Top Vegetarian Recipes of 2012

Here they are! This year's most popular top ten vegetarian recipes on, according to you according to web traffic from all over the world. If you've been wondering what everyone else has searching for, cooking up and eating this year, here it is! Missed the best recipes of 2011? Check out the best vegetarian recipes of 2011 or go way back to the Top Ten Vegetarian Recipes of 2010, or the Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes of 2009, or go way back to the Top Ten of 2008!

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    With over 40 positive reviews, this black bean burger has long been a favorite on, and with good reason. It's unbelievably simple, versatile, easy and, most importantly it's tasty too. If you've never tried making homemade veggie burgers before, this simple black bean burger is a good place to start, since it's so foolproof. I like it with hot sauce!
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    Another one of the best vegetarian recipes that was on the list last year is this popular quinoa salad cooked with Greek salad ingredients including kalamata olives, feta cheese, artichoke hearts and fresh herbs. Like many of the best vegetarian recipes of 2012, this one has numerous five-star reviews, so you know it'll be a good one. Omit the feta cheese to keep it vegan and reduced in fat.
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    It was last year's number one recipe, on the list in 2010, and holding strong this year in the number three spot, proving that just about everyone loves a classic lentil soup recipe. This one is quite simple, made with just lentils, carrots, onions and spices. With nearly 30 four and five star reviews, this is also one of the highest rated vegetarian recipes on the site.

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    I'm not surprised that these spring rolls finally made the list, as they've always been popular, but this is the first year they've made the top ten best recipes list. Stock up on fresh herbs - basil, mint, cilantro or all three to make these spring rolls really pop. These spring rolls are fantastic for just about any special diet - vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, low-calorie, and, if you omit the soy sauce, they're gluten-free as well.
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    This healing ginger tea recipe comes from the Thai health retreat where I used to work. We served it up every morning to guests who came looking for healing and rejuvenation. There was never any leftovers. The secret is lots and lots of ginger, simmered for a long time to bring out the flavor, and the lime which compliments the ginger perfectly, and plenty of natural agave nectar or honey for a refined sugar-free sweetener. Try it for an immune system boost or for an invigorating way to start...MORE the morning.
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    Just like last year, when they debuted on the best-of list, I'm still not quite sure why this simple brownie recipe is always so popular. It's a basic recipe, with a short ingredients list of cocoa, sugar, flour, eggs and margarine, and just about each of the more than thirty reviews has given it either four or five stars.
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    Reviewers agree: there is a secret ingredient in these low-fat baked sweet potato fries that you won't find in other recipes. What is it? Cumin! Skeptical? Try it. Coming in on the top ten list for the first time, sweet potato fries are one of those recipes that everyone - kids and adults alike, vegetarians, vegans and omnivores - all love. Dip them in barbecue sauce, ketchup, or a spicy mustard. Delish!
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    I think everyone loves this recipes since beef and barley is so popular, and this healthier vegetarian version captures the same textures and flavors. It's chock-full of high-fiber barley, healthy veggies and plenty of spices, simmered to bring out the full flavor in everything. It's long been one of my favorite barley soup recipes, and, I think if you'll try it, you'll agree.
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    This year's list has two veggie burgers on it, and, in fact, if it were a list of eleven, it'd have three, as the number eleven most popular vegetarian recipe of 2012 is this portabella mushroom burger, another vegetarian classic. This one is full of vegetables and a little tofu. It's not the meatiest of veggie burgers, but it makes for a healthy patty, particularly, as one reviewer noted, when slathered in barbecue sauce. Enjoy!

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    This has long been a popular vegetarian recipe, but it hasn't been popular enough to make in on the top ten lists of 2011 nor 2010. I usually eat this dhal as a soup, but it's usually served along side rice for an Indian meal, along with a variety of other Indian vegetarian dishes.

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