Trash to Treasures Projects and Crafts

You Can Recycle Creatively and Make Green Crafts

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These trash to treasure craft projects will show you how you can get creative and recycle at the same time. We know that recycling is better for the environment than simply throwing things in the trash. Can you think of a better way to recycle than to use some of the items you would usually throw away to make these craft projects?

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    Blue Jean Tote Bag Pattern

    Discover how you can transform an old pair of blue jeans into a fashionable purse.

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    Butterfly Paper Plate Craft

    While you probably don't want to recycle a used paper plate to make this craft, the toilet paper roll is trash-worthy.

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    Recycling Craft Projects

    I save all buttons, whether they pop off a sweater or come as a spare for a new outfit I bought. I think they are real treasures, and, by following these directions, you can turn these treasures into fun flowers.

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    Recycling craft projects
    CD Fish Craft.

    If you have a stack of old computer CDs or even DVDs, learn how you can avoid throwing them in the trash by turning them into adorable hanging fish.

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    Recycling craft projects

    You can recycle a check box, or any small box, into a pretend camera you can take with you every place you go. Don't forget to bring some blank paper so you can 'take' pictures.

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    Recycling craft projects

    If you come across some old fashioned clothespins, follow these directions, and you can make dolls out of them.

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    Cookies in a Jar

    Clean and dry empty glass jars and then fill them with ingredients to make cookies. These make fun gifts.

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    Recycling projects

    Don't throw empty egg cartons in the trash. Follow these instructions and discover how easy it is to make a variety of sea creatures by cutting the cups from the carton.

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    Greeting Card Bowl

    Check out this fun bowl made by recycling greeting cards. You can make one for every occasion.

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    recycling crafts

    Paper bags are perfect for crafting, no matter what size they are. This colorful pinata is made using a small paper bag, but you can make one whatever size you like.

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    I treasure old puzzle pieces, and even game orphaned pieces like I do buttons. If you collect enough of them, you can make a picture frame or any number of other crafts.

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    T-shirt Headband Pattern

    T-shirt Headband Pattern

    Cut up an old t-shirt and then follow these instructions to create a fun headband. It is a fast and easy craft, perfect for learning some sewing techniques.