Traditional Living Room Ideas: A Photo Gallery

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    Classic Traditional

    Photo © Ivan Hunter

    This is a classic example of a traditional style living room. The main color palette is neutral cream tones, but traditional jewel tones are added throughout the space through the use of accessories. Notice the strong symmetry in the space -- the pairs of sconces, candles, and windows on each side of the fireplace add the balance that the traditional style favors. The curved arms of the sofa and skirted legs also reflect this style.

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    Traditional With a Casual Twist

    Photo © Jules Frazier/Getty

    A very traditional sofa and arm chair are mixed with more casual furnishings and decor to produce an almost shabby chic appeal. Notice the decor, though abundant, is not cluttered but carefully controlled and chosen with care. The great thing about this traditional living room is the mix of beautiful, timeless elements to create a comfortable yet elegant space.

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    Traditional With Soft Elegance

    Photo © Gatsy's List/flickr

    This living room is proof that traditional can be formal while still maintaining a soft, welcoming touch. The light creams and greens in the color palette, the blending of brush in the oil painting and the use of plaid help infuse this formal space with casual elegance. This is a high-budget space, but there are frugal ways to recreate this look. To reproduce this look on a budget, go with the same soft color palette and pair DIY wooden valances with inexpensive curtains. The chairs are a...MORE popular style and should be easy to find second-hand. Recover flea market finds with budget fabric and adds an inexpensive, neutral rug to complete the look.

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    Traditional on a Budget

    Photo © morgueFile

    If you love the traditional style but your budget is tight, great news! The popularity of the traditional style means that traditional style furnishings and decor are easy and inexpensive to find. This living room was built around a department store sofa and tables. Unique but budget-friendly touches were added by choosing a reproduction chair and oil painting. Family photos and plants give this space a comfortable, lived-in look.

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    Traditional Old World Glamour

    Photo © Ivan Hunter/Getty

    This formal traditional living room conveys old-world glamor by sticking to a single color palette and choosing fabrics and accessories in gleaming finishes. Though the coffered ceiling may be out of your budget, you can still recreate this look. Choose dark woods to contrast with light colors, and use glass and metal to add pizazz. The decor in this space is busy but not cluttered, and its style adds to the old-world feel. Check out flea markets and estate sales to find similar antique finds.

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    Mixing Traditional Styles

    Photo © Rob Melnychuk/Getty

    Though at first glance this space appears more country style, the open floor plan has a wealth of traditional elements. Remember that the traditional style has its roots in the same period as the country styles, so combining elements of these styles can still result in a traditional look. The traditional feel is carried out through the symmetry around a focal point, which is the fireplace. Casual touches are added through the use of color, patterns and lighter woods.

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    Traditional With a Formal Blend

    Photo © Christopher Barson/flickr

    This formal living room is also a blend of styles but still retains a strong traditional look through the use of a federal blue, cream and rose tone color palette, traditional prints, curved-but-clean lines, and dark woods. Traditional symmetry is displayed in the artwork and in the two chairs flanking the sofa. The tasteful and sparing use of imported and Asian decor adds interest and contrast to this living space. To recreate this look on a budget, choose neutral furnishings then add small...MORE touches of color and texture through inexpensive imports or vintage finds.

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    Traditional With a Masculine Feel

    Photo © Ivan Hunter/Getty

    This room is a classic traditional style that any woman might feel comfortable in, but the dark color palette, natural stone and leather lean toward a masculine look. The sofa and chairs centered around the coffee table impart a familiar, conversation-friendly appeal to the space. The very small amount of contemporary elements used (recessed lighting and unadorned windows) are softened by the strong traditional elements in the coffered ceiling, dark tones and traditional furnishings.