What Are The Best Toys for Christmas 2017?

Kids Opening Exploding Christmas Gifts
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The gift giving season arrives quickly! Finding the best toys for Christmas, early, can almost guarantee that the kids will have those extra special toys they wish Santa for under the tree without any shopping drama. Shopping for the top toys for Christmas early can help gift givers stay within their budget and take advantage of sales and layaway programs.

In alphabetical order, meet the 100+ top toys for Christmas.

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    Air Hogs toys are popular remote control toys. The Thunder Trax is a remote control toy that switches from car to tank, then drives over all sorts of terrain. It can even drive in water! Other popular Air Hogs toys include drones, helicopters and remote control Star Wars toys which includes the Air Hogs Millenium Falcon.

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    Many girls love to collect American Girl dolls. Some prefer historical dolls from the BeForever line, but there are also modern day girls to chose from, which are available only for the year, the American Girl Doll of the Year. All dolls arrive with a book. For girls who like to design and build, there are also American Girl construction sets from MEGA Construx where they can put together dollhouses with bricks by following detailed directions.


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    Aside from the popular Barbie Fashionistas fashion dolls, there are fun new Barbie playsets including the Barbie Pop Up Camper and the Ultimate Puppy Mobile. Do not forget the 3 story Barbie Dreamhouse, and the high-tech bluetooth enabled Barbie Hello Dreamhouse with innovative features that are responsive to voice commands.

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    Betty Spaghetty is the ultimate mix and match fashion doll. Children can change Betty's hairstyle, clothing and accessories. Dolls have different themes based on Betty's interests and jobs.

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    Video game fans can use Bloxels blocks to design a picture. Take a photo of their creation, then upload it to an app where it becomes the scene in their very own video games.

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    Not only do Brightlings dolls have over 100 phrases, the doll can record and repeat anything a child says. Brightlings sing 6 different styles of songs. Moving the doll's body position is what allows kids to activate new features of the doll.

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    Bunchems are small, brightly colored, prickly balls that kids attach to each other. Kids can use their imagination or follow the step-by-step instructions to make designs and silly motorized toys. 

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    Many kids love baby dolls. Cabbage Patch Kids fans may enjoy interacting with Baby So Real. The doll has LED eyes and built-in sensors to respond to tickling, burping and feeding. An iPad app is also available that enhances doll play.

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    There are many toys from Marvel's Captain America: Civil War movie, which include dart blasting shields, helmets and armor and collectible action figures.

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    Care Bear fans will enjoy hugging and squeezing new stuffed animals and collecting small blind bag toys and figures.

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    CharmU sets include small charms that easily attach to bracelets. Kids can create customized jewelry that matches their interests and personalities. Surprise charms, which are hidden from sight in the packaging, are also included.

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    CHIP is definitely one of the hottest toys for the holidays. This robotic puppy dog can follow voice and touch commands. Kids will enjoy watching him retrieve his ball, stand on his head for yoga and try to get your attention to play. Kids will be even more surprised by finding CHIP sometimes waiting by the door when they get home.

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    Learning to code has become a life skill, even for preschoolers. With Codeapillar, each segment of the caterpillar, allows it to move in a different direction in a specific sequence, once the segments are attached. Older kids can order the segments to eventually solve problems by finding a way for Codeapillar to complete challenges.

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    Early elementary school children learning to code, who are not yet able to read, will enjoy programming COJI the robot by using emoticons and emojis. Using bluetooth, and a free smartphone app, kids can program Coji to move in different directions. Emojis selected will also appear on the toy's face display. The app includes coding and memory games, too.

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    Looking for an interactive toy robot with a lot of emotion and personality? Meet Cozmo. Cozmo also arrives with interactive power cubes that help Cozmo complete challenges, too. Cozmo may even make different choices during play, based on his mood. A smarthphone or iPad is required.

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    Meet the DC Super Hero girls, awesome female action figures inspired by the DC Super Hero Girls television show. The toys include characters Harley Quinn, SuperGirl, BatGirl and Wonder Woman. There are also role play toys, too. With the release of the Wonder Woman movie there are also DC Super Hero toddler dolls, too.

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    The Disney Descendants are the children of popular Disney Villains, Princes and Princesses. They were first introduced in a feature length, family friendly movie on the Disney Channel, The Descendents. The Descendants 2 was released in 2017. Not sure who is who? Check out the guide to The Disney Descendants Dolls.

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    Disney Princess dolls, from classic and current Disney Movies, never go out of style. There are fashion dolls, larger toddler baby dolls, and collectible Little Princess figures and castle playsets in all sizes and price ranges.

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    Doc McStuffins, with her magical stethoscope that brings toys to life, helps to take are of toys and pets. Fun Doc McStuffins toys include dollhouses, dolls and mobile care carts complete with toy medical tools to help their toy friends. Doc McStuffins is a popular preschool show on Disney Junior.

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    There are many different types of baby dolls to choose from and care for. Kids love to wear their baby dolls in carriers and bring them on adventures.  Corolle dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, Adora dolls, American Girl Dolls and Madame Alexander dolls are some of the most popular doll choices for young children. There are many boy dolls, too.

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    Are the kids begging you to fly a drone? Drones are quadcopter flying toys that can also take video footage. There are drones that can be flown while wearing a virtual reality headset, and many hobby drones have features that are easier for children to use when taking off, hovering and landing.

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    Disney's Elena of Avalor is the first Latina Disney Princess. There are fashion dolls, toys, dress up costumes and musical instruments based on the popular animated television show, Elena of Avalor which airs on Disney Junior.


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    Little toddlers and preschoolers who love Elmo will Love to Learn with Elmo, too. This talking, plush ELMO toy will work best with the downloaded app. The app helps program Elmo's 350 responses, including saying the child's name. Elmo helps encourage learning self-help skills with regard to cleaning-up toys and potty training.  

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    There are several Finding Dory toys. Movie fans will love watching their favorite character, especially Dory, move around the fish tank swimming after being placed in water. Finding Dory is the popular movie sequel to Disney's Finding Nemo.


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    There are many different types of FUNKO Mystery Mini sets, more individual toys that are bought for kids to collect. Kids love to collect toys where they do not know who is hiding inside. Sets include popular themes of Disney Princesses, Harry Potter, Finding Dory and Justice League. There are larger Funko Pop collectible toys which tweens enjoy collecting, too.

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    The Furby Connect toy has over 1000 responses and constantly brings new content surprises for kids. The requires the use of a bluetooth connection to an app on a tablet or smartphone. When the light on top of the toy glows, the app is updated with new information 

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    Funreal Friends toys are animatronic pet toys. Torch is a pet dragon who can actually breathe flame colored mist while pretending to eat his favorite food, a marshmallow!  Torch has sensors that allow him to respond to touch, too. He joins other popular Furreal Friends pets like cats, ponies and unicorns.


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    Gift'ems are adorable doll friends that arrive in small gift boxes. Each doll is from a different country all over the world. Gift 'ems are a fun gift for kids to share with their friends, while also learning about other countries and cultures. The Gift' ems dolls can be used as pencil toppers, but they also have mix and match accessories. 

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    Go Go Smart Wheels, Friends and Animals playsets have MagicPoint locations that enable the toys (vehicles, animals, dolls) to talk, sing and interact when they move or drive over them. The Go Go Smart Friends Princess Castle is a special gift for toddlers and preschoolers, but make sure there is a lot of space in the playroom, it opens up to be 4 feet wide.


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    The Hatchimals toys will actually peck their way out of the toy to hatch! Kids will need to care for their Hatchimal by patting, tilting and caring for their Hatchimal, until it hatches. Once out of the egg, the toys can learn skills and play games. Will you hatch a Penguala or a Draggle? New Hatchimals can be identified by glitter on the eggs.



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    2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster
    Hess Toy Truck

    Every year, there is a new Hess Toy Truck. These collectible vehicles are not available in stores and can only be bought online exclusively at HessToyTruck.com.  The 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster arrives gift wrapped, with Energizer batteries installed and the price includes free standard shipping. Hess toy trucks never disappoint. Year after year they continue to be the best and most unique toy vehicles available. 

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    Hot Wheels tracks are always a popular toy for boys. Looking for a way to store cars and offer a lot of play options, check out the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage, too.

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    Hoverboards are a fun way for tweens and teenagers to travel around the neighborhood. Make sure to buy a reputable hoverboard, insist that the child wear a helmet and is properly supervised during use.

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    Imaginext toys are great role play toys with action figures that help children in the preschool age range, to play while using their imagination. Popular Imaginext toys include DC super heroes like Batman and Superman. There are also transforming dinosaurs and pirate ships.

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    Kate and Mim-Mim is yet another preschool show on Disney Junior kids love. There is a Kate doll, as well as a Magic Talking Mim-Mim toy, too.

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    There are several awesome Kid Trax cars to choose from. Many children beg Santa and their parents for these motorized, battery operated toys which include trucks, quads, sports cars, jeeps, bulldozers, police cars, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Partywagon, and a Finding Dory submarine.

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    Play kitchen sets are fun for pretend play as kids cook and dream up fantastic pretend meals for their themselves, family members, their dolls or action figures. There are play kitchen sets in all sizes and price ranges.



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    K'Nex are small pieces that interlock to create amazing kits and builds of all sizes and prices. Many also include motorized parts. Kids can build their own blaster and dinosaurs, too. There are great construction toys for girls with the Mighty Makers sets

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    The LeapFrog EPIC is an android tablet for kids that features LeapFrog's popular educational content. It includes safe website access to teacher approved websites and videos. It includes a picture to take photos and videos.



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    LeapStart Interactive Learning Activity Books
    LeapFrog / Amazon

    The LeapFrog LeapStart toy is a case that holds special educational books for kids based on curriculum and theme. Books include information about animals, places in the world, math and social skills that kids interact with using a stylus. Books are sold individually. A computer is necessary in order to download the book content from online to the case.

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    How can you pick just one LEGO set? There are so many choices of LEGO toys for kids, where they follow the step-by-step instructions to put together sets and vehicles, many times from their favorite movies. Popular sets for younger children include LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends, LEGO City and LEGO Nexo Knight sets.  LEGO DUPLO sets are prefect for toddlers just learning to build.

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    LEGO Group / Warner Bros.

    Do you have a video game system like a WiiU, XBox One or PS4 and your children also love LEGO's? Meet LEGO Dimensions. This is a video game and platform, where kids can build items that are then used in video game play.  

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    The Lion Guard is an animated preschool show on Disney Junior based on the popular Disney movie, The Lion King. The Lion Guard Training Lair Playset is 2 feet tall and not only has lights and sounds, it comes with a few characters, as well as a zip line and bungee launcher.

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    Know kids who like fashion, design and jewelry, will enjoy Lil Lockitz. Using the included beads and charms they create then wear lockets as necklaces and bracelets. There are many pieces included, which will make great gifts for friends, too. 

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    Snuggles is an adorable puppy that moves like a real puppy. Kids will feed their puppy with the bottle, but will love the toy's realistic calming features, as Snuggles actually moves to snuggle in and fall asleep in a child's arms. The toy interacts with the child by using sweet, expressive puppy dog eyes.

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    While there are dozens of individual Littlest Pet Shop toys to collect, there are new playsets, also. Check Amazon and Ebay, many kids like to adopt and collect pets from previous years, too.

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    The LeapPad Platinum Tablet is an educational learning tablet for kids ages 3-9. Kids will enjoy playing popular LeapFrog apps with their favorite television characters, as well as taking pictures and videos. Kids can also use the camera to play with Imagicards, too.

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    Want to fly an easy drone and use it to perform stunts and play games indoors? Meet Lumi. Lumi is the perfect gift for tweens and teens. Parents will also not be able to resist taking controls either. LUMI works through a bluetooth connection on a tablet or a smartphone. 

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    Kids love to use one of the different Magformers toy kits to create their own 3D designs, walking robots, dinosaurs, dollhouses and vehicles. No need to worry, the powerful magnets are safely encased in the plastic shapes.



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    There are so many Marvel toys for kids and adults. Playskool Heroes includes action figures and playsets for younger children ages 3-5. In addition there are action figures from the movies Spiderman Vs. The Sinister 6, Avenger's and Captain America: Civil War. There are board games, special Hot Wheels cars, and buildable LEGO sets featuring Marvel characters.

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    Mebo is a robot that is activated through the use of a smartphone or tablet. He includes an integrated video camera and can be used, even when you are not at home, to complete activities around the house or even spy on the kids! His robotic claw can be used to pick up, lift and carry toys, maybe even help the kids pick up the playroom?

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    Using a small hex tool, kids can put together little MicroNoid robots. There are several robots to collect and once complete they can interact with each other. There are other model building kits from Meccano featuring dinosaurs and vehicles. A more expensive kit, the Meccano Mecanoid can even be programmed to walk and answer questions.


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    The Mega Tracks, from Lionel the well-known train toy company, allows kids to build a modern rail track that can twist, turn and climb vertically, using cars that race at high-speeds.

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    Families who love Mickey Mouse and the Hot Diggity song will get in the musical groove dancing along with the Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey Mouse.

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    Kids do not need to be a fan of the Miles from Tommorrowland show on Disney Junior to appreciate these out of this world spaceships and rover toys.

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    Love Minnie Mouse? Check out this singing, talking and rollerskating Minnie Mouse! Touch her magical bow and watch her perform splits.

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    Moana is a new Disney Polynesian princess. There are many new Moana dolls, toys and playsets available that were inspired by the movie.

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    There are so many My Little Pony toys available. Some are inspired by the animated television show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Ponies can be bought individually and there are also many new Equestria inspired playsets, too.

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    My Mini MixieQ's are small dolls that live inside mini worlds, shaped like a box or crate. The boxes unfold to reveal a doll. The toys also have pop and swap hair and accessories.

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    nabi Tablets are android tablets for kids that include many fun apps and activities, as well as great parental controls that monitor's a child's use of the internet and other apps. The nabi SE tablet is available at Walmart, but there are also Hot Wheels and Barbie inspired tablets on Amazon. Pair the nabi tablet with a nabi Compete fitness tracker.

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    This year NERF fans will love creating their own unique blaster from mix and match parts with the Modulus. There is even a dart blasting NERF drone. There are NERF blasters for all ages, interests and price ranges, as kids build up their arsenals for indoor and outdoor blaster play. 

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    Just because these blasters, darts and bows are pink and purple does not mean that boys and girls won't want in on the action with NERF Rebelle. 

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    Love classic Nintendo games? This plug and play toy will have older members of the family reminiscing about their childhood, while sharing new memories with their children,as they play one of the 30 preloaded iconic Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers and Zelda.

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    The Nintendo 3DS XL is a portable, handheld gaming system that kids can play by themselves, or with others online, or who are playing in the same vicinity. New Nintendo 3DS games include favorites from Pokemon, Disney and Yo Kai Watch.

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    Osmo is an iPad accessory, and after launching the game apps, kids can use letter tiles and tangram shapes on the table in front of them to play games, create drawings and problem solve puzzles by themselves or with friends. 

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    Paw Patrol is a popular preschool show on Nick Jr. Different puppies save the day using a variety of vehicles. Zoomer Marshall is a talking, interactive toy who engages kids in missions. In addition to the smaller, collectible action figures, kids love the Lookout Tower, Air Patroller, Roll Patrol tracks and the Paw Patroller, too. 


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    Peppa Pig fans will be so excited to know there are many little action figures, dollhouses and even a treehouse where they can reenact their favorite scenes from the show.


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    Nothing says family fun over the holidays or at birthday parties, then when two players challenge each other by placing their face inside a card, and pushing a button as quickly as possible to see who will get whipped cream in their face!

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     PJ Masks is a popular show for preschoolers on Disney Junior. Join Owelette, Catboy and Gecko as they complete missions from their Headquarters. There are individual action figures and vehicles, too.

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    Whether it is a just a few cans of Play-doh for a stocking stuffer, or a large play set like the Play-doh Town or Star Wars At-At Attack, many young children love receiving Play-doh sets as gifts.

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    With Playmobil construction sets children follow step-by-step directions to construct vehicles and play sets from a variety of themes, such as an NHL ice arena, pirate boat and a children's hospital.



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    Gamers, especially those with a PS4, will be begging for the new Playstation VR. This is a headset that plugs directly into a PS4 video game system and allows kids and adults to play games fully immersed in a 3D world of virtual reality.

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    With the combination of the Pokemon Go app and the combination of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, in addition to the trading cards, Pokemon plush toys, games and action figures are more popular than ever. 

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    For kids who like arts and crafts activities and decorating, Poppit involves using clay inside different molds to create non-edible bakery inspired treats.

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    Not only are motorized Power Wheels cars always a huge hit for the holidays, the new Wild Thing uses a unique steering system, with handles on each wheel. The Wild Thing is able to maneuver over different types of terrain.

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    Saw goodbye to fuse beads and meet Qixels. Kids can create different 3D action figures and toys from templates, layer by layer, fusing them together with water.

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    Real Cooking sets offer children access to real baking tools while baking and decorating cookies, donuts and other sweet treats. Real milk, eggs and oil are added to pre-portioned mixes instead of just adding water.

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    Shimmer and Shine are 2 twin genies, featured in a popular animated show on Nick Jr. Toys include the genies as fashion dolls, small action figures, and even their "flying magic carpet."

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    Shopkins are small toys, inspired by supermarket foods and fashion items like shoes, that children are obsessed with collecting. In addition to the toys, there are themed games and Shopkins Kinstruction sets.

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    Skylanders are popular toys that children can collect and import into their games to enhance their strategy. For the first time ever, Skylanders Imaginators allow kids to customize and personalize different elements to create their own unique Skylanders characters.

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    The Disney Princess Sofia the First, becomes a princess when her mother marries royalty. She is featured in a popular animated television show on Disney Junior. Sofia the First toys include  a magical dancing Sofia, small action figures, games and costumes.


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    Looking for a fun family party game? In Speak Out, players put a mouth guard in their mouth and say phrases, while their friends and family members try and guess the sentence! Perfect game for those hard to buy for teens.

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    Star wars toys include action figures, light sabers, droids, electronic masks, LEGO sets (like the $500 LEGO Death Star), and even NERF blasters. 



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    Super Wings is a preschool television show on Sprout. The show includes different airplanes that deliver packages to children throughout the world. Super Wings toys include transforming airplanes and an airport playset.



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    Given the release of the movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows, there are many Ninja Turtle toys for kids to choose from. Half Shell Heroes action figures are for preschoolers, while there are blind bag collectible mini figures, an interactive Mikey toy, a tactical truck and a sewer lair playset.

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    Aside from the Thomas the Train wooden railway sets, which have been a go-to toy for train lovers for decades, the Thomas and Friends trackmaster toys are also another popular option for fans.

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    The Dreamworks Trolls movie has inspired many new toys, which include games, collectables, dolls playsets and styling dolls.

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    Disney Tsum Tsum collectible toys are popular mini-toys that feature popular Disney characters. There is even a Disney Tsum Tsum advent calendar.

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    For kids who enjoy collecting mini-toys, Twozies are little babies who have matching pet friends. There are over 140 to collect, as well as different playsets for kids to use with their toys, too. Twozies are from the same creators as Shopkins.

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    Vex Robotics sets are maker kits, where children build simple machines and learn about science and engineering. Individual kits can be added together to make larger, working machines.

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    The Welliewishers dolls from American Girl are 6-year-olds hoping to make the world a kinder place. The dolls are featured in books, playsets and webisodes.

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    Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop are one of the many STEM toys for girls and boys that teach coding. Kids will need access to an iPad or Android tablet, but they will love learning to code and create games using these adorable and intuitive robots.


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    Looking for a new blaster toy to try? For kids who love blaster play, X-Shot blasters can fire up to 55 feet. Instead of aiming at other people, players can use their blasters to shoot at Creepeez, which are bugs and spiders that become moving targets, and will fall from the wall once they have been hit accurately.

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    Yo-Kai Watch is a popular anime show for children on Disney XD. Aside from a Nintendo 3DS video game, there are Yo-Kai Watch toys which include a watch that is able to  project animations and "summon Yo-Kai" when children insert all of the Yo-Kai medals they collect.

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    There are many Zoomer toys. Zoomer Chimp, Zoomer Dino, Zoomer Kitty. There is even a Zoomer Marshall and Zoomer Chase from Paw Patrol. Zoomer Chimp can move, flip, and even "Go Bananas!" Zoomer toys are able to respond to voice commands.