10 Towel Display Ideas to Test Around Your Home

Towel display ideas

Cathie Hong Interiors

Some people prefer to hide towels away in a linen closet or behind closed cabinet doors. But for those who like to keep towels close at hand or enjoy displaying essential everyday items out in the open, there are plenty of stylish ways to put your towel collection front and center. 

This can mean creating special built-in shelving for towel displays; installing floating shelves; incorporating dedicated dressers and armoires; or using vintage or unexpected objects as towel storage vessels, such as wine racks, magazine racks, coat racks, wine crates, bar carts, or baskets.

In these acutely hygiene-conscious times, it should be noted that if you’re storing towels in the open in a small bathroom or otherwise in close proximity to a toilet, remember that flushing can release what is euphemistically referred to as an aerosol plume of possible viruses and bacteria that can travel up to six feet. The safest way to protect yourself from this haunting thought is to close the toilet seat before you flush. But if there are kids in the house or you otherwise can’t trust the people who share and visit your space to respect this rule of hygiene, you might want to avoid using over-toilet shelving or storing towels within six feet of the throne.

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    Decorative Ladder

    Towel display ladder

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    In this sleek beach house designed by Desiree Burns Interiors, a decorative black ladder leaned up against the wall next to the bathtub is a creative answer to the question of how to display your towels.

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    Antique Vanity

    French country style bathroom with double sinks.

    French Country Cottage

    In this frilly bathroom from Courtney at French Country Cottage, an antique vanity houses the sink, and serves as open storage for fluffy white towels, stacked on a lower shelf and rolled up and stored in a large basket under the sink. Keeping an abundance of white hotel-style bath towels visible is part of what helps the bathroom's ornate style feeling fresh and practical.

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    Cubby Holes

    Towel display ideas

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    In this polished beach house bathroom from Desiree Burns Interiors, built-in cubby holes between the double sinks create a dedicated space to keep fresh rolled up towels at the ready.

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    Open Laundry Room Shelving

    Towel display ideas

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    In this laundry room designed by Cathie Hong Interiors, thick warm wood floating shelves are installed above the washer and dryer, creating a space to store grab-and-go stacks of towels alongside decorative objects, plants, and laundry accoutrements.

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    Rustic Stool

    Towel display ideas

    Black and Blooms

    In this creative LA bathroom, Sara Toufali of Black and Blooms stores rolled up Turkish bath towels on the bottom shelf of a rustic stool next to the tub alongside candles, incense, sage, a salt lamp, and crystals—a vignette.

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    Ladder + Basket

    Modern farmhouse bathroom.

    Jenna Sue Design

    In this modern farmhouse bathroom from Jenna Sue Design, a simple ladder-shaped wooden storage unit over the toilet has room for a hanging towel and a wire basket suspended with rolled up spare hand towels.

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    Towel display ideas


    This clean, soothing bathroom designed by OreStudios is a minimalist dream in shades of white and cream. A small rustic wooden stool is placed just out of reach of the shower spray in this spacious walk-in and has room for just one or two towels, neatly folded and ready for use.

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    Pool House

    Towel display ideas

    Raquel Langworthy / Christina Kim Interior Design

    In this cabana pool house from Christina Kim Interior Design, pretty cream and salmon-colored striped towels are neatly and stylishly stored alongside other essentials and decorative items in built-in shelves. Rolling spare towels and stacking them in pyramids of three adds a pleasing decorative touch.

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    Hallway Guest Corner

    Towel display ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    Ursula from Home Made By Carmona created "a place my overnight guests can easily find all they need to feel at home" in an upstairs hallway, including a repurposed hand-me-down repainted bookshelf stocked with essentials including stacks of clean, fluffy folded bath towels and rolled washcloths and hand towels stored in baskets.

    While Ursula says she usually leaves towels out on the guest bed when it's just one or two guests, hosting larger groups is easier when they have their own supply center. "Keeping a shelf with all my guest items in one central location has made life easier for me as well as my guests," she writes on her blog. "Now 10 different people don’t have to seek me out when they need something, and no one has to suffer embarrassment requesting the more personal items that may be needed."

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    Ladder, Stool, and Hooks

    Towel display ideas

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    This spacious bathroom designed by Cathie Hong Interiors has layered towel-display and storage options that include a leaning ladder, a wooden stool, and nearby towel hooks that look just as good empty, ready, and waiting for use as they do strung with linens.