Top 9 Spring Party Themes

After the long winter season, it’s hard to resist the call of spring, beckoning us outside. The lure of the outdoors may be strongest for kids, who quickly turn their cabin fever into spring fever. Fortunately, spring’s calendar brings a variety of holidays and occasions for them to celebrate and expel some energy. And where better to do so than in the yard, garden or any outdoor space? The sights and sounds of nature coming to life provide the perfect setting for these spring party themes.

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    A few decorations and a lot of imagination is all you need to turn your backyard space into an enchanted forest. This party theme embraces mystical woodlands filled with fairies, elves and magic potions. From the invitations and decorations to the activities and parting gifts, every aspect of the enchanted forest party is complete with ideas that incorporate a touch of magic.

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    What sets spring abuzz better than a batch of bumble bees? These ideas for a bee-themed event take away all signs of stinging, leaving behind only all that is cute about our small, yellow and black friends.
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    It’s hard to think about spring parties – or spring anything – without thinking about flowers. The flower theme party celebrates everything that makes springtime so beautiful, and if you’re hosting your event outdoors, half of the decorating is already done. Whether you’re celebrating a little girl’s birthday, first communion or other springtime event, the flower theme party creates such a pretty scene it’s almost hard to believe it’s so easily pulled together.

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    Jelly Beans aren’t just for Easter anymore. As a matter of fact, jelly beans have their very own holiday. April 22nd is the day to throw a party in honor of National Jelly Bean Day. Of course, the jelly bean party theme also works well for Easter or any springtime occasion that calls for some sweet party elements.

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    Among the springtime holidays is Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd. Earth Day is the perfect occasion to teach young children about nature, and a flower planting party is a fun way to do it. The flower pot planting activity featured is something that can also be incorporated into other springtime celebrations.

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    Get those critters crawling - or flying or buzzing on over to this springtime soiree that celebrates the insects that live in our gardens. 

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    It’s not just the flowers that bloom in springtime. Spring is also the season when butterflies emerge from their cocoons, which makes it an ideal time to host a child’s birthday party with a butterfly theme. Invite kids to flutter on over to a party that celebrates this colorful, winged creature with ideas for everything from the butterfly invitations to butterfly themed crafts, food, party games and favors.

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    Spring is a time when tea parties move outside to the garden, where guests can enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a lovely, green and floral setting. Many kids, however, would prefer a party that involves a bit more excitement than an ordinary tea party. Why not set the stage for an adventurous event ala Alice in Wonderlandwith a Mad Hatter Tea party?

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    Gnomeo and Juliet Party

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    What could be more fun for a garden party than garden gnomes? Celebrate your springtime occasion with a party theme based on the film popular with kids (and their parents), Gnomeo and Juliet. From gnome themed invitations to ideas for party games, this Gnomeo and Juliet just might find you falling in love with this party theme.

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