Top 10 YouTube Videos to Help Celebrate Father's Day

Father and son playing football
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So often in the media, fathers ar maligned and disrespected.  But occasionally, a video will appear that is a breath of fresh air, focusing on the good things dads do or the role that they play in their own families.  

There are growing numbers of great videos on YouTube and on other sites about fathers, and these ten great YouTube videos focus on Father's Day and how fathers are celebrated on their own holiday. Check these out and share them with your dad for his special Father's Day...MORE this year!

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    Hip Hop Father's Day Video

    This is an absolutely joyful video about a father and his adult son who have a day playing the yard while they do yard work. Silly, sappy and altogther fun, this video will warm the heart of any dad. The musical score behind the video is called Carry On and is written and performed by the group Scott and Brendo.

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    Father's Day Video at YouTube
    This is the quintessential Father's Day video that reminds us of all the sacrifices fathers make for us. From going to work, to saving for vacations, to changing tires in the rain and scaring away monsters in the middle of the night, dads are truly amazing. Watch this video with dad and then tell him how much he means to you.
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    Dad, You're My Hero

    A musical tribute ​showcasing the talents of singer Teresa James, written by Gloria Sklerov and Barbara Rothstein, is a joy to watch and listen to. Teresa has a voice as rich and smooth as butter, and the photos that go along with the song are just awesome. Any dad who has a daughter will love the video and will feel a little closer to his little girl watching it with her on Father's Day.

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    Dad's Life - Father's Day Rap Video

    A hip hop rap featuring dads young and old celebrating their fatherhood is a great addition to our Father's Day video collection. Originally an American Greetings e-card for Father's Day, this video is short, to the point and creative. The rap song is a lot of fun and will be one that your dad will never forget. Enjoy this one with him on Father's Day!

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    Father's Day Flash Mob in Denver

    This is a short video of literally hundreds of young fathers walking through downtown Denver, each holding a single child in his arms. It may not sound like much, but watching the reaction on the faces of the people who had no idea what was going on was priceless. Capitalizing on the who flash mob craze, this video is a great way for a community to celebrate Father's Day!

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    Bill Cosby Father's Day video clip

    Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable is one of the all-time favorite television fathers, and this clip from an episode celebrating Father's Day is a classic. After hearing Claire complain that he never wears the Father's Day gifts he receives, Cliff takes the opportunity to wear all of them at once! This reminds us of fun memories with our family and is a video clip that just about every father can relate to!

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    Father's Day Short Video
    This is an adorable short video about a little girl who wakes up and realizes it is Father's Day and she hasn't planned anything for him. So off she goes on her bike to get a Father's Day gift ready. And on the way, she encounters her older brother with his gift for dad and the race is on! This is really cute and well done, with an engaging musical score.
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    CityLife Kids Father's Day Video

    Kids from CityLife share what their dad means to them in this fun, fast-paced, and touching video. There are few better reminders about how children see their dad through their eyes. Any dad will love this video and will enjoy watching it with his family on Father's Day.

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    Dads Can't Father's Day Video

    Have you ever wondered why normal people can do some things but dads just can't seem to do them? This fun, clever video is there to remind us why we love dads and how they make us feel better, especially when we are young children!

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    Father's Day Mustang Video

    There are few things that bind a son to a father more than the shared love of a hot car. In this video, made for a Ford Mustang video competition, an adult son and his dad take a 1974 Mustang out for a test drive, and the story unfolds from there. An awesome video for Father's Day!