TOTO Washlet C100 Review

A luxury bidet seat to elevate bathroom experience

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TOTO Washlet C100

TOTO Washlet C100

 The Spruce / Nicholas McClelland

What We Like
  • Heated seat 

  • Solid construction 

  • Adjustable settings 

What We Don't Like
  • Slightly large 

  • Heated water runs out quickly   

  • Requires a nearby electrical outlet

The TOTO Washlet C100 bidet toilet seat is a lovely life upgrade that will make your bathroom experience much more enjoyable.


TOTO Washlet C100

TOTO Washlet C100

 The Spruce / Nicholas McClelland

We purchased the TOTO Washlet C100 so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

TOTO is the gold standard in bidets, bidet toilets, and seats. The company makes a variety of models, but the entry-level Washlet C100 is packed with features for an enhanced bathroom experience, including a heated seat and water, a dryer, and an automatic deodorizer. I installed this top-rated bidet and put it to the test to see how well it worked as a toilet paper alternative.

Installation: No small feat

The TOTO C100 comes with the seat, a T-adapter to divert the water supply line to the unit, and mounting hardware to attach the seat to your toilet. Setup is fairly easy, and I had mine attached and linked up to the water in under 20 minutes. But as with all of the bidets I tested, I could not get the T-fitting to stop leaking after opening the water valve to fill the toilet and the TOTO. 

TOTO Washlet C100
 The Spruce / Nicholas McClelland

Following the advice of several message boards, I tried several sets of washers and O-rings in different combinations because of thread differences on the adaptor and the (Fluidmaster) ballcock assembly on the toilet’s fill valve. But none of those efforts paid off. After several days and numerous trips to my local Home Depot, I came across the solution that eventually worked: An adaptor hose I purchased through Amazon. With this hose, finger-tightening the hardware was all that was required, and the unit was up and running. 

The TOTO C100 does require a nearby electrical outlet to power the unit. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to get one installed. My licensed electrician quoted me $400 to run a line for a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet, which you need if the outlet is going to be near moisture (it is, as it’s next to a toilet).

Performance: So fresh and so clean, clean

Overall, using the C100 is a lovely experience. From the first time you sit down, you know you’ve made a major upgrade. The seat is warm and ready to give your hiney a nice hug, and when the C100 feels your weight, it sprays a pre-mist around the bowl to help prevent things from sticking; it also starts the shockingly effective deodorizer fan. 

TOTO Washlet C100
The Spruce / Nicholas McClelland 

When you’re ready to clean up, tap a button on the controller unit to the right for the jets: front or back, whichever is called for. Tap once more to make the spray oscillate for enhanced cleansing. You can adjust the position of the sprayer in either for a more optimal location. 

You also have control over pressure and temperature. While the temperature’s max setting isn’t hot, it does get to a pleasant warm for about 30 seconds before it becomes more tepid. The maximum pressure can be a little intense, so it’s best to start it at medium and work your way up. 

When you’re finished, press the stop button and then tap the one marked “dry,” and a gentle current of warm air will flow below you. When you’re all done, hit the stop button again and be on your way, but don’t forget to flush.         

Design: Not so clean or fresh 

The TOTO C100 design is quite functional. But aesthetically, It does leave a little to be desired. The C100 is not very sleek. Its controls make it seem best suited for the geriatric set, looking right at home in an assisted living residence. With both the seat the lid in the up position, my toilet looked a bit like an ill-conceived porcelain transformer, but honestly, it’s only in that position during cleaning because with that warm seat, why would I still stand up and go?

TOTO Washlet C100
 The Spruce / Nicholas McClelland

Depending on how your toilet sits in your bathroom, the hoses can be visible, which is not ideal, but for something more seamless, you’ll want to go the built-in route, which will set you back around $3,000—a rather cheeky chunk of change. 

Care: Nothing major 

The sprayer on the TOTO C100 is self-cleaning. But for general cleaning, use a damp cloth. If you need to use soap, TOTO recommends dish soap and wipe clean afterward. Do not use toilet bowl cleaner. Once a month, TOTO recommends cleaning the deodorizer filter, which can be found on the right side of the seat. To clean it, unplug the seat from the power supply (also the only way to turn off the unit fully), and remove the filter. Use an old toothbrush to scrub it. After the filter is totally dry, replace it and plug the power cord back in.

For more thorough cleaning and to get under the seat altogether, you will need to remove the seat from the toilet. The instruction manual features a step-by-step guide. 

Price: Bang for your butt  

Considering that a built-in bidet toilet with similar features goes for around $3,000, $310 seems like a small amount to pay for all you get with the TOTO C100. You could get a cheaper model, but features you would have to sacrifice include the heated seat, water temperature control, or a deodorizer. You want those amenities if you are looking to enhance your bathroom experience. 

From the first time you sit down, you know you’ve made a major upgrade.

TOTO Washlet C100 vs. Smartbidet SB-1000 

The Smartbidet SB-1000 has many of the same features as the TOTO option, such as being able to adjust the water pressure and temperature and offering a warm air dryer for when you are done with the washing. You can also get it with a round or elongated seat. it comes with an energy-saving mode to cut down on the power use when not operational. It even has a remote control.

Although some users prefer having a remote control option, I think it’s more convenient to just use the simple control panel built into the side of the toilet than fuss with finding the remote—day or night. The TOTO option is about $50 more, but as it is the “American Standard” of bidets, the peace of mind of a high-quality product is worth the extra spend.

Final Verdict

Oh, yes! Go out and get it!

Honestly, I’d love to put one of these in every bathroom in my house. Sure, it’s a little visually displeasing but the features are outstanding. I personally feel cleaner and I am using less toilet paper and fewer wet wipes, which is likely better for the environment and definitely easier on the plumbing in my 90-year-old home.


  • Product Name Washlet C100
  • Product Brand TOTO
  • SKU SW203
  • Price $610.00
  • Weight 16 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 23.5 x 20.5 x 9 in.
  • Color White or beige