13 Tranquil Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Colors Your Walls Serene

When it comes to choosing bedroom decor, it’s no surprise that the most commonly used adjectives include “relaxing,” “tranquil,” and “peaceful.” Energy and stimulation are best left to the living room or kitchen—your bedroom strives to be the calm zone. And that calm should extend even to your walls, where the right color of paint sets the tone for the entire space.

But a soothing color of paint doesn’t have to mean boring, nor does it have to mean white. Paint shops are full of hues that keep...MORE the space tranquil, yet are still sophisticated, elegant, and interesting. Here are 13 paint colors that won’t keep you up at night but are anything but dull.

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    This lovely shade of gray (Silverplate from Sherwin-Williams) gets everything right—it's light enough to keep the room feeling airy, yet dark enough to make a statement; it's cool enough to be relaxing, yet the hint of warmth is just enough to prevent any chilliness.

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    Antwerp Blue

    Antwerp Blue from Glidden is a calming shade of blue with just enough gray to keep it from being overly bright but is still upbeat enough for a child's bedroom. Blue is naturally soothing, but it's shades like this one that really keeps the vibe relaxed.

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    Smoke Infusion

    Here's another soft gray from Valspar Paint, but this one leans towards the warmer side of neutral. Smoke Infusion is a great color for a small bedroom or any room that gets plenty of natural light.

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    Caponata by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    Dark and moody colors of paint aren't for everyone, but if you appreciate their dramatic effect, they can be very calming. The trick is to stick with dark hues of cool colors, such as this delicious brownish-purple from Benjamin Moore. The color is called Caponata. 

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    Water's Edge

    The most relaxing colors are greens, blues, and grays. And here's a hue that combines them all. It's hard to pinpoint which color is dominant, but depending on the light, it could be any of the three. As a mid-tone shade, Water's Edge from Benjamin Moore makes a statement, but it ever loses its calming touch. 

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    Here's proof that pink can be both sedate and sophisticated. This elegant, soft shade of mauve-pink (Violetta from Benjamin Moore) is far from the bubblegum shades that grace children's bedrooms—this is a soothing pink for grownups. 

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    Bird's Egg

    Bird's Egg from Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    Bird's Egg, from Benjamin Moore, brings is a soft blue, but not overly pale or shy. Somewhere between robin's egg blue and sky blue, it's a peaceful color that still manages to make a statement. 

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    Antarctic Ice

    With a name like "Antarctic Ice," you'd expect this color from Glidden to be a chilly shade of stark white. But instead, it's a warmer tone of white with just enough oomph to light up the walls while still remaining calm and unobtrusive. 

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    French Gray

    Is it gray, or is it green? French Gray (from Farrow & Ball) is really a mixture of both, but looks greener in the light, grayer when it's dim. If you want a mid-tone color that makes its presence known, yet doesn't make a fuss, this is the color for you. 

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    Wool Coat

    Warm and snuggly like its namesake, this soft brown has a gray undertone, tilting it firmly towards the relaxed side. If you like the contemporary style but aren't as fond of the cool colors that tend to dominate the modern look, Wool Coat from Valspar Paint is a wonderful alternative.

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    Cloudberry by Olympic Paint

    Olympic Paint

    Here's a soft purple with just a tinge of gray, making it calm, sophisticated, and grownup. If you've thought of painting your bedroom purple but shied away for fear that it would be too bright or too little girly, Cloudberry from Olympic Paint might just be your perfect solution. So pretty. 

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    Pavilion Blue

    It's a whisper, not a shout—really more of an off-white with the slightest cool hint of blue. If you love the classic, soothing look of white paint but don't like the starkness of pure white, Pavilion Blue from Farrow & Ball is a great choice. 

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    Puritan Gray

    This mid-tone gray (Puritan Gray from Benjamin Moore) is close to pure, but the slightly green undertone chases away any potential chill. The color has a somewhat formal vibe, making it a good choice for a traditionally-styled bedroom that aims for a relaxed feel.