Top 10 Witch Party Games

Throwing a witch-themed party or looking to add some cool activities to your Halloween party? These witch-themed games have all you need to keep things bubbling with excitement.

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    Broomstick Relay

    Little Witch Flying on Broomstick
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    Divide guests into two teams. Hand each team a broomstick and a witch hat. The relay race begins with the first players in line for each team donning the hat and “riding” the broomstick to the finish line and back. The hats and broomsticks are then handed off to the next players in line who must also race to the line and back. The first team whose players all complete this task wins the race.

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    Witches' Brew

    concentrated witch in a hat cooking a love potion
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    Have guests gather around in a circle. You can place a cauldron in the middle of the circle as a prop, but it isn’t necessary to play the game. The first player starts the game by saying, “I am witch making my brew and into the cauldron I just threw frog’s eyes," (they can make up an ingredient of their choosing).

    The second player then continues by repeating the statement of the first player and adding her own ingredient at the end.

    The next player repeats the first and second person’s statements and adds on a third ingredient. Play continues around the circle in this manner. Any player who forgets the preceding list of ingredients or can’t come up with a new ingredient is out of the game. The last player standing wins!

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    Witch Charades

    Little witch
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    Before the game begins, write a collection of things associated with witches on individual pieces of paper. Fold them and place them in a cauldron or witch bucket.

    Divide guests into two teams. Decide which team goes first, and have one player from that team select a note from the cauldron. Turn over an hourglass (or set a timer). The player with the note has until time runs out to act out what is written on the paper. If her team is able to guess correctly before time runs out, they earn a point.

    Once time is up, the second team takes a turn. When all of the players have had a turn acting out a prompt, the team that scored the most points wins.

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    Poison Apples

    Apples Floating in Bucket for Dunking
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    Fill a cauldron with several red and a few green apples. Blindfold players and have them reach in to pull out an apple. The green apples are the poisoned ones, and kids who pull out a poison apple are out of the game. Once everyone has pulled an apple, the players who weren’t poisoned take another turn. Replace the green apples as needed, and continue the game until only one player who hasn’t been poisoned remains.
    This game can also be played with kids bobbing for apples the traditional way, and those who come up with green ones are out.

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    Witch Hat Ring Toss

    Girls loving this kind of exercises
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    Place a witch hat on the floor. Draw a standing line a few feet away from the hat. Kids stand at the line and toss glow bracelets at the hat, trying to score a ringer over the point of the hat.

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    Pin the Tail on the Black Cat

    Standing cat silhouette - isolated illustration.
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    Draw a large, black cat on a piece of poster board. Have kids paint it, or color it in with crayons and markers. Cut the tail out of the poster board and put it aside, then hang up the remainder of the poster. Attach a piece of tape to the tail, blindfold players and see who can pin it back onto the cat.

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    Witch Tag

    Kids playing tag in winter forest
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    In this version of freeze tag, one child is assigned as the wicked witch and another is the good witch. The wicked witch has a broom that she must fly around on as she chases players. The good witch has a magic wand. The remaining players must run from the wicked witch. Anyone the wicked witch tags has to freeze in place. The good witch must tap frozen players with her wand to set them free, without being caught by the wicked witch.

    After two minutes, play stops and anyone who is still frozen is turned wicked. Those who have escaped are turned into good witches. The witch with the most players on her side wins.

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    Musical Broomsticks

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    Cut several broomsticks out of poster board (one less than you have players). Tape them to the floor. Just as with musical chairs, play some music and have kids circle the line of broomsticks. When the music stops, kids sit on a broomstick and the player left standing is out. Take away one of the broomsticks and continue the game until one player is left.

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    Witches' Brew Scavenger Hunt

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    Set out two cauldrons with two lists of ingredients to make spells. Hide the ingredients around the party space. Divide the guests into two teams and send them on a scavenger hunt to find the ingredients needed to fill their cauldrons. The first team to find and get all of their items into their cauldron wins.

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    Witch Pinata

    Image of Halloween pumpkin pinata party game toy filled with sweets, children's Halloween party games in sunny garden with carved Jack O'lantern pumpkins faces in background, scary hanging homemade pinata monster face cardboard / paper arts and crafts
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    Fill a witch pinata with an assortment of treats. Hand each guest a witch’s hat. Have players take turns whacking the pinata with a broomstick. When the witch breaks open and the treats spill to the ground, players must scoop them up into their overturned witches’ hats.