The 9 Best Small Grills to Buy in 2018

These are the perfect picks for small spaces

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Sometimes you just don't have space for a big grill. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, on a boat or just don't have a big patio, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a good cookout. Try one of these smaller grills, gas, charcoal or electric to give you real grilling flavor and fun. Remember to check with the local rules where you live to know what kind of grill you can have. Most apartments don't allow gas or charcoal grills. This list contains a wide range of types...MORE and prices.

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    At the bottom end of the Genesis line is this small, 2-burner gas grill. It's 380 square inches of primary grilling space is enough for the average family, but will be a little tight for anything more. The left side table folds down to reduce the area it occupies, making this a good choice for small spaces. With a list price of $599USD, this is comparable to the larger, 3-Burner Weber Spirit, but loaded with better features. 

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    The Baron 320-S is the small space version of Broil King's Baron line. This is a simple, 3-burner gas grill with solid construction and heavy porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates. As I always recommend, buy the grill that fits your needs. This grill is perfect for the person who only needs to cook for a few people. Yes, you could put a dozen burgers on here, but it would be crowded. If this is too small, try looking at the Broil King Baron 440 for about $100 to...MORE $200USD more.

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    Want a reliable, easy to use, no flare-up gas grill? Need or want a small, 2-burner version? This is a small, 330 square inch, infrared gas grill that is among the best of this type of gas grill. Built on Saber's infrared technology, this grill gets very hot with a small dose of propane (or ​natural gas if you pay for the conversion kit). More importantly, this is a reliable grill that doesn't flare-up and is very easy to use.

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    This gas grill grew out of the popularity of the original Q. This super-sized model is designed more for the person who has limited space than the person who needs to transport their grill. At 83 pounds all together this isn't a grill to take on a picnic. This grill does, however, provide you with indirect cooking abilities and as much space as a small, traditional gas grill. This grill will give you authentic grilling in a unit that is easily stored and doesn't take...MORE up a lot of space.

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    Imagine the power of an infrared grill in a portable. This 14,000 BTU infrared grill packs more heat than any other portable grill and at 20 pounds you can take it almost anywhere. All stainless steel construction you can even get this grill in marine quality steel with a railing mount for boating. 155 square inches of grilling area. Uses either disposable propane bottles or can be converted to a full 20-pound tank or even natural gas.

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    When exiled to a place where charcoal and gas are forbidden the griller doesn't have a lot of options other than electricity. The problem is that 120 volts isn't a lot of power to do high-temperature grilling. Well, after some considerable development time Weber has managed to produce an electric version of its popular Q line of grills that runs on electricity. Capable of temperatures over 600 degrees F thanks to the efficiency of this design this grill can sear a...MORE steak, heat up quickly and recover its heat even faster after you lift the lid. While a small grill, if you are limited to electric grills, buy this one.

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    Can't have a gas or electric grill where you live? This might be the solution for you. The Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill is one of the largest electric grills on the market. Of course, it is still small enough to fit on most balconies but gives you enough space to comfortably cook for four people. The 1,750-watt heating element produces a good amount of heat for the size so you will be able to grill most everything that fits under the lid in this grill. The overall construction of...MORE this grill is a little lightweight so this grill will need some care to keep it looking and working well.

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    KitchenAid, like most brands these days is largely just a brand name. While they have a line of gas grills that they support and supposedly designed, this grill is not one of them. This import is brought to us by Nexgrill and has nothing to do with KitchenAid. I say this because I know that lots of people will buy this grill, thinking that it is another KitchenAid product. Don't be fooled. However, this doesn't mean this is a bad product. Small and simple, this gas...MORE grill is designed for the person who wants to grill but doesn't need to grill a lot of food.

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    For the last several years, Char-Broil has produced a line of small footprint gas grills. Sometimes called the "Urban" grill, these little 2-burner grills come in a wide range of cooking systems and materials. This is the simplest and least expensive of this style of grill. With two burners and 300 square inches of primary grilling space, there isn't much here, but for under $200USD (typically) there shouldn't be. This is a pretty good combination of value,...MORE feature, and size. Unfortunately, this one is lacking in power as well as features.

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