34 Best Toy Storage Ideas

White storage cubes cubby with organized toys in a playroom

The Spruce / Jacob Fox

If you feel like your life is an endless loop of picking up toys, games, books, and stuffed animals off the floor only to have to do it again the next night, you're certainly not alone. Kids toys are so hard to organize: either they're small and numerous (think Legos) or they're big and hard to find a spot for. Fortunately these smart toy storage ideas will get toys off the floor and into their own special spot. From woven baskets to hanging shoe bags, color-coordinated bins, shelves shaped like dollhouses, or costumes in a closet, these toy storage ideas may just inspire your kid to clean-up the playroom. At the very least, they'll be able to find their toys without asking you.

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    Colorful Baskets & Bookshelf

    colorful baskets for toy storage

    Studio DIY

    Toy storage doesn't have to be boring. As seen above, colorful woven baskets and rainbow bookshelves keep everything tidy while still being super playful.

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    Low Shelves

    low shelves with arch mural: toy storage

    Almost Makes Perfect

    Low shelves mean that even the smallest kid can find their toys (and put them away on their own) while everything still has a tidy spot.

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    A Closet Shelf

    a closet used for toy storage


    This clever use of closet shelves means dolls have a distinct place (it kinds of looks like they live in an apartment building), but kids can see them easily. Clear file folders keep everything organized while still in sight.

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    A Basket That Functions as a Coffee Table

    A basket and coffee table


    This large toy storage bin looks like a piece of chic decor. Plus, pieces like this often come with a top that slides on to turn the storage basket in a coffee table.

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    Hanging Costume Storage

    hanging costume and dressup storage


    As any princess will tell you, dress-up clothes are incredibly special and they deserve more than to be thrown together in a basket. Dresses and other costumes hang in a closet while crowns, shoes, and accessories each have their own box.

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    Clear Bins

    clear bins for toy storage


    Clear bins filled with colorful toys paired with eye-catching wallpaper is always a winning combo. Bins on the floor mean it's a breeze for little ones to find what they're looking for.

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    Drawer Dividers for Baby Toys

    drawer dividers for baby toys


    Simple drawer dividers work well in a nursery for keeping baby pacifiers and accessories sorted and organized. It's also quick to grab when you're running late.

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    Clear Bins in a Cabinet

    clear bin toy storage in a cabinet


    The beauty of using a cabinet for toy storage is that you can just shut the doors and forget the mess exists. But hopefully with organized bins like this inside, there won't be too much of a mess to hide.

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    A Rolling Cart for Dolls

    a rolling cart for dolls

    Mika Perry

    As any parent knows, kids leave a mess of toys in their wake that's never confined to just one room. Using a rolling cart for dolls or other toys is an easy way to help the toys roll from room to room, so they're not scattered on the floor.

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    Labelled Bins

    labelled woven bins for toy storage


    Labelling bins doesn't have to take a ton of time or effort. These pretty woven baskets with simple labels keep all the vehicles in one place (because you know kids have a ton of toy cars and trucks).

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    Plastic File Bins for Legos

    legos in file bins in a drawer


    Legos are so fun, but messy and easy to step on. This deep drawer pulls out to reveal color-coordinated Legos in clear file bins. Plus, when it comes time to clean up, it's very clear what goes where.

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    A Shelf With Storage Bins for Toys

    A Shelf with bins for toy storage


    Toys they use daily can go in bins that pull out on a low shelf. Then special art supplies or less commonly used toys are tucked away in clear bins on a higher shelf so you'll know where to find them when you need them.

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    Clear Bins for Toys That Get a Lot of Use

    clear bins for lego storage


    All their faves like Duplo and Magnatiles have a clearly labelled bin in this toy storage idea. Even if kids can't yet read, if you leave a few toys in the bin, they'll know what goes where.

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    Bookshelf Toy Storage

    bookshelf toy storage


    Never underestimate the power of wire baskets for keeping bigger toys organized. It's always a good idea to leave a few shelves blank for toys that don't seem to have one set place.

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    Play Kitchen Organization

    play kitchen storage


    Let the play kitchen double as toy storage for all the play foods that wind up on the floor. Don't forget to use the oven for even more storage.

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    Closet Nook

    a closet with toy storage and a nook

    Homemade By Carmona

    This closet turned play nook is a dream come true. With all of this space for lounging plus plenty of innovative storage (like the shelf that looks like a house), your kid actually may be psyched to put their toys away.

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    Colorblock Storage Cabinets

    colorblock storage cabinet

    Sugar & Cloth

    This colorful Ikea upgrade is perfect for playroom storage. It's funky and bright while providing a place for all of those toys to live out of sight. There's nothing better than closing the door on a bunch of clutter.

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    Kids Craft Storage

    drawers for craft table

    Sugar & Cloth

    How clever is this table with built-in drawers for air supplies? Even if your table doesn't come with drawers, you could add a small set of plastic drawers to keep all those crayons, markers, and paint brushes organized.

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    Labelled Bins

    plastic bins labelled with kids names

    Living Well Mom

    These labelled bins shake things up because instead of what kind of toy goes inside, it says the child's name, so each kid has a designated spot for their stuff. Plus, you can turn clean-up time into a lighthearted competition.

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    Low Bins for Toys

    pull out bins for toy storage


    If you keep their favorite toys low to the ground, you won't have to constantly pull things down only to put them away later that day. More delicate toys or those that require supervision can sit on higher shelves.

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    Built- in Bookshelf Storage

    toy storage on built in bookshelf


    Turns out built-in bookshelves aren't just for novels. There's a mix of kids books arranged in a rainbow color scheme plus baskets and freestanding toys.


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    Colorful Toy Storage

    red bins and shelf storage


    Add a lively pop of monochrome color by matching baskets of a bold hue to the shelf. A mix of bins and shelves works well for all types of toys.

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    Labeled Storage

    labelled toy storage


    Bins with clear labels allow you to actually be able to keep up with that organization system you created. With fabric bins, you'll never have to see the chaos inside.

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    Whimsical Toy Storage

    toy storage that looks like dollhouse


    There's toy storage, and then there's this amazing creation. This was made using custom shelving and an old Ikea unit. There's a spot—or should I say a room— for everything.

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    Shoe Bag Toy Storage

    hanging bag storage for toys


    Hanging bags work just as well for lighter toys as they do for sweaters or shoes. Plus, this clears floor space for baskets or bigger items.

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    Clear Lego Storage

    clear lego bin storage


    Get Legos off the floor with these clear hinged storage bins, so you don't wreck your feet. Because they have tops, they're stackable. The hinged closures help keep small pieces from spilling out.

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    Bookshelf Storage With Cabinets

    bookshelf storage with rainbow books


    It's hard not to love shelves on top of built-in cabinets. Rainbow books and special pieces style the shelves, while other toys can be tucked out of sight in the cabinets.

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    Playroom Built-in Storage

    toy storage around fireplace


    Maybe your little one will be inspired to turn off the screen and play when they see their toys framing the TV. From books to trucks and dinosaurs, everything has a spot.

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    Animal-Themed Toy Storage

    animal themed toy storage


    Your playroom may look like a jungle of toys, and that's a good thing. The couch and the bin of books are low to the ground for easy reading.

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    Hanging Bag Toy Storage

    Hanging Bag Storage For Toys


    This hanging toy storage idea is so clever. Kids can see most of their toys inside, and the whole bag can come down when they're ready to play. Hanging bags also free up floor space.

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    An Organized Toy Room

    an organized playroom with toy storage


    This cute playroom is incredibly organized but still plenty of fun. Bigger toys that get a lot of use are out in the open, whereas books are on floating shelves, and smaller toys are tucked away in fabric bins.

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    Hanging Costumes

    dresses hanging and toy storage


    Costumes are easy to grab and easy to put away with this cute hanging idea. The books on the side are cleverly held in place using IKEA spice racks.

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    Acrylic Toy Storage

    acrylic doll house with rainbow toys


    This stunning acrylic shelf shaped like a house is perfect for books and toy storage. It adds a glamorous and whimsical touch and lets the rainbow colors pop.

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    Playroom Storage

    playroom storage on industrial bookshelf

    It turns out that industrial bookcases and plenty of baskets can actually make toys look kind of chic. Some of the toys (like Woody) become part of the decor.