China, The Traditional 20th Year Anniversary Gift

Give Traditional China for Your 20th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries — especially milestone anniversaries like your 20th — are associated with traditional and modern gifts to celebrate the occasion. The traditional gifts have been exchanged pretty much since spouses first clasped hands and said, "I do." Modern gifts have moved into the 20th and 21st century with a commitment to make this whole anniversary business a bit more realistic in modern times.

China is the traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary, and platinum is the modern...MORE version. Of course, china brings to mind things that collect dust all year except on special occasions, but here are some suggestions that might be more useful. 

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    Check to find out if a spoonrest is available to match your china's design. You can place pretty spoonrests on your table to protect your fancy tablecloths at special meals, and they add a nice, elegant touch. It might be a little more difficult to match yours is circa your wedding date, but you might be able to find something that complements it. 

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    First produced in 1935, Hummel figurines have been delighting people for decades. There are so many to choose from that you'll surely be able to find one that's unique to your relationship with your spouse.

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    You can find picture frames in fine china in heart shapes and with meaningful phrases painted on. Put a nice photograph of the two of you in the frame, one that commemorates an important event or time — even a wedding photo from 20 years ago. 

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    China shakers are durable and chip-resistant. Your kids — or grandchildren — can knock one off the table with little risk of destroying your 20th-anniversary gift. They often have a bisque glaze with a classic design and appeal.

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    A china candy bowl can make a great gift for your 20th wedding anniversary, particularly if you fill it with your spouse's favorite treats. Who says convenience story candy doesn't go with china? If your spouse loves it, that's all that matters, and it will make a unique and thoughtful gift. 

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    OK, it's technically not china, but it smells great. China musk is a blend of cedarwood, amber, violet leaves and geranium. Sweet but light, it's an amazing fragrance that covers a lot of ground, and it's used by both genders so you can share it. This relaxing scent might inspire some romantic evenings for the two of you. If you don't want to splash it on, China musk is also available in votive candles and incense, perfect for a romantic interlude. 

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    Most china bakeware is safe for both oven and microwave use. You can choose from holiday designs or bakeware that you can use throughout the year.

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    If you decide to purchase an attractive china vase, make sure you plan on tucking some fresh flowers inside! The day lily is the flower most associated with the 20th anniversary.

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    If no one gave you a set of china when you were married 20 years ago, now might be a good time to get the tradition started. You can begin with buying just four plates, then add to the set as the years go by and special occasions pop up on the calendar. 

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    Ranging from china palm trees to religious china figurines and trios of china angels to china critters, all these gifts may very well end up being dust collectors. But they're pretty and they'll commemorate this special time in your marriage. Just blow the dust off that palm tree and move it to a place of prominence every year on your anniversary. 

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    Don't Forget the Platinum


    If china just isn't your style and it's not your spouse's either, you can always take the modern approach and go with platinum. Think of all the possibilities from a watch to other types of jewelry. Platinum stands the test of time — just like the two of you. 

You really can't go wrong with either china or platinum if you tailor the gift to your relationship and important memories.