9 Best New SpiderMan Toys for Kids

At some point in their childhood who doesn't want to be Spider-Man, the wall climbing, web-flinging superhero? These new Spider-Man toys for kids include action figures, board games and fun role play masks, too.

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    Spiderman City Showdown Playset

    When villains threaten the safety of the city, Spider-Man defends justice and sends bad guys flying with big city, web-shooting action! 

    With the Web City Showdown play set, kids can imagine setting up Spidey to swing into action and take down the bad guys. Kids can set up the web-slinger in a variety of poses and use the included web accessories to launch triple web action – from web nets, to web swinging and web crashing, this play set lets kids imagine tangling up even the smartest of...MORE villains. With the included Spider-Man and Venom figures, kids can imagine epic face off battles between the web-slinging rivals in one detailed web city play set!

    Includes 2 figures, 3 accessories, label sheet, play set, connectable handle, and instructions. 

    • Imagine Spider-Man and Venom facing off in a big city battle 
    • Includes 2 figures and web accessories 
    • Connects to Spider-Man Rhino Rampage playset (sold separately. Subject to availability.) 

    Action figure size: 6 inches

    • Ages 4 and up

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    Spiderman Web Trickshot Showdown Set

    here’s a shooting gallery of villains waiting for a Spider-Man takedown in the Trickshot Showdown set! Your Spider-Man figure has the web-slinging skills to crash through the red doors in the playset, then sling his webs at those sneaky villain targets. Then with one mighty web blast he’ll crash through the door with Green Goblin on it! With 2 webs and 5 targets to aim at, the web-blasting action will be epic with the Trickshot Showdown set!

    Trickshot Showdown playset has 5 targets for web...MORE blasting
    Figure launches webs at targets
    Blast through Green Goblin Door
    Swing through red doors.
    Ages 4 and up

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    Spiderman Mask

     Taunt the bad guys as your favorite wall-crawling superhero with the Wise Cracking Spidey Mask! This cool electronic mask lets you take on the identity of Spider-Man. With this electronic mask on your face, you can hide your own identity and adopt the web-slinger’s tough persona! At just the right moment in the battle, you can activate the mask’s sounds and phrases with your chin and make the mask say things like “Whoa, spider sense is going crazy” and “Watch out, I’m swinging here!” Villains...MORE everywhere will run at the sight and sound of you in your Wise Cracking Spidey Mask!

    Electronic hero mask lets you look like Spider-Man
    Taunt the bad guys with more than 20 phrases and sounds
    Hide your own identity and take on the wall-crawler’s
    Adjustable straps and chin pad
    Chin activated.

    Ages 5 and up
    Requires 2 "AAA" batteries (demo batteries included).

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    Spiderman Color Shock Web Slinger

    Target the bad guys and take them down with this awesome Spider-man Web Slingers blaster! You’ll feel like your favorite web-slinging superhero when you pull on the included glove, and when you strap on the blaster over it, you’ll be armed against villainy everywhere. Just load one of the 2 webs and fire with your middle 2 fingers, just like Spider-man does! It comes with a villain target so you can sharpen your aim. Become the hand of justice with your Spider-Man Web Slingers blaster! 

    Spider-Man...MORE Web Slingers blaster launches webs
    Attaches over the included glove
    Includes 2 webs and target to fire at
    Fire webs with your middle 2 fingers just like Spider-Man.

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    Spiderman Chutes and Ladders
    • Marvel version of Chutes & Ladders
    • Go where the spinner tells you but watch out for chutes
    • Climb ladders to get closer to the Winner 100 square first
    • Play as Spider-Man, White Tiger, Iron Spider, Power Man, Venom, Black Cat, Green Goblin or Rhino
    • Includes gameboard, spinner with arrow and base, 8 character pawns, 4 pawn stands, and instructions.
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    LEGO Duplo Spider-Man Sets
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