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Decorating a nursery space takes creativity, especially when the space in question is roughly the size of a suburban closet. Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re making the best of a smaller-than-average bedroom, designing a ​​shared space, or literally putting a baby in a closet, these small nursery ideas can make a big difference. 

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    Go Miniature

    Grayson Mini Crib

    Looking for a traditional crib without the traditional bulk? Go mini! Mini cribs look and feel like the real thing, but their scaled-down frames and flexible features make them ideal for small nursery spaces. And with many models ringing up at less than $400, a mini crib may even help take the squeeze off your budget!

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    Skip the Changing Table

    Changing mat baby room
    cerro_photography / Getty Images

    We all know babies have “business” to do, but taking care of that business shouldn’t mean sacrificing half your nursery space. Need a better option? Skip the traditional changing table, and opt for a clever, space-saving alternative, like a crib-top changing station. These portable changing trays sit vertically across the crib, secured with straps and rail-hugging grooves. When the diapering is done, the entire unit disappears under the crib. Genius!

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    Reclaim Unused Space

    Under-the-bed storage
    The Marion House Book

    When you have a small nursery, every square inch counts. Have space under the crib? Evict those dust-bunnies and reclaim their grubby realm in the name of sensible storage! If your nursery door swings in, consider reversing the direction​ or install an over-the-door storage rack to make use of the narrow space behind. You’ll be surprised how much extra space you can find when you think outside of the box.  

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    Take It up a Peg

    This is Our Bliss

    Turn an empty wall into storage central by installing industrial-style pegboard. This utilitarian garage-staple may seem out of place in the nursery, but add a frame, a fresh coat of paint and an assortment of adorable accessories, and the family tool bench will be the furthest thing from your mind.

    Renting your space? Pegboard is also a great way to minimize damage to your walls, allowing you to hang decorations without making additional holes. 

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    Shelve Your Storage Woes


    Floating shelves are a must-have for small spaces. These versatile beauties offer a wealth of storage without stealing an inch of precious floor space. They can even be used in place of furniture. A table-height shelf next to your rocker could hold a small lamp and a few bedtime stories. Here, a wall-mounted shelf doubles nicely as a kid-friendly work/craft space. 

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    Get the Hook Up

    Door Hooks
    Abaca Interiors

    Wall hooks are a great way to make use of vertical space. Want to maximize the storage potential? Hang large canvas bags from each knob, and stuff them full of toys, plush animals, socks—anything!

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    Install Book Ledges

    Book Ledges
    Design Sponge

    If you have three inches of space behind your baby’s bedroom door, you have room for a small library of your little one’s soon-to-be favorite storybook. Book ledges can hold dozens of books while taking up a fraction of the space of a traditional bookshelf. They’re inexpensive and fairly easy to install. You can even make your own.

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    Double Your Closet Space

    Double Rail

    Adding a second rail to your kiddo’s closet is a quick and easy way to double the closet’s capacity. Staggering the rails allows for closer placement, leaving plenty of room for additional storage below. 

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    Ditch the Closet Door

    Curtain Closet
    Apartment Therapy

    Closet doors can make furniture placement tricky, especially in small rooms. Removing them will save space that would otherwise be needed to accommodate the open door, giving you more room and more decorating options. 

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    Repurpose Your Closet

    Closet Crib

    Want to make the most of your little one’s space? Try putting the crib in the closet! Cozy closet cribs make a room feel bigger and free up floor space for other nursery necessities, like a comfortable rocker. Don’t have a nursery? Turn your own closet into a mini nursery nook! These clever closet alternatives should help you make room. 

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