been married an astounding nine times, many of them brief. But by far the shortest was this marriage. They got married on a ship with the captain officiating, but some teensy weensy technical details like the fact that they weren't in international waters, and she wasn't yet divorced from her seventh husband (!!!!) meant that a judge annulled the marriage the next day.

25. 6 Hours - Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker

Wed and split November 1919.

The jury's still out on just how short famed lover Rudolph Valentino's marriage. After just six hours, the bride locked Valentino out of the honeymoon suite! He soon gave up and headed home. However, they didn't finalize a divorce until 1922.

Given that Valentino's divorce was so drawn out, and Zsa Zsa's marriage was probably not legal to begin with, who do you think actually had the shortest celebrity marriage? I give the crown to Britney Spears!