Top 10 Summer Baby Products for Beach or Poolside

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Summer brings trips to the pool or beach with the baby and lots of fun in the sun. Many baby products available today can make your summertime trip to the pool or beach safer, more fun or just more convenient. Take a look at these great baby products that are made for summer fun at the pool or beach.

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    Just a few serious sunburns as a child can greatly increase the risks of skin cancer later in life, so it's important to protect baby's skin as much as possible. This water-resistant sun cream from Mustela goes on easily and stays put pretty well, even through play time. The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide effective SPF 50 to prevent burns, but the minerals and other ingredients shouldn't irritate baby's sensitive skin.

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    The fabric-covered air chambers and mesh interior on this folding baby pool float are soft on baby's skin and lightweight to carry for parents. This baby pool or beach float twists closed and stores in a convenient carrying case then pop open easily when the baby is ready to swim. The baby also gets an additional layer of sun protection from the canopy on this pool or beach float. The canopy is removable if necessary. The built-in activity center means you don't have to carry toys into...MORE the water with you and worry about chasing them to the bottom when baby flings them. Entertainment is on board!

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    Reusable swim diapers are better for the environment and for your budget! These cute swim diapers from Sun Smarties come in three colors and in sizes from 6 months to 24 months. Hook and loop tape on the front lets you fit the swim diaper to your baby every time, and then the little ties add another layer of security for diaper Houdinis. Best of all, these diapers won't swell up like traditional disposables when they get wet, so baby won't have to walk around with droopy, soggy pants.

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    Chlorine and salt water can be damaging or drying to baby's hair, and irritating to delicate skin. California Baby's Swimmer's Defense Shampoo & Body Wash gently removes any leftovers from your pool or beach trip and adds moisture back to baby's hair and skin. The natural ingredients are soothing and they smell great, too. The whole family may want to borrow this all-over cleanser just for its fresh, summery scent. Swimmer's Defense Conditioner is also available if...MORE baby's hair needs it.

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    This classic shovel and bucket set is sturdy, so your toddler can enjoy plenty of digging, scooping and carrying sand and water at the pool or beach. This six-piece set includes a bucket that doubles as a castle mold, a water and sand mill, a watering can and a shovel with a thick handle, so little hands can get a good grip. A rake and scoop round out this beach set that's perfect for tiny diggers or more advanced toddler-size sand castle builders.

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    Baby's eyes are very sensitive to the sun, too. Baby Banz are durable and stylish, and they get little ones used to protecting their eyes from the sun from an early age. The stretchy neoprene band on the back helps keep these baby sunglasses in place, and the band is adjustable, so you can get a good fit. Lots of colors and styles are available, too.

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    Whether you're at the pool, beach or park, smaller babies often need a place to stretch out and wiggle or a clean place to nap. The Tuffo water-resistant outdoor baby blanket provides a clean, dry place for baby to play or sleep. This baby blanket comes in several colors and prints, has light padding and a nylon back, and includes carrying straps for convenience. The Tuffo blanket measures 54 x 84 inches and is machine washable.

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    A roomy pool and beach bag help keep all of your family's gear together, and the Sand Away bag is plenty big for toys, towels, and other essentials. The mesh lets sand and waterfall through so you don't carry the pool or beach home with you. Once you've loaded up your toys, you can just shake the bag to get rid of the extra sand or water. The air flow means any wet toys won't smell gross if you forget to take them out of the bag for a day or two, as well. An inside non-mesh...MORE fabric pocket gives you room for your keys and has a zipper for security.

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    Covering more of baby's skin with a swimsuit is a great way to protect against sunburns. These full-coverage swimsuits from Sunsafe look like a miniature wetsuit and cover much of baby's skin, offering SPF 50 protection. Available in several colors and patterns, and in a range of infant and toddler sizes, these swimsuits look cool and are sturdy enough to withstand a whole season of rough pool or beach play.

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    This cool cabana from Pacific Play Tents gives baby instant shade and shelter at the pool or beach. The fabric is UV-treated and rated as SPF 30, and the mesh side panels and full mesh front allow plenty of air movement. The front can be zipped to keep bugs out and small babies in.

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