Top 10 Popular and Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Bride and father wedding dance
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Is there any more special moment at a wedding or reception than when dad and daughter dance together? If you are looking for a traditional or popular wedding dance song for a bride and her father, this list includes songs from pop artists and popular singers over the last several years. They are more traditional and some currently popular songs, but they are timeless and classic for the father-daughter wedding dance song.

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    Natalie Cole Unforgettable Wedding Song
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    You can't listen to Natalie Cole's version of her father's hit Unforgettable without feeling the warm affection between a father and a daughter. This is a timeless classic as a wedding dance song and one that everyone will love. And it is easy to dance to as well. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)

    James Taylor How Sweet it Is Wedding Song
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    This James Taylor classic hit is a great but less often used wedding dance choice. Many dads remember it from their youth and it is a lot of fun to dance to. Upbeat and familiar, family and guests will tap their feet as they watch dad and daughter dance. This is not your classic waltz, but it is still memorable. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    You Are So Beautiful To Me

    Joe Cocker So Beautiful to Me Wedding Song
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    This great tune by Joe Cocker is a little older, but is still familiar to most dads and brides. It is a good slow song that brings tears and tender emotions. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

    Can You Feel the Love Tonight Lion King
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    This classic from The Lion King sung by Elton John often isn't thought of as a father-daughter wedding dance song, but it has become more and more popular in recent years. If your daughter loved The Lion King, she will enjoy dancing to this modern classic. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings

    Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings
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    The Bette Midler classic again is not usually the first father-daughter wedding song a bride may think of, but has a great message from a daughter to her dad. And with a little more upbeat tempo, it can be fun to dance to. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    What a Wonderful World

    Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World

    This immensely popular song from jazz great Louis Armstong is one loved by brides and dads alike. The popularity of this song was resurrected by the famous chick-flick Sleepless in Seattle has been heard in a romantic setting by thousands of brides in the movie and other settings. A nice song to dance to Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    Dancing on Daddy's Shoes

    Leon Redbone Dancing on Daddy's Shoes Wedding Song
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    Another older song by Leon Redbone, Dancing on Daddy's Shoes is a sweet and fun song for a wedding reception. It's almost like it was written with daddy-daughter dance experience in mind. Check it out if you are not familiar with it; the song will certainly grow on you. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    The Way You Look Tonight

    Tony Bennett The Way You Look Tonight Wedding Song
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    This famous song popularized in the 60s by Frank Sinatra has been extremely popular at weddings for years. Soft, smooth tones of the great crooner will be a tender moment at any wedding reception. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    My Girl

    Temptations My Girl Wedding Song
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    An oldie but goodie, The Temptation's My Girl is a wedding classic. A ton of fun to dance to, this one is always popular with dads and brides. It is especially good for a dad or a grandfather who grew up in the 60s or 70s or just loves music from that era. Listen to this song on YouTube.

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    Isn't She Lovely

    Stevie Wonder Isn't She Lovely Wedding Song
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    Stevie Wonder's classic song Isn't She Lovely is a great dance song for fathers and daughters. It crosses generations and cultural backgrounds. And it is a really peppy song for dancing. Listen to this song on YouTube.

Whatever You Choose...

The wedding dance between a father and daughter at her wedding is a tender and emotional moment. Picking the right song for the right bride and her dad is a prerequisite to a choice experience for dad, bride and the well-wishers.