Top 10 Tech Gifts for Men

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    Hot Tech Gifts for 2015

    Tech Gifts for Men
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    With the gift buying season in full swing, buying the perfect gift for the father, husband or significant other in your life is at the top of mind.  This list of the hottest tech gifts for the 2015 holiday season will help you find just the right tech gift for the man in your life.  From laptops to wearable tech and from cameras to headphones, you are sure to find the perfect gift for this important man in your family. 

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    The Toshiba Satellite Fusion

    Toshiba Satellite Fusion
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    I recently had the opportunity to check out the Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 laptop and it is a best buy for dads this year.  Loaded with features like a high res 14.6" screen, a speedy processor and a touchscreen that doubles as a tablet, the Fusion has everything a dad would want or need in a mid-priced laptop.  Read my review and learn more about the Fusion.

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    HD Video Camera Pen

    HD Video Camera Pen
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    Small is always good as far as technology is concerned, and this new HD Video Camera pen from Brookstone is small and convenient.  It is a very nice writing instrument but it also includes a 1 megapixel video camera.  It comes with an 8 GB storage card that can be removed, or the pen can be plugged into a computer or laptop.  Battery life is about an hour, which is enough for the quick video you might want to grab with the pen.  There is no screen to see what you are shooting, but this is more...MORE for the very quick moment you just want a video when your other cameras or your smartphone isn't handy.  It would also be great for recording a short business meeting or a lecture.  

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    Wocket Smart Wallet

    The Wocket Wallet
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    This is one of the coolest tech items available for the holidays this year.  With the Wocket Wallet, all of your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and membership cards can be input into one smart card which is carried in the Wocket wallet.  You scan all of your cards with the Wocket card reader into the Wocket card. Then, when you want to use a card, you select it on the Wocket card screen and swipe or scan it with the merchant.  You can even retrieve the card information for online...MORE purchases.  The wallet comes with an extra card slot as well for your drivers license or other cards that can't be swiped or scanned.  This is great technology and extremely convenient for any man who hates a fat wallet.

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    Selfie Wireless Remote Shutter

    Selfie Remote Shutter
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    If you have ever tried to take a "selfie" of you or your family or friends, you know it can be tough to reach far enough, and it is kind of annoying to carry around a selfie stick.  But getting a good picture using the timer function on your phone is also a little risky.  The Selfie Wireless Remote Shutter lets you set up the phone, get into the picture and remotely operate the phone so it takes the picture at just the right moment.  It even comes with two different small phone stands to...MORE let you set up the phone at the right angle.  It will work up to 33' away from the device so you can get a pretty large group in the photo.  It doesn't require WiFi or Bluetooth because you install an app on the phone instead.  Ingenious! 

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    Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

    Go Pro Hero Silver
    Courtesy of Go Pro

    If you don't know about the GoPro line of video cameras, you have been living off the grid for a while.  The Hero 4 Silver model is the latest in a long line of dependable and easy to use video cameras made for an adventurous lifestyle.  This camera captures 1080p60 video and 12 megapixel photos The camera comes with built in wireless capability so it can be operated from a smartphone or tablet.  It has automatic adjustments for taking video and photos in the dark, has an onboard clipping...MORE capability, works underwater, and has a very intuitive touch display.   If you have been waiting to get a rugged video camera, don't wait any longer.  

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    Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones

    Samsung Wireless U Headphones
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    I love listening to music or podcasts while I am exercising, but I hate dealing with the cords connecting my headphones to my iPhone.  So, I have been in the market for a good set of wireless headphones, and the Samsung Level U Wireless unit is just what I have been looking for. They are an in ear headphone with a U shaped neck band which makes them ideal for exercise (they stay in even under exertion).  The sound is really excellent - I could';t tell an appreciable difference in quality...MORE between my older wired earbuds and the Level U model.  If you are looking for an affordable but good quality wireless headphone unit for exercise or your active lifestyle, you should definitely consider the Samsung Level U headphones. 

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    Toshiba Canvio Connect II Portable Hard Drive

    Toshiba Canvio II Connect Portable Hard Drive

    If you dad is like me and needs to take a lot of data with him between devices, or if he just needs a really good portable hard drive for backups, he will love the Canvio Connect II.  This is a great product with 2 TB of storage and some excellent add on programs that will make backing up and sharing among devices easy and secure. Check out my review and find out what you need to know about the Canvio Connect II. 

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    Pebble Time Steel Smart Watch

    Pebble Technology Smart Watch
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    Wearable technology is all the rage this year, and the new Pebble Time Steel Smart Watch is an excellent entrant into that world.  It works with iOS and Android devices and includes features like an e-paper screen, a built in microphone for voice messaging and voice notes, 10 day battery life and a wide variety of apps and screen faces available.  If you are looking for a smart watch that integrates well with your other mobile devices, you should take a hard look at the Pebble Time Steel Smart...MORE Watch.  And besides all that, it looks really great on your wrist. 

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    Kindle Paperwhite

    Kindle Paperwhite
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    While my wife loves her Kindle Fire, sometimes you just want a clean and clear e-book reader without the glare and without all the bells and whistles.  The Kindle Paperwhite is just such a device.  No screen glare, a battery that lasts for days and days, a very high resolution (300 ppi) display, an adjustable light to read even in low light situations, and weighing just over 7 ounces, the Paperwhite is the latest and greatest of the e-book readers.  It literally is better than reading the...MORE printed page, which is saying a lot for an e-reader.   

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    The Ooma Telo

    Ooma Telo VOIP Home Phone
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    When our family moved to a new data provider, we gave up our old landline, but we didn't want to lose the convenience of a land line and retire entirely on our cell phones.  The Ooma Telo is a great investment for families who want a line at home but don't want to pay a fortune for it.  One you purchase the Telo, Ooma offers free basic phone service (other than taxes) with either a free new number or a small cost to port your old one.  A $10 monthly buy up offers tons of additional...MORE services.  Reception is crystal clear and the device is attractive and unobtrusive.  Read my review about the Ooma Telo and learn more