Toys Promote Writing Letters and Numbers

Parents often try to help their children learn to write their letters and numbers using workbooks. There are some children who are not motivated by the practice of forming letters using these traditional teaching methods, especially when it involves pencil and paper. There are many fun toys and games available that promote writing letters and numbers in a fun way, that children won't be able to refuse.

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    Kinetic Sand
    Kinetic Sand. Keri Wilmot

    A fun activity for kids to practice writing is to use a pencil or their finger and form shapes, uppercase letters and lowercase letters in Kinetic Sand. This is a great sensory activity for children who learn in a hands-on way.

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    VTech InnoTab MAX Android Tablet
    Keri Wilmot

    There are many choices for educational tablets for children. Many tablets come pre-loaded with a drawing app, or parents can choose to purchase special apps for a small fee that may even teach children about letter formation. For children who enjoy technology, tablets can be a motivating way to practice writing letters and numbers. 

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    ©Leap Frog

    The Scribble and Write is a portable, electronic game. Children choose an uppercase or lowercase letter and push the button. Using the attached stylus, children are prompted to trace along electronic dotted lines that teach them the correct top to bottom formation of upper and lowercase letters. The toy also includes fun games that help improve pencil control through simple dot-to-dots and shape copying.

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    LeapFrog LeapReader

    The LeapFrog LeapReader not only helps children sound out words, but using the pen-shaped stylus when purchasing special writing books, kids can trace and write letters of the alphabet.

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    Play Doh Doh Vinci Styler and Deco Pop Tubes
    Keri Wilmot

    This is the perfect activity for older children refining their printing skills or who maybe even dabbling learning how to write letters of their name in cursive. Doh-Vinci compound is fairly easily extruded onto chalkboards and picture frames from a styler, and is a different way for children to practice their writing.

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    VTech Write and Learn Creativity Center
    VTech Write and Learn Creativity Center. VTech / Amazon

    Using the VTech Write and Learn Creativity Center toy, there are animated demonstrations that teach preschool aged children proper stroke order, or letter formation. The toy is customizable to include the child's name, and it can also teach children how to write their own name, step-by-step. The software teaches children how to draw 26 different items, and kids can draw pictures with stamps and stencils included in the purchase.

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    If traditional pens, pencils, crayons and markers are not your child's favorite, toys like Glodoodle can be more rewarding, as they trace and write using color, light and glow-in-the-dark features.

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    ©Pricegrabber / Crayola

    This activity encourages children who are in preschool or Kindergarten to develop marker control as they color within the lines. If children can color within the lines, then they will eventually be able to write their letters on the line easier. Using sound cards, kids program different sounds into the coloring page, so when they color over a particular spot, their unique sound will be activated. 

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