Toys That Help Kids Cope With Life's Challenges

Nobody wants to see a child sad, anxious, struggling or hurt, but unfortunately life can bring unexpected situations into the lives of children. Whether children are dealing with a circumstance of their own, or watching a beloved friend or family member, it's important to help children find ways to cope with their stress and these difficult experiences.

Here are 5 toys designed to help children cope with challenging situations.

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    Cloud b superman the turtle
    Cloud b

    Super Max the Turtlefrom Cloud b. grew out of one child's love for Twilight Turtle, a plush toy that projected stars on the ceiling of his room. When fighting childhood cancer, Max Wilford received one of the original plush turtles with glowing green stars to help him with his fear of the dark. Super Max the Turtle brings these same healing properties to children, in a smaller version that is portable and easy to sanitize for children who may be spending time in the hospital. 

    The Max Love...MORE Project helps provide children with all childhood cancer or pediatric life-threatening illness with a free Super Max the Turtle and  other information on how to improve sleep, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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    Haywire Group

    Many children worry about a lot of things. They may have a fear of the dark, don't like to eat new foods, are struggling with learning to make friends, having a difficult time following directions from their teacher, find out their parents are divorcing, or are maybe moving to a new school. At the end of the night before kids fall asleep they often begin to express their fears. Parents and teachers may enjoy giving a child who worries one of the Worry Eaters.

    Worry Eaters are small, soft...MORE plush toys with zippered mouths. Kids can write out their concerns, draw a picture, or place something inside the worry eater's mouth and help alleviate their fears and anxieties.

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    My Amazing Monster
    My Amazing Monster

    Gobble is a soft, sweet monster who has a magical way of munching away at germs and other anxieties. He helps promote the healing process through guided imagery, visualization and the power of positive thinking.

    Gobble My Amazing Monster arrives with a small pad of paper that is stored inside the pouch in his belly, a syringe pen and a large illustrated, hard cover book that tells the story of how he munches away at germs and anxieties.

    Children can write down their fears or draw a picture, and...MORE place it into Gobbles mouth. Gobble can digest those fears away and help children in the healing process.

    Gobble loves to accompany children to doctor's appointments, hospital stays and medical visits and is happy to "take one for the team" as doctors and nurses can use him to demonstrate medical procedures as well as to educate children about their unique medical situations.

    There is a zipper compartment in Gobble's back where parents and caregivers can remove the "nuggets," sometimes gaining even more insight into their child's fears and concerns. 

    Not only does Gobble help with medical illnesses, he is also talented at helping children learn about and stand up to bullies as well.

    Visit for more information.

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    Sleeper Hero
    Sleeper Hero

    Many children have a fear of the dark, night terrors, nightmares, and over time for any reason can become accustomed to leaving their bed and co-sleeping with their parents, especially during illnesses and difficult transitions.

    SleeperHero is a guardian angel of sorts who sleeps with kids in their bed. The plush toy has a timer that parents set, which will glow green when it's safe to leave their bed and wake up for the day. SleeperHero glows red during a special timeframe for bedtime as...MORE well, offering children and parents a nice reminder it's time to quickly get into bed and stay snuggled up there, until his light turns green.

    Sleeper Hero also arrives with an illustrated storybook that helps teach kids  how SleeperHero keeps them safe while they sleep, so they can stay in bed all night then visit with their parents when his light turns green in the morning.

    Parents can download sleep sticker charts, coloring sheets, and a Certificate of Courage award on the website.

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    The Switch Witch and the Magic of Witchcraft
    The Switch Witch and the Magic of Witchcraft. Switch Witch

    Many children have life threatening food allergies, which can make Halloween a difficult time as they receive bags of candy that could ultimately make them very sick and even end their life.

    With the rise of food allergies, as a society we are also fighting childhood obesity and it's important to teach children about a healthy lifestyle and making good food choices in general by staying away from candy..

    After Halloween the Switch Witch is happy to take a child's stash of candy away and...MORE offer them another reward, toy or treat instead.