Top Summer Home Improvement Projects for a High ROI

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    Use Landscaping Ideas to Attract Potential Buyers

    Landscaping ideas for summer home
    Attract potential buyers with landscaping ideas. Getty Images

    The decision about the right home improvement projects can be a hard one especially when your home is on the market. Some of them are really expensive and yet hardly boost the value of your home. In order to help you spend the hard earned money on the right projects, we point you the ones with the high return on investment (ROI). Each of these projects has the potential to boost your property’s resale value while making it more attractive to potential buyers. Take a look at these landscaping, kitchen and bath and energy efficient window suggestion to increase your ROI. Also ask around at your local home improvement store as to what projects are common for your geographic area. In warmer states focusing on outdoor home and pool areas could make more sense than up north where exterior painting for a coastal Nantucket home could be more beneficial.

    Landscaping ideas that return a higher ROI

    Spending on landscaping and doing it wisely, you can greatly add to the value of your home. In fact, homes with nice landscaping are likely to get offers higher compared to similar properties in the neighborhood. And if you plan to stay in your home for a while, this landscaping project can improve your quality of life, especially during the warmer months. Think about what is required and how will you use your landscape. Herb garden, formal entertaining, kid’s playground are all possibilities. Don’t just limit yourself to trees and plants, may be consider a fence, a fountain, a patio, a deck, or some other outdoor element. Look at books and magazines for inspiration, and if needed consider a landscaping architect.

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    Your Kitchen Design Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot of Money

    Modern white kitchen and dining room
    How to prepare your home for potential buyers. Getty Images

    Kitchen design and inexpensive remodeling ideas

    On a list of remodeling projects that offer a high ROI, kitchen remodeling will always be at the top. However, it does not mean that you need to go overboard. Sometimes less is more and not everything in the area needs to be replaced. Some things do qualify of course, if the appliances in the kitchen are old; replacing them is a smart choice. Similarly, if the countertops are outdated, they should be replaced. But if the kitchen is in good working condition, some minor remodeling touches can go a long way. For instance, replacing kitchen cabinet knobs, painting them, adding a backsplash, updating the lighting and adding an island can really help you create a fresh design.

    Bathroom renovation: vanity adds value

    When it comes to home improvement projects especially for the purpose of high ROI, replacing your dated vanity is advised. And it usually means replacing the sink and counter space along with it. If the space allows, opt for all wood double vanity. Not only will it help to increase the value of your home, but it will also make getting ready in the morning easier for you in the meantime. And while you are at it, consider adding glass mosaic tiles behind your bathroom vanity. It makes for a stylish, ROI-friendly addition to the sink area.

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    Install Energy Efficient Windows for a Higher ROI

    Energy efficient windows
    Energy efficient windows can help now and in the future. Getty Images

    Consider installing energy efficient windows

    These days, potential buyers shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Outdated, drafty single-pane windows are a major turn off. Upgrading windows to more air-tight models can result in significant savings on heating and cooling costs and at the same time deliver an assured high return on investment. New wooden or vinyl windows can recoup the cost drastically at the time of resale. Moreover, you can also receive a green tax credit up-to certain percentage for this upgrade from your state.

    You have many options for home renovation projects that add some kind of value to your home. However, you must concentrate on the ones that will bring your hard earned back in your favor. If you plan to remodel, put your efforts on smaller projects that will help to make your home more appealing to budget-minded buyers. Focus on minor upgrades and energy efficiency that will add appeal and comfort to your home. What other home improvement projects are you considering to work on this summer?