Manufactured Veneer Stone Companies

Where to Buy Veneer Stone for Your Home

Veneer stone is a thin composite stone product that you can adhere to a home's interior for aesthetic purposes or even to the exterior for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Stone veneer is perfect for dressing up a fireplace surround. These companies are listed alphabetically, not in order of quality.

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    Manufactured Stone Wall
    Manufactured Stone Wall. Ana Gomes / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Coronado Stone Product has been in the business for half a century and has seven factories in the U.S. and Canada. Coronado stone veneer is also easily available, as it is found in Lowe's stores. If ledgestone is your thing, Coronado has an impressive lineup of this favorite veneer stone.

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    "Cultured stone" has come to mean "manufactured stone."  But it is also a tradename, with each stone bearing the Cultured Stone® Veneer (CSV) imprint. Formerly owned by Owens-Corning, Cultured Stone was acquired in 2010 by Boral.

    Cultured Stone boasts stones in 21 textures and 100 colors. The company was formed in 1962 by two brothers, and today over 850 dealers distribute Cultured Stone.

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    Eldorado Stone has been in business since 1969. Since its inception in Carnation, Washington, Eldorado it has spread across the U.S. and probably has a distributor in your area. They like to use the tagline "The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World." I highly recommend their website--well-organized and clean, with lots of inspirational photos and tips.
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    If you're looking to get outside of the Big Three Veneer Makers (Coronado, Cultured Stone, and El Dorado), Stonecraft just might be the ticket. Stonecraft is definitely an outlier in the industry, with a modest number of veneer offerings. They do have some unusual and interesting products, chiefly Dutchcraft, a large stone meant expressly for lower exterior cladding.

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    Stoneyard tags itself as "New England Stone Veneer," ironic because my favorite product is their Greenwich Gray which is shown on their site installed on a Florida home. Whatever, I like that this Littleton MA-based manufacturer makes a strong effort to develop a niche market amongst the other general-purpose suppliers we see in the industry. Far from being an up-and-comer, this company's veneers have been featured in the likes of This Old House and countless other shelter shows and...MORE magazines.
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    Quality Stone Veneer (QSV) isn't the biggest stone veneer manufacturer, and it may not be placed in all the big box home improvement stores--but maybe it should. This Refton PA-based company boasts an impressive range of faux stone offerings: sandstone, Ohio drystack, fieldstone, cobblestone, ashlar, and more. Each type of stone can be treated with any number of stock color treatments. Be sure to check out their site, as they break down color combinations into discrete percentages, the only...MORE veneer manufacturer I've seen that does this.