Top 10 Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gifts - Leather

The traditional third-anniversary present is made from leather. Unless you are vegan, you probably appreciate leather. It is sturdy, luxurious and rich looking. It's a natural product.  Lots of things are made in leather, too, so you have a wide group of items to choose from.

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    A nice leather jacket appeals to most everyone, with styles from the bomber jacket  to biker jackets to fringed Western styles and sophisticated looks. Leather pants, however, aren't for everyone, and lederhosen definitely has a limited audience. When purchasing clothing for your spouse, check their closet first for correct sizes. 

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    A pair of great leather shoes can be a welcome gift for both men and women. You may want to go shopping together for this purchase rather than making it a surprise. Make sure you have the correct size before you buy shoes for you spouse. If possible take a comfortable old pair of shoes with you to make sure that you get the right fit. You may also check the return policy to ensure they can be exchanged.

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    What can we say about belts? I wouldn't be too thrilled to receive one as a gift, but they are practical. If they are made of exotic kinds of leather, your spouse may enjoy the variety. Make sure your spouse likes or wears belts before purchasing one. Don't forget to check size and take note of the kind of buckle your spouse prefers.

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    Does your spouse like to keep his/her desk organized and uncluttered? A leather desk set may be just the right gift, especially if you can get it monogrammed. But if your spouse is the sort who has a desk piled high with papers, they might never see it.

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    Be very, very careful in selecting a handbag for your wife. Women are picky about the purse they carry. It took me two hours to select my last one. I had to make sure it had enough little sections and pockets to keep things organized, yet not be too big at the same time.

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    Leather wallets can be works of art or sleek, utilitarian items. They can be made of various exotic kinds of leather. Be careful in selecting a wallet for your husband. Like a woman's purse, men can be very particular about their wallet. It could end up stashed in a drawer if it isn't exactly right.

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    If your spouse is a person-on-the-go type, then a new briefcase may be appreciated. Knowing how your mate organizes papers, documents, laptop or mobile devices will help in selecting the right one.

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    A leather backpack can be utilized in so very many ways including camping, travel, and for a romantic picnic. A leather pack may be just the right look for both urban and wilderness wanderings or daily use instead of a briefcase.

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    Surprise your spouse with some new luggage along with airplane tickets to a romantic destination for the two of you.

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    This category can include mittens and gloves for driving, baseball/softball, gardening, hockey, batting, golf, boxing, cricket, paddlers, rafters, skiers, work, and snow, along with open-fingered, elbow length, and fancy gloves.