Cotton, a Top Traditional Second Year Anniversary Gift

Your Second Anniversary Is Your Cotton Anniversary, Get Creative

Cotton is the traditional second-anniversary gift, symbolizing strength and versatility. Although it might seem easy to find plenty of gifts that are made of cotton, you’ll have to get a little creative if you want to make yours a romantic one. Here are a few ideas. 

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    A day at the spa together can be a perfect way to celebrate your second year of marriage. Can’t make it to the spa? Plan an at-home spa day. Hire a masseuse or anyone else who fits the theme. Either way, matching bathrobes for you and your spouse are the perfect touch for adding a little tradition. These 100-percent Egyptian cotton robes provide a perfect excuse to stay in and relax — or go out and relax. 

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    Turn your bedroom into a romantic haven by upgrading your bed linens to a soft, luxurious new set. Try this 100-percent Egyptian cotton 4-piece sheet set to set the mood. The color is "cloud" and you'll be floating. 

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    Egyptian cotton sheets

    Nothing feels as luxurious as stepping out of the shower into a big, soft, plush towel. Make the investment and try these soft and absorbent Turkish cotton towels, then use them together. 

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    DreamFoam Mattress

    Let's face it, a good night's rest is the best gift you can give anyone. Is it time to get rid of your old mattress? Consider upgrading to this comfy foam one, the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy EuroTop mattress. It's nine inches thick. Sweet dreams. 

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    A Canvas Duffel Bag
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    Does this one have you scratching your head? It may not seem romantic at first glance, but think about it. Plan a romantic weekend getaway with your partner without dragging along your cumbersome luggage. This sturdy canvas duffel bag is lightweight and the perfect size to hold all your weekend essentials.

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    Plan A Staycation

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    Too soon to jet off on that second honeymoon? Maybe you can't take that much time off from work right now, or you may have just made a major purchase like a new home. Stay home instead! The money you’ll save on airfare by planning a staycation instead can go a long way toward financing an extended weekend at one of your favorite luxury hotels right in town. So where's the cotton? Hotel linens are cotton, too, and you do have that duffel bag.


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    Take a Second Honeymoon

    Couple arriving in Italy on vacation
    Couple arriving in Italy on vacation. Tony Anderson

    Maybe it really is time for a second honeymoon, especially if you didn’t get the chance to go on your dream vacation the first time around. Take a little time to plan the perfect vacation. Depending on your interests, the possibilities are endless, and you're not limited to traveling on the exact date or month of your anniversary. If it falls in winter and you want to go to a ski resort, all the better, but if you were married in July, you can always plan your ski trip for December. The same...MORE applies if you want to soak up the sun on a Mexican beach without frying in the summer. 

    The perfect getaway awaits you and your loved one, from snorkeling or horseback riding to just relaxing on a beach or in a ski lodge. If you plan far enough in advance, you can usually snap up some great travel deals. Just don't forget your comfy cotton robes.