Top Toys Of 2006

I'm sure all of you are curious to know what the Hottest Toys Of The Year are. The top toy experts in the country have hand picked the Best Toys in various categories like Best Boy Toy, Best Outdoor Toy, Best Electronic Toy and more. You can view the nominees in the various categories by clicking on Toy Fair 2006. But first go right ahead and check out the Toy Of The Year Award WINNERS for 2006 presented by the Toy Industry Association (TIA).
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    The Best Toy Of The Year Award was presented to the FLY Pentop Computer from Leap Frog. This awesome invention is definitely something to talk about! With this mini computer, you can solve math problems, play musical instruments, calculate up some numbers in a jiffy and lots more. You have to use the special dot matrix paper in order for the computer to detect what's written. You can draw drums or keyboards with it, and play music with what you've drawn. Amazing!
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    The best toy in the infant preschool category was presented to the Weebles Weebly Wobbly Treehouse from Playskool. The Weebles Weebly Wobbly Treehouse is perfect for making the little Weebles have a blast! The Weebles can be spun around in the Water Wheel, or made to explore and discover many different things. There is electronic music playing, which adds to the fun of it all. All in all, the treehouse promises the Weebles a good time!
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    Girl Toy of the Year - Dora's Talking Kitchen from Fisher Price

    The best toy of 2006 in the girl's category went to Dora's Talking Kitchen from Fisher Price. The pretend play kitchen comes with 5 recipe cards, a 28 piece accessory set, and a whole host of possibilities to have fun with! The blender, picture map, phone and radio are interactive and make noises. The rest of the kitchen doesn't have any sound effects, although it is pretty sturdy.
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    Boy Toy of the Year Tyco R/C Shell Shocker

    The best toy for boys for 2006 went to the Tyco R/C Shell Shocker from Mattel. I'm sorry to say, but Tyco's Shell Shocker is one of the ugliest R/C toys I've seen in a while! Looks aside, the Shell Shocker's performance is amazing. The Shell Shocker possesses the unique ability to morph into a ball and then into a "beast". While in the ball mode, the Shell Shocker roll out of sticky situations. When unfolded, it can maneuver its way around all and over kinds of obstacles.
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    Game of the Year - Hullabaloo from Cranium

    The Best Game Of The Year went to Hullabaloo from Cranium. Hullabaloo is loads of fun! In the box is a set of 16 little floor pads and a speaker unit. The pads which have shapes, colors & pictures have close enough to hop onto one from another. A fun voice gives instructions like step, jump on this color, animal etc, and various combinations of things to do. After a few turns, a freeze command is called out, where a winner is picked out.
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    Game Of The Year - Apples to Apples from Out of the Box Publishing

    In case you are wondering, there was not one, but two winners for the Game Of The Year category this year. Apples to Apples from Out of the Box Publishing made waves at the Toy Fair and truly was a deserving winner. Apples to Apples is a simple card game which is guaranteed to keep you in fits of laughter! The game involves word association with words provided on the red and green cards. A player is appointed as the judge, and he has to decide which of the other players cards is the best match.
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    Property of the Year - Dora The Explorer

    The licensor that had the greatest success spreading its brand or property throughout the industry while generating interest and excitement went to Dora the Explorer™ - Nick Jr. division of Viacom International. Dora the Explorer has won this award for the second time in a row, which is absolutely commendable!
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    Activity Toy of the Year - LEGO Star Wars from LEGO Systems

    The best toy that inspires creative play through various forms of activity went to LEGO Star Wars - LEGO Systems Inc. LEGO's Star Wars series inspired kid's imaginations all over the world. Take a look at the best of LEGO Star Wars by clicking on the Read Review link above.
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    Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year - 20Q from Radica

    This award is meant for toys created for children of any age that have a considerable electronic component involved. This includes "plug 'n play" and interactive videos. The award was presented to 20Q™ - Radica USA Ltd. This came as no surprise, as Radica's 20Q has practically become a household name nowadays.
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    The best toy designed for outdoor play was presented to Air Hogs R/C Dominator -Spin Master Ltd. The Air Hogs R/C Dominator comes fully assembled and ready to take off. The radio controlled plane is lightweight and made of foam. The plane runs on 6 AA batteries and has to be charged before use. The charger doubles up as the controller. It's a great feeling to launch this Air Hogs Dominator into the sky and watch it fly!