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Ferrets need daily playtime outside of their cages, but they usually still spend a fair amount of time in their cages when unsupervised. A large, well designed cage is a necessity. Some features to look for are solid floors and shelves / balconies (wire mesh is hard on the feet), and ideally solid ladders, too. Multi-level cages are nice, but depending on the arrangement of the levels, falls are possible. Get extra shelves or use hammocks to make cages safer if necessary.
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    With this expandable cage, you can start with one or two main levels, each level having a full solid floor and a ramp (unfortunately wire) to a solid surface half floor. The bases are on stands with locking casters and a storage shelf. An add-on level can expand the cage further. The doors (with dual locks) are unique: they open up the full width of the cage front, and the solid floor slides out for easy cleaning. Each level measures 36" x 25" and 24" tall. Pricey cage, but it gets...MORE generally rave reviews.
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    This cage is similar in design to the Ferret Nation cage, but is a lot less expensive. It is a little smaller, and doesn't have the expansion capability of the Ferret Nation, but does feature a full second level (that can be sealed off for separating ferrets or potty training, etc.), a couple of shelves, as well as great access through large doors on each level. It also has solid ramps which is an advantage, though it appears the second level is a wire floor that should be at least partially...MORE covered for your ferret's comfort (the wire grill over the removable tray bottom should also be removed). At 31.5" x 20.5" x 55" it is a good size, and gets rave reviews.

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    At 32" x 20" and 58" tall, the Deluxe Multi-Floor ferret home is tall and quite spacious. Advantages include its nine adjustable solid shelves that provide flexibility in the cage layout, and its price given its size. The shelves can be combined to make full floored levels to avoid concerns over falls. The ramps are plastic and the cage includes a small Fun-nel Climbing Tube, a Ferret Hammock and an “E-Z” Roll Stand.
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    This is a unique cage that is large (47" x 20" x 65") and colorful. It features a translucent Bubble-Wave system that makes a loop over the main part of the cage. With the tunnels and the 9 fully adjustable shelves there is plenty of room to move in this cage. Also on a rolling base. Careful on the arrangement of shelves to prevent falls from high shelves (or add hammocks). Cleaning this cage can be a bit of a challenge, however.

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    At 24" x 24" x 41.5" high (a bit taller with stand and wheels), this isn't a huge cage but it is a good size and if you look around you can find one very well-priced. It has 3 adjustble shelves and a ramp, a slide and a Fun-nel tube to connect the levels. Some owners have complained about the sturdiness of the shelves and accessories for larger ferrets and you may have to play a bit with the configuration of shelves and accessories to suit your ferret. While this might not be the...MORE best cage available, it is one of the largest in its price range.

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    The Mini Mansion (37" x 24" and 31.5" tall) is a decent size for a ferret and has two ramps and balconies. The larger Mansion is a spacious 37" x 24" and 56" tall, with three adjustable ramps and balconies. Full height falls are a concern with this cage so add hammocks for safety. Features a slide out pan for cleaning, which locks to foil crafty ferrets. Also has decent sized doors (two on the Mansion and one on the Mini-Mansion) and casters.
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    This cage is only available in Europe but features a unique design. It is basically two stacked cages connected by plastic tubing. Not sure how easy it would be to clean, but provides lots of space and climbing without what amounts to a full floor in the middle. Unfortunately the shelves are just small corner shelves so do not provide a whole lot of extra floor space, and a hammock would still be a good idea to prevent falls from the highest shelf. 32" X 30" X 64" tall.

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    This is an unique cage that is a decent size (47" x 20" and 37" tall). With ramps and shelves as well as translucent Bubble Wave tubes (with one loop over the main cage), there is lots of exercise opportunity in this cage. The cage comes with a raised, wheeled stand. The tunnels might be a challenge to clean but definitely add interest to the cage. The cage isn't terribly tall so falls are not as much of a concern as with taller cages.
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    Variety of configurations available. Many have wire multi-levels or carpeted balconies which require caution. Cover the wire levels with linoleum or some other solid surface as walking on wire flooring is too hard on their feet. The Townhouse (36" x 30" x 60"), Condo (30" x 24" x 48") and Hotel (48" x 18" x 48") are good choices, but some of the others are too small, and some have balcony arrangements for which falls might be a problem.
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    Not a huge cage, but decent enough for a ferret that gets plenty of playtime out of the cage. The multiple levels are interesting for the ferret, and the cage is not tall enough that falls are a real concern. The shelves and ramps are all plastic. A major drawback to this cage is the very small single door, and it would be next to impossible to get a litter pan in through the door. Cage dimensions: 40" x 18" and 32" tall.

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