Toy Companies With The Best Return Policies

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Whether you are buying toys in a retail store or on online, it is always important to know about return policies. Many kids get duplicate gifts during the holiday season or at their birthday party. Or, what happens if a toy breaks or malfunctions after purchasing it online and it needs to be returned?

No matter what the situation for the return is, having some form of a receipt will always make returning a toy much easier. No-one wants to get stuck with a toy that is not going to be enjoyed or played with. Do not rush to give a toy away or donate it right away. Even if you do not have a receipt, you might still be able to try and return the toy first. Always bring an ID with you to the store when trying to return an item. If you have lost the receipt, but paid by store credit card, they may be able to access the records as proof of purchase in lieu of a receipt. 

Exchanging an unwanted item for something else the child will love or the family can use is a better option than throwing something away or never using it at all. It might be possible to regain the value of the toy in a gift card or store credit. Without a receipt though, companies may only offer a merchandise credit for the lowest sale price. If there was a recent sale, and the item was marked down significantly it might not be worth exchanging.

Buying and trying to return toys online is a totally different experience. If you purchase toys online often, you may want to keep some packing materials like boxes and tape at home, should you need to send it back. Definitely look at the store's return policy ahead of time online, before buying new toys, especially with expensive toys and tablets.

If needing to return a toy that is bought online, you may have to pay fees for return shipping. Some sites also use third-party resellers and what is bought is a final sale.

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    Unopened items in new condition, returned within 90 days, receive a refund or an exchange when bought at Target. Items that are opened and damaged without a receipt, could be denied an exchange or refund. In most cases, returned items will be reimbursed with the original form of payment provided. Open or defective collectible toys like Barbie dolls, porcelain dolls, action figures, and die-cast cars, can not be returned. Open music and video games can not be returned either. 

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    Amazon is a popular online store to buy toys and other gifts. However, their return policy will vary, depending upon the seller, item, or reason for return. Items bought from can be returned within 30 days. However, if the item is bought from a third party seller, then it will be returned directly to the seller. third party sellers return policies will vary, so make sure to check their policy before buying an item. Amazon customer service is generally very helpful, it might be worth a phone call to discuss your situation and they will walk you through the process.

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    Walmart is a popular place to buy toys. Many like to buy toys at and have their items shipped to a nearby store for free pickup to save money. At Walmart, items must be returned in the original manufacturer's packaging. Walmart specifically recommends keeping any packaging for at least the first 90 days after purchase. Walmart includes additional sellers in their online program. Items bought from marketplace retailers cannot be returned to a Walmart store. Walmart, like Amazon, has third-party sellers, and these items can not be returned, exchanged or refunded. Specific departments can have different rules on returns.  

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    When returning an item to a store, with a receipt, purchasers can choose a refund or an even exchange. Bought something online and need to return it? Kohls does not pay for return shipping, so it may be best to skip the online hassle and return it to a nearby store. Many people like to buy items with Kohls cash, which is money offered by the store back to the buyer in the form of a coupon to be used at a later date. Items bought with Kohls cash and returned will be refunded as Kohls cash. 

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    Kmart, like many big box store retailers has a return policy that, if for any reason you are not satisfied, within 30 days return your purchase in its original packaging with all accessories, manuals, and parts, with your original receipt, for a refund or exchange. There are some exceptions. Definitely consider returning items to the store, unless you purchased from a marketplace seller online. Refunds or exchanges are not allowed without a receipt.  

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    Costco is a membership-only warehouse club that generally only sells toys during the holiday season. Personal satisfaction with an item, such as toys, is guaranteed, even if it is not in the original packaging and will be refunded. Costco has one of the best return policies for any item. Return policies differ at Costco for expensive technology, jewelry, and special order items. Items returned to online include shipping and handling fees that are credited to the card used to place the order.