20 Total Garage Makeover Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Garage makeover as a decorated living space with white couches, houseplants and neutral decor

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

If you instantly get a stress headache when you open the garage door, it’s past time for a refresh. Making over your garage could be as simple as updating your organization systems and allowing for more room for your vehicles or DIY workspace. But, on the other end of the spectrum, it could involve a full renovation to transform it into a brand new space. If your home is in need of a dedicated guest room or home gym, that might be the right decision.

However you choose to update your garage space, the internet is here to help you through the process. There's an endless amount of garage makeover ideas out there—let’s go over some of our favorites to find the perfect garage makeover idea for your parking spot. Once you choose the right look or use, talk with your contractor (or yourself if you’re a DIYer) to see how you can make it happen.

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    DIY Workshop

    A long desk and whiteboards above it.

    Homemade by Carmona

    Update your garage to make room for your desk, DIY supplies, and plenty of tools. When you spot a fun tutorial, you won’t have to wonder whether or not you have what it takes to follow it. Your new craft space can even double as a home office, if needed.

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    Organization Refresh

    An organized wall in a garage.

    Delightful Order

    Transform a dingy garage into a fresh and modern one by reorganizing it and following a specific color scheme. Then, add decorations to match. Once everything is organized, you’ll have lots of space for DIY activities.

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    Vacation Rental

    A gray sectional couch in a white room.

    Arbor and Co.

    Earn some extra income by turning your garage into a plush vacation rental. Add comfortable bedding, a few fun plants, and a simple bathroom, and start advertising. The roll up garage doors will provide ample natural light in the space, which guests will absolutely love.

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    Complete Garage Makeover

    Tubs organized in a garage.

    Classy Clutter

    If junk won’t stop piling up in your garage, consider making it over completely. Follow Classy Clutter’s lead by installing new flooring and organizing all your gear in tubs. Install a pegboard to organize tools nicely, too. You’ll be surprised at how much room organization will free up.

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    Personality Boost

    An organized garage with yellow lower walls and black and white flooring.

    A Beautiful Mess

    Just because you prefer functionality in your garage doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Check out this beautifully organized storage space from A Beautiful Mess. It’s super functional and insanely stylish at the same time. Add a pop of color or fun flooring (or both) to liven up the space.

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    Brighten It Up

    A girl hanging up an inflatable donut in a yellow garage.

    A Taste of Koko

    Typically, garages feel drab and boring. They’re often neglected spaces, especially when it comes to design. Liven things up by adding a pop of color. You’ll no longer feel gloomy walking into your garage. Eyesore no more! We love the yellow color in this garage from A Taste Of Koko.

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    Pantry Expansion

    A woman pulling out a basket of food in an organized pantry.

    Anne Sage

    Costco shoppers will love this idea. If your kitchen pantry is spilling over with non-perishables, establish a backup pantry in your garage. Add storage shelves and cabinets to your garage to hold canned goods and emergency snacks. This will free up space in your kitchen pantry to keep it looking fresh and organized, and all of your favorite pantry staples will only be a short walk away.

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    Tidy Mud Room

    An organized mud room with lockers.

    Britt Design Studio

    Mud rooms aren’t always in garages, but they absolutely can be. Essentially, mud rooms are hall closets expanded to an entire room. It’s where you can keep your shoes and coats and the rooms often have a bench where you can put things on and take them off with comfort. If you have kids and pets, organizing your garage to incorporate a mud room will prevent them from tracking dirt inside your pristine home.

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    Extra Living Space

    A bright and colorful living room.

    Erin Williamson Design

    If you have kids, they would absolutely love to have a hangout space in the garage. But if you don’t have kids, keep it for yourself! The room will be beautifully bright because of the rolling doors and you can add tons of cozy accents to make it feel more like a home and less like a garage.

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    Home Theater

    A cozy home theater.

    Reena Sotropa

    Retrofit your garage and transform it into your own personal home theater. Add a coat of paint, your favorite comfy accessories, and a big-screen TV. You’ll never forget the memories you make in this unique space.

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    Refreshed Entryway

    An entryway with a key rack and calendar.

    Casa Watkins Living

    Are you constantly losing your keys? If so, install a cute key rack in your garage entryway. Not only will it look great, but it will also help you keep track of your belongings so you’ll never be late to work again.

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    Guest House

    A house and a guest house, both with cedar siding.

    Mint Images / Getty Images

    If your mother-in-law is always visiting, make her a permanent home by retrofitting your garage to be a guest house. Model it after your own home to make the two match and your property will look seamless. All of your future guests will be beyond thankful.

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    Brewery Transformation

    Beer brewing equipment against a brick wall.

    Interior Impressions

    Your neighbors will never leave once you transform your unused garage into a brewery. Add a bar so everyone can sit comfortably while they’re trying all your latest brews. For good measure, add a soda fridge for those who don’t partake.

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    Art Studio

    A woman with blue hair in an art studio.

    PIKSEL / Getty Images

    Art supplies are messy. In indoor artist studios, paint can stain carpet, glue can ruin clothes, and glitter can find its way onto almost any surface. Solve these problems by moving your studio into the garage. Garages often have cement floors, which make cleaning easier (plus, it’s not as big a deal if you spill paint on it).

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    Garage Garden

    Plants in a garage.

    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Plants instantly make any space feel more homey and welcoming. So, why not inundate a space with them? Turn your garage into your own personal garden space where you can grow vegetable seedlings for your spring garden, nurse your beloved ornamental flowers, or both!

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    Home Gym Transformation

    A home gym in a garage.

    Jason Finn / Getty Images

    Reaching fitness goals is a lot easier when you can work out at home—no more excuses for being too busy to drive to the gym. If you want to go the easy route, just make some room for your workout gear in your garage. We love this home gym garage transformation that gives you as much room as you need to get in your daily squats and dead lifts.

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    Home Office Makeover

    Computer desk in a garage.

    fotostorm / Getty Images

    Working from home is both a blessing and a curse. While the lack of a commute (and the fact that you can wear your PJs) is a giant plus, having your family pestering you around the clock can be stressful. To prevent frequent interruptions, create your own office area in your garage. Your garage will be quiet and slightly separated from the rest of the household, making it a perfect place to focus and get your work done so you can relax with loved ones after you clock out.

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    Kids Play Room

    A kids play room with a skylight.

    South_agency / Getty Images

    Are you constantly stubbing your toe on your kid's toy kitchen, or worse, stepping on their Lego bricks? Ouch. Toys getting in your way is a sure sign that your kids need their own play room. But if you don’t have room for one, consider using your garage.

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    Lounge Space

    A crisp, white room with big windows.

    Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

    Unused garage spaces make fabulous lounge areas that are lovely on warm evenings when you just want to live in the great outdoors. Design your dream lounge, make a batch of fun drinks, and invite all your pals over for a fun time.

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    Guest Room Conversion

    A soothing blue bedroom with a white bed.

    LEK_3DPHOTO / Getty Images

    Once you have your own home, you’ll most certainly be getting lots of visitors, especially if you live in a hip part of town. Make sure your guests are comfortable by making your guest bedroom the ultimate relaxing oasis—and your garage can be the perfect spare bedroom if you don’t have rooms to spare.