Traditional German Asparagus Recipes for Spring

Spargel Rezepte

Asparagus is a highly prized vegetable in Germany. In fact, an entire asparagus-eating etiquette has been developed for spargelzeit or asparagus season. 

White asparagus, or deutscher spargel, are much preferred over green asparagus in Germany because they are only available for a short window of time, making them all the more precious.

They are so revered, villages hold asparagus festivals and even crown an asparagus queen. 

White asparagus and green asparagus are the same species, they are just gr...MOREown differently. Here are traditional and modern recipes that focus on the delicate taste of white asparagus. But since white asparagus is hard to find in some areas, green asparagus recipes also are included.

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    Asparagus dinner
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    Here is how to make the simplest kind of spargelessen or asparagus dinner where white asparagus with melted butter is the main attraction. This meal is popular for dinner parties in the spring often accompanied by boiled potatoes, thin slices of ham and a dry white wine.

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    White asparagus soup
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    This simple soup made of puréed white asparagus, stock and cream is thickened in the traditional way, with egg yolks, making it rich and satisfying.

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    Asparagus salmon soup
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    This delightful, creamy soup with smoked salmon, dill, potatoes and lemon can be made with white or green asparagus. It works well as a starter course or a meatless main course.

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    German Wedding Soup - Hochzeitssuppe
    German Wedding Soup - Hochzeitssuppe. J.McGavin

    There are many regional variations of hochzeitssuppe served as the first course at German weddings or other special occasions. This recipe features meatballs, white asparagus, onion carrots and leeks that swim in a clear, tasty broth.

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    White Asparagus with Speck in Orange Chervil Sauce Recipe

    White Asparagus in Orange Chervil Cream Sauce with Speck
    White Asparagus in Orange Chervil Cream Sauce with Speck. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

    Unlike green asparagus, the white variety must be peeled before cooking. Here they are boiled and then napped with a luscious creamy orange-chervil and white-wine sauce fleshed out with speck or thick-cut bacon.

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    Asparagus and Ham Sticks Recipe

    White-Asparagus-in-puff pastry.JPG
    White Asparagus with Ham and Cheese in Puff Pastry. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

     This is a decadent treatment of both white and green asparagus wrapped in ham, cheese, and puff pastry, and then baked and served with a white wine hollandaise sauce.

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    Sauces That Go Well With Spargel

    Spargel Mit Kartoffeln. diekatrin CC by SA 2.0

    As good as asparagus are unadorned, they also lend themselves to being enrobed in a velvety sauce. Check out these sauce recipes that go well with asparagus:

    • Champagne Sauce Recipe: This warm custard sauce made with very dry Champagne can be made sweet or savory.
    • White Sauce with Bacon RecipeTalk about gilding the lily! This creamy, rich béchamel sauce is fleshed out with fried bacon bits and shallots.
    • Traditional Hollandaise Sauce Recipe: Hollandaise and asparagus are a match made in heaven....MORE This blender recipe speeds things up and guards against the sauce breaking.