Toys For Learning Letters and Numbers

Learning letters and numbers is an important skill for preschool age children. This can be a difficult skill for children to learn, and every child is excited to count or be quizzed on each letter they see.  Learning happens more quickly when it is fun. There are many great toys for learning letters and numbers, that make it more motivating and rewarding than relying on flashcards.

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    LeapFrog Fridge Phonics

    Children place magnetic number and letter tiles into the toy, which will state the letter and letter sound. The toy also sings a fun, catchy tune that will help children remember the letter and letter sound.


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    LeapFrog Word Whammer
    LeapFrog Word Whammer. LeapFrog / Amazon

    This handheld toy is addictive for young children, who will not be able to put it down! Kids use the Word Whammer to play carnival themed games that indirectly teach them how to match letters and spell words. 



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    Pete the Cat Hot Dots Jr.
    Educational insights

    The Hot Dots Jr. concept is magical for children in preschool, especially since they now include the infamous Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat is a celebrity for young school aged children, as he appears in a variety of picture books that children adore.

    Using a multiple choice format in either the preschool or Kindergarten book, kids answer questions about colors, matching letters, counting and numbers. In order to find out if they are right or wrong, they place their Pete the Cat toy on a dot. If...MORE they are correct, Pete lights up green. Wrong, his eyes light up red. 


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    LeapFrog Leaping Letters Game

    Similar to a puzzle, children match the letters. They can test their speed by placing as many letters into the tray before the timer buzzes, launching and leaping their letters up in the air. This a great single player game, too.

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    VTech Lil Speller Phonics Station

    The VTech Lil'Speller is a great phonics toy for preschoolers that  children about individual letters, then encourages them to build their vocabulary by matching letters to spell words through sounding words out for reading.

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    LeapStart Interactive Learning Activity Books
    LeapFrog / Amazon

     For children who like to read books, the LeapFrog LeapStart is a fun way to learn about letters, numbers, counting, and other social and academic skills. Using an attached stylus, kids touch the stylus to the page and learn new information.

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    LeapFrog Learn and Groove mat
    Leap Frog / Amazon

    This 4 foot long playmat encourages toddlers to learn about numbers and counting from 1-10 while dancing and singing.

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    VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk
    VTech / Amazon

     Kids pull up a chair, sit down at the VTech interactive desk. Children touch one of the included 5 different playmats and learn vocabulary words, as well as letters and numbers. The desk transforms into an art easel, too.

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    Wikki Stix
    ©Wikki Stix

    Kids can practice learning the letters of the alphabet and their numbers by placing Wikki Stix, or non-toxic wax strips of yarn, on top of these brightly colored corresponding letter and number cards.



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    Trouble Game

    By pushing the bubble in the middle of this board game that pops the dice, kids will strategically move their pieces around the gameboard. Get all your pawns first to your home base to win. There are many versions of Trouble featuring Marvel Avengers, Minions and Frozen characters.


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    Chutes and Ladders

    Chutes and Ladders is a classic family board game. Children spin the spinner to determine how many spaces they will move their pawn along the gameboard. Some spaces will encourage players to climb the ladder, closer to the finish line. Other spaces encourage them to slide down the chute, near start. This game encourages recognition of numbers 1-100.


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    Disney Frozen Spot IT
    Blue Orange

    There are many different versions of Spot It. Players look at 2 cards, identifying the 1 picture, letter or number that is the same on both cards. Spot It is a fun, no pressure way to learn about letters and numbers through basic recognition.


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    Teach Me Time Clock
    ©Onaroo by American Innovative

    One of the most challenging things to teach kids related to numbers is the concept of time. The clock not only turns green when it's okay for children to wake up, but an integrated game teaches kids about telling time.