Top Spy Games

Spy games give us a chance to do something we're quite unlikely to do in real life -- participate in espionage. These are my picks for the best spy-themed board games and card games.

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    Inkognito into from Ares games
    Miles Cheverton/Flickr

    For 3 to 4 players, ages 10 and up. Designed by Alex Randolph and Leo Colovini, published by Winning Moves Germany.

    Every player is a spy, and your first job is to figure out which of the other players is your partner. Wandering the streets of Venice during a carnival, with everyone wearing masks, makes that task quite challenging. After finding your partner, you must complete your mission. This game may be hard to find, but in my view, ​it's worth tracking down. Inkognito takes about 90...MORE minutes per game.

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    For 2 to 6 players, ages 12 and up. Designed by James Ernest, published by Cheapass Games.

    Every player is an evil genius building a lair in which to kill Mister Bond and other secret agents. This spy game, previously known as Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond, ran into some legal issues with a certain movie studio which controls a certain spy franchise. But this latest edition is in full color and just as fun. James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game takes about 30 minutes per game.

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    Black Vienna

    For 3 to 6 players, ages 10 and up. Designed by Gilbert Obermair, published by Kosmos.

    This deduction game's theme isn't very deep, but it does involve uncovering the identity of spies -- and the deduction genre lends itself well to a spy feel. Three spies are removed from the deck, and the others are dealt to the players. Players then question each other in a race to be the first to identify the three missing spies. Black Vienna takes about 60 minutes per game.