10 Toys for Easter Baskets and Spring Flings

You're Sure to See Something the Grandchildren Will Love

nesting dolls for Easter baskets for grandchildren
Nesting dolls are fascinating, and Easter-themed ones are especially so. Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

Each year Easter toys get cuter and cuter. Any of these would make great items to perk up an grandchild's Easter basket or to serve as a prize for an Easter egg game. So if you plan to give Easter baskets to the grands or give them a little something special for Easter, hop to it!

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    How cute is this Lego building kit? With only 111 pieces, it is suitable for grandchildren around 7 and up. Once built, the chick can be posed in a number of ways. It's a great gift for grandchildren who are outgrowing some of the traditional Easter toys. And the grandchildren can take it apart and put it together over and over. Lego also offers an Easter egg hunt playset that features two minifigs and three hiding places. At 145 pieces, it's a fun-sized kit, too.

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    Your grandchildren may have had some of the realistic FurReal toys. These smaller versions make perfect little Easter pets.Press on their backs or bellies, and they begin to move and sing. Put two of them together, and they will harmonize. They are available in several different models, but I like the bunny or the lamb for Easter.

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    Playmobil mini building kits are such fun! This one is perfect for little nature lovers. Other new offerings include a dog walker and a tooth fairy. They work on their own as portable play sets or can be combined with larger Playmobil building sets, or with building blocks and other toys. It comes with one of the iconic Playmobil minifigs.

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    Is there anyone alive who isn't fascinated by nesting dolls? Sometimes called Matryoshka, these adorable items are traditionally associated with Christmas, but the Easter versions are also appealing. This particular set is by BestPysanky. Don't buy these if your grandchildren are very young, because they can be hard to "nest" and because the smaller item could be swallowed.

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    If your grandchildren are too young to handle the wooden nesting dolls, buy them these plastic nesting eggs. They can be matched and nested, or simply stacked to create a tower up to 12" tall. You could also separate them and put a piece of candy in each one. Cute faces add to the fun.

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    If your grandchildren are fans of My Little Pony, they will be thrilled with these collectible figurines. They are as easy to love as they are hard to describe. It's as if the ponies have morphed into human girls. The figures have jointed arms and legs that make them poseable. The model pictured is Rainbow Dash, one of the most popular characters. 

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    Play-Doh makes this simple toy that will entertain the grandchildren over and over. Simply load up the chick and press to create Play-Doh hair. Use the special scissors to give the chick a trim, and then do it again! Comes with scissors and two spring shades of Play-Doh.

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    The grandkids will love this selection of Marvel mini super heroes. Buy them singly or by the two-pack. The figures can be separated to create mash-up super heroes. Each figure comes with accessories.  The twin-pack pictured is Hulk vs. Loki. The micro size makes them perfect for an Easter basket, or buy the larger size for a stand-alone gift.

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    Drop these Easter eggs into water, and within 24 hours they should begin to hatch! When the "pets" — a duck, chick, bunny and frog — hatch out completely, you can rinse them off and play with them. Be sure to throw away the package so that the grandchildren won't know what type of creature will hatch out of their eggs.

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    This family of finger puppets doesn't have an Easter or spring theme, but I had to include them just because they have a grandfather and grandmother, in addition to the mother, father, boy and girl. The small size makes them a good Easter basket filler. The material is soft and stretchy, with an elastic bottom that helps it stay on little fingers. The faces are simple and adorable, great for imaginative play.