Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas

white bedroom tufted bed
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Traditional décor is an expansive category that includes a wide range of decorating styles from French country to neoclassical. Think classic furnishings, elegant wallpaper, beautiful curtains, antique accents, patterned or textured rugs, statement lighting, and last but not least, thoughtful color schemes. But do not think spaces like these feel overdone or stuffy. These days interior designers are giving traditional style a fresh and modern twist.

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    Decorating a Traditional Bedroom

    Beautiful traditional bedroom
    Kelly Nutt Design

    In decorating terms, “traditional” refers to a style that is firmly anchored in the past, but it does not have to mean boring, dated, fussy, or a roomful of antiques. Instead, traditional style embraces classic design, the symmetrical placing of furnishings, rich color schemes, and a comfortable, yet slightly formal, vibe. Case in point: this serene and gorgeous primary bedroom from Kelly Nutt Design.

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations as well as the Real Estate Standards Organization have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as potentially discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Add Pizzazz to a Traditional Bedroom

    Pink floral wallpaper in traditional bedroom
    Beth Haley Design

    Traditional does not mean boring! Feel free to spice up your bedroom with touches of color, original artwork, funky wallpaper (as in this cute bedroom from Beth Haley Design) a unique ceiling fixture, artwork you love, or a collection of houseplants. Little touches count as well: for example, the nailhead trim on the upholstered headboard here or the vase of fresh flowers by the bed. Go ahead, break out of the decorating box.

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    Don't Be Afraid to Use Color

    Colorful traditional bedroom
    W Design Interiors

    A common misconception is that the traditional palette has to be dark and heavy, or entirely neutral. Touches of color add life, comfort, and personality to a traditional space. The easiest spots for splashes of color are window treatments, bedding, artwork, and small furniture, like the funky zebra-print chair in this bedroom from W Design Interiors. Feel free to color your world the way you like it.

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    Show Off Your Personality

    Beautiful traditional bedroom
    Rob Stuart Interiors

    Regardless of decorating style, the best rooms show off their owners’ personalities. You’ll feel better, live better, and sleep better when surrounded by the colors, patterns, textures, and objects you love best. Designer Rob Stuart was happy to oblige the desire of this bedroom’s owner for a hint of retro style and a dash of bright color. If you love it, it will work.

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    Elegance and the Traditional Bedroom

    Canopy bed in traditional bedroom
    S.B Long Interiors

    The symmetry and classic style of the traditional look provides a natural elegance that is sophisticated and expensive-looking, even if in reality, the decorating budget was small. Instead of the expected curtains along the canopy bed in this bedroom, S.B Long Interiors enclosed the head of the bed with drapes, adding a further touch of luxurious style.

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    Add a Dash of Contemporary Style

    Blue and white bedroom
    Hooper Patterson Interior Design

    The traditional design isn't trapped in memories of fashions gone by. You are always free to add touches of contemporary style to your traditional bedroom, as so beautifully demonstrated by Hooper Patterson Interior Design in this lovely blue and white bedroom. While the furniture design and layout are traditional, the Moroccan-trellis rug, cheerful floral-print bed drapes, and "ghost" chair at the vanity are all quite of-the-moment.

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    Keep the Traditional Style Simple

    Blue, green and white bedroom
    Alisha Gwen Interior Design

    The best traditional bedrooms are beautifully simple, not cluttered, fussy or overly stimulating. There doesn't need to be an excess of furniture or accessories to create gorgeous style, just an overall feel for good design and a cohesive plan to tie everything together. Here, a palette of blue, white and lime green are just enough color, while an exuberant floral wallpaper adds just enough pattern. What a beautiful room from Alisha Gwen Interior Design.

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    Serene Traditional Bedroom Style

    Contemporary bedroom
    J&J Design Group

    Combine soft color, symmetrical design, and classic style, and you have a traditional bedroom that will peacefully welcome you to the land of Nod each night. J&J Design Group added a sunburst mirror and herringbone-patterned bench for a contemporary update to traditional style. 

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    Traditional Style in a Child's Bedroom

    Green, white and pink girl's bedroom
    Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

    Traditional style isn't only for the primary bedroom; it's also a great look for a teen bedroom, child's room or even a nursery. Plus, the classic look grows with your child, making it easy to update the room as your child's tastes change. Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors designed the lovely green, white and pink girl's bedroom shown here.

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    Traditional and Romantic Bedroom Style

    Romantic bedroom
    Elizabeth Kimberly Design

    Who said traditional style couldn't be romantic, even a touch glamorous? Certainly not Establish Design (formerly Elizabeth Kimberly Design), the creator of this romantic, dreamy bedroom colored in the softest blush coral pink and creamy off-white. The thick sheepskin area rug pampers the feet, while the luxuriously piled-high bedding invites you to slip between the sheets. Perfection.

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