Best Spanish Summer Salads

Refreshing Spanish-Inspired Salads for Hot Summer Days

From crispy green lettuce to fresh fruit and creamy potato salad, Spaniards enjoy a wide variety of salads in the summertime. We've put together our list of the best, tastiest salads for hot weather. ¡Buen Provecho!

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    Grilled aubergines with tomato sauce
    Grilled aubergines with tomato vinaigrette. Getty Images/Luzia Ellert

    Eggplants are very common in Mediterranean cooking, particularly in Spain. This eggplant dish is great to serve as a tapa or a side dish, especially in summer. It is the perfect make-ahead dish with roasted eggplants dressed with tomato, basil garlic in olive oil and vinegar.

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    The Picture Pantry

    Brightly-colored sweet oranges, creamy green avocados, red onions and black olives make a fiesta on your plate. Serve it as a starter or end the meal with it, since there is citric acid in the oranges, it is a good palate cleanser.

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    Enrique Diaz

    Ensalada Tropical originates from the south of Spain, in the provinces of Granada and Malaga. The Costa Tropical in Granada is a coastal valley and micro climate, where wonderful tropical fruits and vegetables grow year-round. The mixture of fruit, cheese, and fish is very unusual but creates a delicious and tantalizing taste.

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    Quick, easy and tasty, this Salpicon de Marisco, or Seafood Salad is a perfect summer dish. Serve it as a light main course, a side dish or a tapa.

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    Salih Enes Ozbayoglu

    The name for potato salad in Spain is ensaladilla rusa or Russian Salad. It is said that this dish was invented by a Russian. Wherever the name originated, it is a great summer salad, packed with protein and even veggies!

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    Spanish style Cucumber Salad is a perfect dish for a warm day. It is light, tasty and refreshing. If you need to prepare something at the last minute, this salad is great, since it is easy to prepare!

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    Ensalada Mixta - Mixed Green Salad
    Ensalada Mixta - Mixed Green Salad. Lisa Sierra (c) 2010 Licensed to Inc.

    In Spain, a green salad is almost always on the table at mealtime. Ensalada mixta or a colorful, mixed green salad is served on a large platter. It usually includes a mix of ingredients that Americans may find surprising, such as olives, tuna, and white asparagus, as well as tomatoes and onions. Easy to prepare, it is as tasty as it is attractive. Perfect for dining on the patio or terrace this summer.

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    Tex-Mex Pasta Salad
    Tex-Mex Pasta Salad. Diana Rattray

    Like Spanish potato salad, Spanish pasta has a distinctly Mediterranean flavor and is fresh-tasting and easy to make. Bow tie pasta, mayonnaise, fresh tomatoes, olives, pickles, and onion are tossed with vegetables. Add a can of tuna to the mix and you have a great-tasting Spanish take on pasta salad.