The Top Wedding Trends for 2019

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    10 Top 2019 Wedding Trends

    When you’re planning a wedding, you’re likely diving headfirst into the wedding industry for the first time. Together with your partner, you can look at weddings you’ve seen through photos, like those of parents and grandparents, ones you have attended, or even ones you've been in. But, there’s something very different about planning an event that is yours. Because it’s new, everything may look and feel like a trend in the wedding industry. Some of the events, details, and palettes you see likely are trends, but some of them may also have been around the block a time or two already.

    From colors and food to statement pieces and fashion, we’re sharing wedding trends that have jumped onto our radar over the past few months. These are ideas and pieces we expect to see often throughout the year. Through sharing them, our goal is to spark your imagination so you can explore ways to make them your own. 

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    Cluster Engagement Rings

    Cluster Engagement Ring
    @trumpetandhorn / Instagram

    Cluster engagement rings most often feature a central stone that’s a bit larger surrounded by a number of smaller stones, like this ring by Trumpet & Horn. If colored stones are more your style, a cluster ring is also an opportunity to combine diamonds together with something else. Whether you opt for diamonds or a combination, cluster engagement rings are a wonderful way to make a classic statement, which is why we think they will continue to grow in popularity!

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    2019 Pantone Color of the Year: Coral

    When Pantone announced that a coral hue had the 2019 honor of being named the Color of the Year, we immediately jumped on board. This bright shade is perfect for spring and summer weddings, and it also allows Coral Charm peonies to be even more in style. Consider using hints of this color throughout your stationery, flowers (like the arrangements shown here from Velvet & Twine), and tablescape. Remember it’s also a beautiful shade for your bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen’s bowties as well.

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    Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

    Between Kate Middleton’s lace sleeved gown and Megan Markle’s cap sleeve design, sleeves of any kind are having a moment. This off-the-shoulder gown by Barbara Kavchok allows you to jump on board with the sleeve trend in a way that feels classic. Plus, the dress also represents two more trends—florals and convertible. Post ceremony, consider removing the top layer of the skirt to reveal a new, sleeker style for your reception.

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    Custom Watercolor Wedding Crests

    Couples have a strong desire to tell the story of their relationship, and the first touch point you have is your stationery. As a result, couples are turning to artists, like Mospens Studio, to create custom watercolor wedding crests, like these. Far more than a monogram, these crests often include colors, flowers, places, sports, and more, that hold meaning to you as a couple. The best part? Your crest can be turned into a digital file, which means you can add personality to any components of your wedding (think: programs, menus, websites, custom signs, and more).

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    Thanks to the comeback of velvet, the worlds of fashion and weddings are officially mixing. So far, we’ve seen velvet used in linens, bridesmaids dresses, bowties, suits, and as a way to add additional texture to bouquets and boutonnieres, like the ones pictured here from B.Loved. Linens and wearable velvet are more fitting for winter weddings, but using it to tie around blooms is suitable all year long. 

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    Speciality Food Trucks

    Over the past few wedding seasons, food trucks have become a popular alternative to traditional plated or buffet-style meals. While the concept may not be new, it has allowed for a completely new type of food truck to emerge: specialty. Based in New Jersey, The Roving Bar travels up and down the East Coast to serve prosecco at celebrations. Your bar just got an upgrade. 

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    Personalized Notes

    Couples are now handwriting notes to guests themselves (or having them calligraphed). Then they leave them for guests when they pick up their escort card or at each place setting in lieu of a traditional place card or favor. While the personalized note should not be used to replace a thank you card after your wedding, it does offer a great opportunity to make your guests feel special. Just take a look at this gorgeous one shared from Brides.

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    Pampas Grass

    Pampas Grass Floral Chandelier
    Natalie Norton / Signature Maui

    These breezy florals are perfect for hanging upside down in bulk to create a statement piece over the head table, such as this design shared from Signature Maui. We’ve also seen pampas grass used in ceremony arches and bouquets. If you’re planning a soiree with a bohemian vibe, pampas grass is for you.

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    Balloon Backdrops

    Balloons are one of the most fun ways to add whimsy and color to your celebration. We’ve seen them used on tables and in couples’ portraits in past years, but now we’re seeing them used to make a statement. Consider talking with your florist or stylist about creating a balloon arch for your ceremony like this pink one shared on Green Wedding Shoes, or opt for a statement wall to use as a backdrop for your sweetheart table or photo booth.

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    Venmo Wedding Gifts

    Venmo Wedding Gift
    Tim Robberts / Getty Images

    Tech is always progressing, and now it’s winding its way into the wedding industry. Guests are now questioning whether or not they can send their wedding gift via Venmo. The idea and act have already kick-started a conversation, and we explored many of the pros and cons. Our conclusion? You can Venmo a wedding gift, but make sure to still write a handwritten note inside a card to give to the couple on their wedding day.