Top Toys and Gifts for Infants

Baby Playing With Rattle
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Infants change so quickly that it's hard to find toys and gifts that will make them happy for very long. During the first few months, babies don't even play with toys, and when they do develop an interest in toys, their little hands aren't able to hold onto anything very big. The following toys make great gifts for babies of about 3 months old because they can grow with the baby for a few months or become a classic playroom addition.

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    Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

    Infants can enjoy the lovely melodies from Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart, and others right from the start. As your little one grows and is able to push buttons and grasp the toy, the play possibilities increase. Lights flash along with the music, and a baby-sized handle means this toy can be easily carried along wherever baby goes.

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    Lamaze Mortimer Moose

    Moose toys are usually pretty cute, but Mortimer is cuter than average, I think. This fun infant toy from Lamaze incorporates teething elements with textures and stimulating colors and patterns so there's something for baby to enjoy almost any time. A link at the top lets you attach Mortimer to a baby carrier or stroller so he can go with you for portable play time. From his chewy antlers to his stretchy legs to his big crinkly hooves, this moose is a perfect friend for any baby.

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    Aden & Anais Issie Blanket

    Babies love to have a little blankie to carry around. Aden & Anais Issie is the perfect lovey because it's sized just right for baby, and the super-soft muslin gets better with age. A silky edge gives tiny fingers another option for soothing. There are two Issies in a package so you can wash one and use one, or hold one back as a replacement in case the first one gets lost.

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    Lamaze Chime Garden

    Pretty music is the reward when baby learns to touch the flowers on this toy. Five brightly colored flowers on long stems make up the Lamaze Chime Garden. You can set it to different modes so that each flower plays one note, a piece of a song or a full song when baby touches it. This is a toy that will encourage your baby to explore and learn. It's also a toy that looks different from different angles, so it's great for babies who are learning to sit or crawl, because it encourages them...MORE to seek a different view.

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    Cloud B Sleep Sheep

    If your baby could use a little help getting to sleep, this fuzzy sheep may be the answer. The sound box inside the sheep plays a variety of sounds - from heartbeats to rain and whale songs - to soothe baby and mask any distracting noises that may keep baby awake. Your baby can drift off to sleep peacefully with more than 20 minutes of soothing sounds. A loop on the sheep lets you attach it to baby's crib so it isn't near baby's face.

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    Infantino Foot Rattles

    Sometime around this age, baby's hands and feet become favorite play things, simply because they're always close. These cute foot rattles add even more interest to baby's feet, and they stay put since they're attached to a pair of socks. The zebra and tiger characters are positioned so that baby will want to move and stretch to get a good look at them.

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    Sassy Teether and Rattle Set

    This rattle set is easy for tiny hands to grasp, so it's a great toy for even the youngest infants. The set includes several of Sassy's wonderful rattles, each in a different shape. Some of the rattles have clear sections with colorful balls inside, some have softer teething sections, and some have plastic rings around them for extra sight and sound stimulation, but all of them feature Sassy's signature bright-colored spots and stripes.