How to Turn $10 Trader Joe's Flowers into an Expensive-Looking Bouquet

Trader Joes bouquet

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Katherine Yamamoto

There are a few simple pleasures we’ll never tire of—and count fresh flowers and Trader Joe’s among them. Combine the two, and you can easily DIY an inexpensive flower arrangement, adding effortless color and fragrance to your home, all included on your weekly grocery run.

The seemingly endless snack options, the affordable price points, and the impressive cheese selection are high on our “why we love Trader Joe’s” list. So are their fresh, high-quality flowers with barely-there price tags. Trader Joe’s flower selection is notoriously good and inexpensive. Instead of dropping major dough at a flower shop, add a couple of stems and blooms to your grocery cart. 

“From a florist’s perspective, I love that Trader Joe’s carries such a wide variety of flowers with prices comparable to wholesale pricing at the flower market,” Katherine Yamamoto, a Los Angeles-based florist and Trader Joe’s enthusiast, tells The Spruce. 

From a florist’s perspective, I love that Trader Joe’s carries a wide variety of flowers with prices comparable to wholesale.

We asked Yamamoto for her best tips and tricks for shopping for and arranging Trader Joe’s flowers. Read on for the step-by-step to creating a beautiful Trader Joe’s bouquet—all for $10 or less. 

how to make a bouquet from Trader Joe's flowers

Katherine Yamamoto

Pick a Focal Flower, Filler Flower, and Greenery

Focal Flower Tips

First things first: go shopping. Generally, you’ll find the flower section front-and-center near the entrance of Trader Joe’s, with a selection that changes seasonally. Choose one type of bloom that will be your focal flower—the one that will set the color story and catch your eye every time you pass by. 

As for what focal flower to choose, there is no going wrong. Simply select your favorite, or whichever color is calling to you. For a foolproof flower arrangement, Yamamoto’s go-to blooms that are almost always in stock are tulips, garden roses, and hydrangea.

“Make sure you’re looking for bunches that have more closed buds so your bouquet can last as long as possible,” Yamamoto says. 

Filler Flower Tips

Depending on the look you’re going for, as well as how much money you’re willing to spend, you could also pick up a bunch of filler flowers. These are petite, pretty flowers that add depth and a secondary color to your bouquet. Think: baby’s breath, mini carnations, or chamomile. 

Greenery Tips

Finally, pick out a bunch or two of tall, leafy greens, which will be the base of your bouquet. When in doubt, fresh eucalyptus is always a good idea. 

If you have your hopes up for a flower that you’re sure will be in high demand—looking at you, peonies—call your local Trader Joe’s to see when they expect them to arrive in-store. Who knows, maybe they’ll even put a bundle on hold for you. 


Another helpful hint: chat with a Trader Joe’s employee to get the inside scoop on their flower selection. (we all know how notoriously friendly they are). Ask which days and times they stock new flowers so you can arrange the freshest selection.

how to make a bouquet from Trader Joe's flowers

Katherine Yamamoto

Unwrap and Trim

Once you get home, unwrap your blooms from their plastic wrappings and rubber bands. Remove any wilted leaves, as well as all of the foliage that lies below the water line of your vase. Then, trim at least an inch off of each stem, depending on the height of your vase.

It’s important to cut the stems at an angle so they can absorb water better, extending the lifespan of your bouquet.

Choose the Perfect Vase

No guest will guess you only spent $10 on this bouquet when you display it in a sophisticated vase. Whether you choose a sleek cylindrical style or a cheeky bulbous one, either will help elevate the look of your inexpensive Trader Joe’s bouquet. 

“Skip the mason jar and go for a glass vessel with dimension,” Yamamoto says. “While you can never go wrong with a basic cylinder, be bold with your choice of vase and pick a funky, modern one if you like.”

Arrange Your Bouquet Like a Pro

Finally comes the creative part: arranging your bouquet. Start with your greenery, since that’ll provide a structured base to keep your flower stems in place. Then add your focal flower stems into the vase one-by-one however you’d like. Lastly, fill in space with your secondary flowers, if you chose to buy those too. 

Keep proportion in mind, but there’s no need to be too fussy with your arrangement. A little imperfection provides a natural, farmhouse-like feel—one you’ll soon insist on always having in your home. Best of all? You can, with just a couple extra dollars spent on your Trader Joe’s run.