Traditional Gifts for Your Fifth Anniversary (Wood)

Fifth wedding anniversary wood gift

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The idea of giving specific gifts for each anniversary may have originated in ancient or medieval times, but the more modern version most likely originated in Germany during the 18th century. The tradition was passed along to other parts of Europe and finally to the United States by the middle of the 19th century.

According to, "By the 1859 edition, The (Old) Farmer’s Almanac counted off “one month from marriage makes a sugar wedding; one year makes a paper wedding” then wood at five, tin for ten, silver for 25, golden at 50, and diamond at 75. Other sources describe a “copper wedding” at twelve and a half years."

When Hallmark got involved with anniversary gift giving in the 1920's, there was no escape from the traditions. In fact, today there are specialized wedding anniversary gifts available for "him" and "her" for each year.

The fifth wedding anniversary gift is traditionally made of wood (though "contemporary tradition" suggests silverware). Luckily, wood is a wonderfully versatile material that offers a huge range of creative options to the gift-giver. Here are some ideas to consider.

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    Bonsai Plant

    Pruning bonsai tree

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    Bonsai plants are tiny trees that are trained and pruned with loving care over the years and decades. A note about your hopes for a long-lasting marriage would go perfectly with an ageless evergreen bonsai plant.

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    Wood-Scented Candle

    Burning candles


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    This candle not only is surrounded by real wood bark, it smells like pine. Special scents are also available in sachets. Other wood-related scents include sandalwood, rosemary, boxwood, cedar, and rosewood.  If you don't like the idea of a candle which, of course, will burn to nothing over time, consider the gift of a baby pine tree.

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    Wood Furniture

    Woman restoring antique chair


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    Wood has been the preferred material for furniture for thousands of years. As a result, it's possible to find both antique and contemporary wooden furniture from almost every part of the world. Particularly romantic gifts include four-poster or sleigh-style beds and love seats. Make sure that you know what your spouse likes and doesn't like furniture wise before making a purchase like this on your own!

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    Wood Carvings

    Wood carving design


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    Whether you purchase a gorgeous Asian carved screen, a decoy duck, or a unique work of art, a carving is a wonderful way to say "I love you. If you have the talent and skill, you can also consider carving something special for your sweetheart.

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    Couple sitting by campsite fire


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    A romantic evening in front of the fire with a glass of wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries can be the very best kind of anniversary gift. Alternatively, consider taking your partner camping and enjoying the woodsy experience of a campfire under the stars.

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    Wooden Boxes with Something Special Inside

    Wooden jewelry box


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    Jewelry boxes, puzzle boxes, cigar humidors, and many other kinds of boxes are made of wood. Some are works of art in themselves, while others can contain wonderful gifts. Whether your spouse loves necklaces and rings, cigars and brandy, puzzles or toys, your special gift box can be a great way to commemorate a fifth wedding anniversary.

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    Natural Beauties

    Door wreath



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    Crafted works of art made of natural materials can be long-lasting and very special gifts. Think of wreaths, ornaments, dried flowers, and other items that can become a permanent part of your decor.