22 Smart and Pretty Towel Storage Ideas

Bathroom cabinet towel storage in baskets

Neat Method

For many of us, laundry can become habitual. But who knew there were so many ways to organize something as simple as towels? We gathered 22 ideas from professional interior designers and home organizers across the country that will prove there are better, and more beautiful, ways to arrange your towels.

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    Use a Ladder for Towels

    Bathroom towel storage ideas with blanket ladder

    @amberpiercedesigns / Instagram

    You've likely seen rustic ladders with quilts, throws, and thick Pendleton blankets draped over each rung. But, have you ever thought to apply this same trendy design trick in your bathroom? Use a small wooden ladder for extra towel storage and a little aesthetic flair.

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    Install a Bar-and-Hook System

    Kitchen towel storage with under-cabinet bar and hook

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    If you want a kitchen towel storage idea that's a little outside the box, you'll love this stunning look by home designer Ashley Montgomery. This cozy kitchen features a long brass bar underneath open shelving with simple S hooks for towels.

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    Collect Towels in a Basket

    Laundry room towel storage idea with woven basket

    Becca Interiors

    If you use towels often, a traditional hook or towel rack may not be able to keep up. An alternative option to consider is using a stylish wicker basket for excess towel storage. This is a great solution for well-trafficked laundry rooms and mudrooms.

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    Arrange Kitchen Towels Vertically

    Kitchen towel storage in drawer organized vertically

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    For many of us, stacking towels one on top of the other is a force of habit. However, sorting linens vertically, especially wash cloths and dinner napkins, allows for easier access. As an added bonus, it looks fantastic.

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    Display Hand Towels on a Shelf

    Bathroom hand towel storage in basket on open shelf

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    If you're looking for a way to make your decorative bathroom shelf a little more practical, place your towels in a petite woven basket. Be sure to arrange them vertically for a neat and tidy look.

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    Store Extra Towels in a Basket

    Bathroom or linen closet towel storage ideas

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    Busy families can go through a clean stack of towels as quickly as they've fold them. If this sounds like your household, consider adding a basket of extra towels to the bottom of your linen closet.

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    Collect Wash Rags in Trendy Trays

    Laundry room storage for wash cloths and extra towels

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    Wash cloths are not a particularly pretty linen, but a quick way to beautify your rag storage is with a decorative wooden tray. Use this idea to improve your laundry room, bathroom, or linen closet storage.

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    Store Towels in Labeled Baskets

    Labeled linen storage for a closet

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    A pro tip from home organizers is to always label your storage. This tidy linen closet keeps towels neatly arranged in matching baskets with simple dry-erase labels. In this closet, every item has a home.

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    Create Cubbies on a Shelf

    Linen closet storage with sheets and towels

    Fresh Start Organizer

    One trick to help you tidy up is to make sure every item you own has a designated spot. This linen closet's simple wire shelf makes it clear what goes where, so every stack of towels has a spot to belong.

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    Sort Kitchen Towels in Rolls

    Kitchen towel storage in a drawer arranged vertically

    @mikaperry / Instagram

    We've touched on vertical kitchen towel storage, but some professional designers and organizers prefer to roll towels instead. Whether you choose a row of rolled towels or traditional stacks is up to you. Either way, these tricks will help you tidy up.

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    Bundle Towels in Cubes for Travel

    Idea for towel storage on trips

    @mikaperry / Instagram

    If you're heading out for a family vacation or a weekend camping trip, travel cubes can make linen storage much more organized. Pack your wash cloths and hand towels in vertical stacks for easy access.

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    Make Your Towels Match

    Laundry room storage with lots of towels

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    As the years go by, you may find your cupboards full of assorted towels in multiple colors and patterns. One way to improve your towel storage is by swapping your chaotic collection for a set of matching, white towels.

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    Utilize Deep Drawers for Towels

    Bathroom towel storage in deep drawers

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    If you're lucky enough to have some deep drawers in your bathroom, use them for towel storage, big and small. This gorgeous bathroom by the Neat Method team in NYC sorts hand towels in the top drawer and larger towels in the drawer below.

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    Mix and Match Your Storage Solutions

    Bathroom cabinet towel storage in baskets

    Neat Method

    We've covered several towel storage ideas already, and if more than one has piqued your interest, why not pair a few? This stunning bathroom cupboard has a basic stack of towels mixed with basket storage for wash cloths and hand towels.

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    Color Coordinate Your Storage

    Kitchen towel storage in drawers

    Neat Method

    Sometimes the simplest changes can make a world of difference. This kitchen drawer features towels sorted by color, gradually fading from light to dark. The end result is both tidy and tasteful.

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    Sort Towels in Baskets in Rolls

    Bathroom towel storage in rolls in baskets

    Kate Lester Interiors

    You don't have to choose just one towel storage idea. Combine rolled towels, vertically arranged towels, and basket storage. This unique option, inspired by Kate Lester Interiors, is sure to elevate your storage aesthetic.

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    Create an Industrial Statement Piece

    Bathroom with tub and industrial ladder for towel storage

    Kate Lester Interiors

    If your budget and square footage allow, consider installing a custom ladder in your bathroom. This unique piece is ideal for towel storage, of course, but it also adds an air of luxury to your bathroom's design.

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    Install Some Basic Wall Hooks

    Mudroom cubbies with storage for towels on hooks

    Kate Lester Interiors

    There are a number of elaborate ways to add storage to your home, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. This stylish mudroom features a set of ordinary wall hooks for towel storage that are practical and compliment the overall design.

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    Place Towels on a Decorative Stool

    Minimal bathroom with boho stool and towels on top

    Kate Lester Interiors

    Perhaps you're reluctant to add another hole in your wall to create additional storage space. No need! Forgo the drill and purchase a decorative bench or stool instead. Simply place a pair of towels on top, and you're good to go.

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    Skip Folding and Rolling

    Kitchen storage with unfolded towels

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    Who says the first step to organizing your linens has to be folding? This stylish kitchen display by Breathing Room incorporates a couple of unfolded towels just to mix things up. Let this serve as an invitation: don't be afraid to get creative with your own towel storage.

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    Alternate Your Storage Solutions

    Bathroom closet storage with alternating towel storage

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    A simple way to spice up your storage game is simply by alternating ideas. Stack your towels on the shelf, then in a basket. Switching back and forth between two storage solutions can add a little visual appeal to an otherwise boring display.

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    Layer Your Linens

    Bathroom drawer storage with towels, q-tips, and cotton rounds

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    The vast majority of us have grown up folding towels into squares and stacking one on top of the other, but have you ever thought to layer them? This subtle tweak to towel storage will give your drawers a hotel-like flair. Your drawers will look so luxurious, you won't want to touch them.