28 Smart Towel Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Folded and rolled towels on a shelf and a wooden stool

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Towels, especially when there is a large number of them, can be bulky and a challenge to store. You want to store them properly so they remain nice and plush for ultimate comfort—they also need to be easily accessible for convenience and, additionally, a pretty decorative accent in your bathroom. Whether you have a spacious bathroom with lots of built-in storage and closets, or you're working with a tiny space that doesn't provide any storage—gain inspiration from these smart towel storage ideas for your own bathroom.

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    Wicker Basket

    Folded towels in a basket

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    Fold and organize small towels such as hand towels and washcloths in wicker baskets. This will keep them grouped together, and instead of a pile of towels that can easily fall over or get messy, they are neatly contained.

    The towels are also easier to move this way—instead of maneuvering a stack every time you need to clean the shelf, just move the basket. Add a cute label for an extra decorative touch—and so everyone in your household knows what belongs where.

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    Cabinet Shelf

    Folded towels inside a cabinet

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    If you have enough space in your bathroom cabinets, use it to store your most frequently used towels. Cabinet space in a small bathroom can be minimal so prioritize carefully and store occasional towels, such as seasonal and holiday towels, in another closet.

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    Decorative Ladder

    Towel on a decorative ladder in a bathroom

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    A decorative ladder is a charming way to add personality to a bathroom, but it's also an excellent space-saving storage hack for your towels. Unlike a towel bar that only provides space for one or two towels, a ladder has multiple steps, can easily be moved from one spot to another, and its low profile doesn't take up much space.

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    Vanity Shelf

    Rolled towels under the bathroom vanity

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    When selecting a vanity for your bathroom, keep storage in mind. Multiple types of storage—closed drawers and open shelves—as they hide the necessary, utilitarian bathroom items. They also display and allow convenient access to more decorative and everyday items, such as towels. Place folded or rolled bath towels on a vanity shelf, so they can easily be grabbed as needed and replaced with freshly washed ones.

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    Floating Shelves

    Gray towels on wood floating shelves

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    Floating shelves are a quick and inexpensive way to add extra storage to your bathroom, especially for hand towels and washcloths. Besides being practical, they also provide a surface to add some color and decor to warm up and personalize the space.

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    Bath Caddy

    Towels and other bath accessories in a wooden caddy

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    An extendable bath caddy has compartments for everything you need to have a relaxing bath, and it's also a good spot to store washcloths. Place one or two clean washcloths in the caddy so they're always ready for use in addition to your other favorite bath products.

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    Vanity Drawers

    Wooden drawers on bathroom vanity

    LeClair Decor

    Deep vanity and cabinet drawers are excellent places to store bath and hand towels. Use upper drawers for every day and smaller items and reserve lower drawers for towels—think, the bulkier and less frequently the item is used, the lower it should be stored.

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    Drawer Dividers

    Small rolled towels and other bath accessories in dividers in a drawer

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    Speaking of drawers, keep smaller towels and washcloths organized using drawer dividers and storage containers. This will not only keep them in place, but it'll prevent other items in the drawer from dirtying or messing up the towels.

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    Towel Bar

    Towel hanging on a towel bar in a bathroom

    LeClair Decor

    Store towels that are being used on towel bars for easy access and to allow them to dry quickly. Depending on wall space, install towel bars one above the other or next to each other, and as close to the sink, tub, or shower as possible.

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    Towel Ring

    Towel hanging on a towel ring next to a vanity

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Hang towel rings next to a vanity to hold hand towels conveniently close to a sink. Install the ring at an easy-to-reach height and if you have a double vanity and space permits—hang one on each side.

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    Bathroom Closet

    Towels in a bathroom closet

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    If you have a closet in your bathroom, that's the best place of all to store towels. Organize them by size and keep like-items or collections together, either folding or rolling them to save space.

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    Towel Hook

    Towel hanging on a hook on the bathroom wall

    Noelle Ryan Interiors

    The best way to store towels in small bathrooms is using towel hooks on the wall. They take up the least amount of space and you only need a couple of inches of space between them.

    You can find single or double hooks in various finishes—besides hanging them near your tub or shower, you can also hang hooks on the back of the door to hold extra towels or bath robes.

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    Plastic Bin

    Towels on a shelf and folded in a storage basket

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    Use plastic storage bins to separate and organize towels in a bathroom closet or shelf. Fold or roll towels in a uniform way to make them easy to grab, save space, and look nice and neat.

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    Woven Storage Baskets

    Woven baskets on a vanity shelf

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    Store folded towels in woven baskets to keep them out of sight but readily available. Label each basket with the type of towel or person's name depending on your organizational system. Other than holding towels and adding a textural and decorative element to the room, woven baskets also come in handy when carrying freshly washed and dried towels to the bathroom.

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    Side Stool

    Side Stool by a freestanding tub

    LeClair Decor

    Place a folded stack of towels on a small stool beside a freestanding or regular tub for a functional but stylish way to store towels. Arrange towels from largest to smallest to create a triangle shape and top them with a decorative soap to give your bathroom a hotel-style makeover.

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    Wall-Mounted Towel Rack

    Beige towels in a towel rack on a tiled wall

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    A wall-mounted towel rack saves space and holds multiple rolled bath towels. Install it on a wall near the shower or the back of the bathroom or closet door to maximize space and add compact storage.

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    Decorative Tray

    Rolled towel on a tray with other bath accessories

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    A decorative tray is one of the most versatile items for your home—use it to corral items on your coffee table, hold coffee accessories in the kitchen, or store towels in the bathroom. Roll towels and stack them inside the tray and place it on the vanity, on a shelf, or inside a cabinet for an organized and contained storage solution.

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    Heated Towel Bar

    Towels on a heated towel bar in a bathroom

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    For a simple but luxurious upgrade that will give your bathroom a spa-like feel, consider installing a heated towel bar. This fixture ranges in price, with many affordable versions on the market, and provides multiple bars to store towels while keeping them warm and cozy.

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    Wire Basket

    Rolled towels in a wire basket under a bathroom vanity

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    Roll up hand towels and arrange them inside a wire basket for a pretty storage solution. Because the wire exposes the towels, rolling them not only allows you to fit more of them inside and makes it easier to take one out, but it's a visually pleasing way to store them on a shelf or next to the vanity.

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    Vanity Towel Bar

    Towel bar on a bathroom vanity

    Michelle Berwick Design

    To always have clean hand towels on hand and close to the sink, consider installing a towel bar directly onto your vanity. Coordinate its style and finish with the rest of the hardware in the bathroom and keep the vanity size in mind so that the towel bar is in proportion to it.

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    Freestanding Shelf

    Towels and other accessories on a white shelf next to a wooden stool

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    Many bathrooms lack built-in storage, but even with little free wall space, a narrow freestanding shelf such as a tiered ladder shelf can add valuable storage space. Give your bathroom a clean and contemporary feel with folded stacks of towels on the shelves, and corral bath products in baskets and trays to stay organized.

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    Towel Bar and Shelf

    Towel bar and shelf with folded towels on it

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    This bathroom fixture serves double duty—it provides a shelf to store multiple folded towels and has a bar to hang towels that are currently being used. If you're short on space, using fixtures and furniture that serve more than one function is a clever hack.

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    Open Shelving

    Rolled towels on shelves

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Open shelving provides convenient access to everyday necessities such as towels. Organize towels by size and either place them directly on the shelves or use woven baskets or plastic bins to hold smaller towels such as hand towels and washcloths.

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    Glass-Front Cabinet

    Towels in glass-front cabinets in a bathroom

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    A glass-front cabinet breaks up solid drawers and doors and adds a light and airy feel to a bathroom. It also provides a more decorative and visible way to store towels, products, and accessories.

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    Draped Over the Vanity

    Towel draped over the vanity

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If you don't want to drill holes into the walls to install a towel ring or bar, simply keep a clean hand towel draped over the vanity at all times. Use a decorative towel with designs or tassels and fold it neatly, leaving half of it to hang over the vanity for an effortlessly chic designer-styled bathroom.

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    Draped Over the Tub

    Towel draped over the tub

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Similarly, if you have a freestanding tub, keep a clean bath towel draped over the side for easy access to it and for an informal, decorative accent.

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    Hanging Organizer

    Bath accessories in a hanging organizer

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    Utilize a wall-mounted tiered organizer with pockets to store small towels by your vanity. Another versatile storage tool that can be used in multiple rooms within your home, use each compartment for a different group of items—towels, hair styling tools, and accessories. It'll get your daily essentials off the vanity surface and keep it clean and clutter-free.

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    Folded towels on a vanity

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    In a guest bathroom, keep folded towels directly on the vanity so they are ready for guests to use and they don't have to look or ask for them. Provide multiple types of towels and more of them than needed so they have extras available at all times.